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Family of military captain in the harassment by government because participated to exercise of Falun Gong


       Falun Gong practitioners were brutally suppressed in China

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We would like to send to the people of Vietnam, especially for those who currently are members Communist Party of Vietnam, the government officials who have long process has been dedicating itself  serve the communist dictatorship Vietnam, including police, military and administrative authorities ..... the pictures and information about a military officer, a Communist Party member of Vietnam, are still in active service was oppressed by right their teammates and badly treated the same as an animal only because his wife and children have joined to practice Falun Gong, a sensitive issue related to Chinese government so long that still evade, challenge, and fallacy that it was only practicing qigong to enhance people's health?

Party members, police, military, and government officials, How you have feeling to current regime over the tragic events in the case of Capt Giao, a teammate, a comrade of yours has devoted itself to the regime for many years, trying to defend the existence of the communist party and state?. He had an accident while on duty to be lying in bed paralyzed for more than 7 years. Tremendous dedication that he is now paid off by the unscrupulous actions, immoral governments at all levels, by his wife and children were thrown into the street without shelter because his wife and children associated relating to Falun Gong a cult is completely welcomed in many countries around the world but was strictly prohibited in China.

Although your dedication is great but it is impossible important as self-interest of some state leaders, the relatives and their families. Only fear of offending senior Chinese Communist government that suppressed ready to return to even the comrades, comrades mourn relentlessly. Thus, what mean for your dedication? who you are serving? you are serving the interests of the country, the rights of ethnic, social or just  serving particular interests of a group of unscrupulous leaders. Vietnam's communist government is now protected for whom, for its people or for communist China, a country used to be enemies and is awaiting the day and night, stalking the opportunity to swallow the people  and Vietnam our country?.


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A family practice Falun Gong have been harassed

Posted 12/02/12 at 1:24 cheoreo By Morning

Một gia đình tập Pháp luân công bị sách nhiễu  VRNs (12/02/2012) - This is an interview with Dr. Tuan of Viet Thomas on the evening of 11/02/2012. The doctor knew the current situation of family Pham Duc Giao, a captain also members of the Vietnam People's Army, was thrown into the street to the 4th.

The family of Captain Giao moved from Binh Duong to live at Binh Tan district in Saigon in July 2011 but local police did not register their temporary residence. Besides the local police also put pressure on families landlord chased family of Captain Giao away from the local where they're management. This fourth on 02/09/2012, police hired people to carry out captain Giao, chasing his wife with family items to the curb from morning to night.

Dr. Tuan said that because the wife of Captain assigned as a practitioner of Falun Gong, a sect is being persecuted Communist China is brutal, should be denied the new shelter in Binh Tan, Saigon , so. However, according to doctors at the police Tuan Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan were flagrant violations of citizens' legal residence right.

Captain Giao's accident while on duty was confined to one place more than 7 years now, but still in active service and are paid as an officer serving on the payroll of the Vietnam People's Army. However, his unit and his teammates still do not protect their comrades.

                 Assets are carried belongings on the street

                         family of Mr. Pham Duc Giao

Children leave from school no house, they cry because love their father!

                      The family live in the street

House 01 year for lease, just live for only 02 months, now be locked

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