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Resolution 4 came out in the context of society and the country of Vietnam is heating up ...



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Over one thousand delegates including the entire Executive Committee Member of the Communist Party Central
Vietnam XI and all members of the Politburo, Secretariat are in Hanoi today to attend the conference 27-02-2012 3 days on Party building and rectification with unprecedented large scale in the history of Vietnam. This suggests that degenerative condition degenerated immoral and corrupt lifestyle has to alarming levels of the department members in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam, including some senior officials and even the party members currently holds leadership positions in the government led to people becoming lost faith in government and also from the degradation products in the ranks of party ethics and of government raises thousands of thousands of cases of people wrongfully causing burning, and resentment long suppressed in the heart of people's time also broke as the Doan Van Vuon case this is a obvious result.

Resolution 04 was born in the context of current social unrest is an appropriate decision of the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. Yet public opinion remains skeptical about the feasibility of developing and regulating the ranks of the Party in the present social context is heating up as a series of public opinion to trample, trample on human rights making people lose inhibitions can lead to serious social unrest, then the introduction above resolutions seem to be the solution of his case General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to reassure and placate public opinion indignation among the public as decision defused in the Tien Lang's recent current of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. The people of the country and international public opinion is still paying attention to all developments in Tien Lang. The incident continues to heat up after the irresponsible remarks of Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Secretary of Haiphong, is said to be contrary to the decision of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and protection of wrongdoing all levels of government and strong criticism condemned the justice protection of a number of senior officers retired, including reviews of former President Le Duc Anh and the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo.

In fact, despite any decisions, whether and how the resolutions of the matter that they will become useless if not from the heart because real benefits for people and society of the country. Next, any expectation of people have been met or not depends on the application and enforcement of how a resolution from government leaders at all levels. All situations and solutions for fire-fighting policies temporary nature will never be social stability. And can only be temporarily removed fuses in some cases can not permanently remove the fuse of frustration in the hearts of people. This is the focus that the party leaders and the communist state government need to recognize Vietnam and good use in developing and regulating the ranks of the Party at this time. The existence of the regime and maintain the leadership position of the Party will fully depend on whether the government will respond to how the rights and lawful interests of citizens and legitimate in the face country's social scene today.


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Tien Lang and Resolution 4
Even Lam, editor of RFA

On 16/1/2012, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has issued Resolution Conference 4 th Party Central Committee, XI content on some pressing issues on Party building today.

RFA file / Source
Mr. Doan Van Vuon and Doan Van Quy.

Just over four months after the enforcement of land in Tien Lang happens that Hai Phong leaders do not pay attention to this Resolution. Mac Lam has all the following information:

While world attention to a progression in the Middle East and North Africa, Vietnam can not lie outside the current time when the internal problems in day and night to promote their rulers from the urgent demands a process of change more strongly when the reform process launched in 1986 has become outdated and nature is more propaganda campaign for a real new blood.

Resolution 4 came out in this context to reform the party system problems latent in the body of a political regime but exclusive but weak rule of law to use the rolled shape the ability and moral disorientation.

Interested persons the chance to put their hope once again to build goodwill as Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong made although this is not the first time the Communist Party of Vietnam to the overall resolution machine.

When coins are worshiped

Mr. Le Van Hien (now suspended from work):
 "At the end of the lease period that the owner
 does not pay compulsory pond" (dated 12/01/2012).
 Source dantonic-online.

The premise of Resolution 4 a fact recognized in the Party is going all the money that had crushed the communist ideal to pursue. This fact will make the party theorists disgruntled people realize but nonetheless this acceptance of the party showed little change meat more decisive than the previous times, Resolution 4 has piece of writing:

"A not small part cadres, Party members, including party members hold positions of leadership and management, including some senior officials, degradation of political ideology, morality and lifestyle with the different manifestations of the fading ideals, fall into the selfish individualism, opportunity, pragmatic, run by fame, money, status ken, local corruption, waste, depending means, unscrupulous ... "

This recognition is not new but made in time to reassure his people, when the trend information world has opened a big door closed no way anymore.

The leaderships of the individuals in charge

CA Director Do Huu Ca of Hai Phong.
 Photo courtesy of An Loc Tran 

Resolution 4 also recognizes a sentence "political slogan" this has proved most effective or if there shall have been deviated to the original meaning that the central people want to instill in thought. That was a "collective leadership, individual accountability". Resolution 4 frank acknowledgment of the fact that the defect when the people are that:

"'Collective leadership, individual responsibility,'" in fact in many places fall into the form, by not clearly defined accountability mechanisms, the relationship between collectives and individuals when errors or defects nobody is responsible. "

The leaderships do not fulfill personal obligations led to wild and corrupt the system is hard to deny the implications. Individuals who crept into the corner of the first dense overlapping papers plus the unexplained laws for spoiled exploitation, forced most people plundered land, resources, and implement any other enrichment main. Resolution 4 open doors bring sunlight shed on the tumor that has long classes from local party members to the central abuse turns.

No one can stand outside

Party Central Committee, Party Secretary
 of Hai Phong, Nguyen Van Thanh at a press
 conference on Tuesday for 07/02/2012 Tien Lang.
 Photo courtesy of

Resolution 4 has specific responsibility of each member's highest official in the Party and stripped curtains collective leadership in general terms when he writes:

"The Central Executive Committee, Politburo, Secretariat, the Party committee, key staff, especially the central level, the head before and it really exemplary for all levels to follow.

One is, the Politburo, Secretariat, the Central Executive Committee focused review and evaluation to clarify why the limitations, shortcomings pointed out many years but slowly be overcome, there is poor; more complex; to clarify the causes hindrance in leading the implementation of the resolutions of the Party Central Committee building.

Secondly, the Commissioner comrades of the Politburo, Secretariat, Member Central Executive Committee to conduct review and evaluation of contact itself performance of assigned tasks related to some issues urgency mentioned in this resolution, proposed remedies. Focus on clarifying personal responsibility, exemplary implementation of the principle of democratic centralism, collective leadership, individual responsibility, self-criticism and criticism, in parallel with work, examples of ethics, policy live. "

But Tien Lang case occurred less than five months after the birth of Resolution 4 made aware of the party members can not shake. Party efforts have changed, but signs of Hai Phong is using all means to regulate vehicle braking Party that many senior officials to speak to the Hai Phong city are against Resolution openly 4.

Things to do for justice. Right and wrong must be clear, just in law but be popular.
Mr. Pham The Duyet

Mr. Pham The Duyet, former Member of the Standing Standing Politburo who had direct settlement of the Thai Binh in 1997 to the press that Tien Lang also more dangerous than the Thai Binh. He confirmed Resolution 4 is correct as given in the current difficult time:

"This is not the case Tien Lang resolution then it happened. When there is nothing more then its Resolution outbreak out specific things only. Solving the second it was several months ago, not a resolution and its four new Central revealed. Central Resolution 4 shows the accumulation of long but only now revealed, not because of the Central Resolution 4, then it happened.

Not pass it demonstrates that central review of the Resolution 4 is right for the country's broad range of phenomena is not at it revolves around the story of democracy, far from people, bureaucracy, power, corruption stuff.

Things to do for justice. Right and wrong must be clear, just in law but be popular. But just in the legal and moral right to do avoid, any justice is good publicity. Employment must promote democracy around frankly. Brothers have their own opinions. When things were not true then resolve any way can not be right. "

Still have kind people

Mr. Nguyen Su The secretary of municipal
 party Hoi An: "It must do the decent".
 Source / Image: Youth.

Under the eyes of most people, the Resolution 4 is hard to change perceptions as well as the work of nearly four million party members present, when the crushed material life of all progressive ideas. However, there is also another fact not less important party members remain free while dealing with state money or property of citizens. One party member with good nature was Mr. Nguyen Su The, Party Secretary of Hoi An, who is considered a pure per son by bloggers, very rare now in a position of Party Secretary.

He told us that his line of work that the people agreed that:

"The most important thing now to make people sympathy and support is not always think of their benefits. Just a guideline, a work that set out the guidelines and the job to find out what people are good, and if people can benefit if you then do not benefit the people even is detrimental to people determined not to do.

Therefore, when an initial population policy if people do not agree, but not convinced until then organize the people see the benefits it brings to them, people will support. It not only support but also voluntarily implementing the policy there. Since such problems should work that Hoi An is often deployed to support people through. "

The most important thing now to make people sympathy and support is not always think of their benefits.
The Party Secretary of Hoi An, Nguyen Su

Compared to Tien Lang, Mr. Nguyen Su Honesty confirmed that he also has the right and the wrong at time, but I worry for the people has helped them overcome the things that others in his position as easy bait, it was the trapping power, he said:

"I have to monitor this case through the media but I do not know what happened in detail how Tien Lang. For our Hoi An things wrong sometimes, irrelevant whether the engine is great, but when deploying the reorganization is not appropriate, our first task is to apologize to the people and also to correct what I did wrong with people. The second problem if the people damaged by their advocates, the state itself to stand out adequate compensation and restoration of all benefits for people.

Hoi An was also the case does not occur to the extent as Tien Lang but we do advocate that communities or individuals affected by or infringe rights advocates think that because they themselves have not to our Now that must be overcome for each people and the communities. Therefore people sympathize because they all decisions, things do not always true. Hoi An we've ever done so and now also have to continue to do so. "

Very unfortunately, people like Mr. Nguyen Su has there been much while other characters such as Nguyen Van Thanh, Do Huu Ca again flooded with public authorities from high to low. Resolution 4 so far there are only a Resolution for Tien Lang empty if not applied thoroughly to get back some life to a party in power too long does not create an impression in the policy responses to improve people's consensus through leadership roles.

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