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Ms. Bui Hang 'still on hunger strike' to protest the wrong actions of government of Vietnam



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Bui Thi Minh Hang, a patriotic citizen has continued to participate in most of the marches against the Chinese invasion of Vietnam in the islands during that time and the state government communist Vietnam arrested and put her into rehabilitation centers dignity Thanh Ha, Ha Noi for a term up to two years detention. The arrest of Hang and then taken into detention in concentration camps which had not been conducted in accordance with the provisions of the law has caused much concern and urgency in the national opinion and international community. And representatives of the Embassy of the United States has also protested and asked the government of Vietnam to release her immediately and unconditionally. Hang herself attitude also against wrongdoing and unethical state government of Vietnam by a prolonged hunger strike and is currently continuing her hunger strike in prison.

Looking the scene of a frail woman imprisoned in a wrong place for a camp where detain and education components of addiction because of her courage to express the patriotism of a citizen of Vietnam previous state homeland are foreign enemies invaded China Sea islands and the opportunity to wish swallowed dear native Vietnam that no one of us out of unhappy feeling for the plight of her family in particular and for the people of Vietnam in general. Patriots such as herself Hang and many people in the protests marched peacefully and in order, there is nothing wrong? Is there Law and the Constitution which prescribes that people do not express patriotism against the aggressor?

Moreover, people's right to protest which had been clearly defined and detailed in Article 69 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as amended and promulgated since 1992 to date. The Hanoi government has trampled upon human rights and a blatant violence, despite the violations of the law and despite all human morality, regardless of the crackdown who dares voice opposition to degree or comments detrimental to the regime, or may cause harm to privacy interests and the collective power of party leaders and Vietnam's communist government whether expressed peacefully. Especially after the people's revolt that overthrew the dictatorship in the countries in the Arab Middle East and increasingly makes the communist party and government of Vietnam more worried and that is the cause leading to the government tried to suppress all dissent of the people by any means.

We share with suffering of Hang and along with all the people of our blood is detained in custody a wrong way today. Human rights are sacred right inalienable human mankind has prescribed. No one country, a force which could hinder or prohibit. Consequence that the authoritarian leaders in countries were got such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen ..... is the most powerful evidence to prove that the existence or dissolution of a regime, a countries depend on our people, Although any evil of government , although strong of guns and although prisons where people are made to be fear can not ultimately his desire to win freedom people in your hearts like a smoldering fire just wish the chance to win a flare up righteousness and reclaim the legitimate rights of their people.


Ms. Bui Hang 'still on hunger strike'

Update: 07:09 GMT - Saturday, 18 June 2, 2012

Bà Bùi Thị Minh Hằng

First  images of Bui Hang demand for those visiting
 was captured after three months in camp Thanh Ha

Son of Bui Thi Minh Hang, who was put on education camp accused of "disturbing public order" last year, said his mother still on hunger strike.
Trung Bui Nhan, accompanied by a group of friends of Ms. Hang, go to camp Thanh Ha, Vinh Phuc Province today.

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But only her son to be allowed into Saturday's meet in the training facilities Thanh Ha.

Mr. Nhan, He told the BBC that " his mother health is better, but may still be on skin diseases."

He added that his mother is still " on a hunger strike from 28/1 to now."

Mr. Le Dung, one of the friends of Mrs Hang, told the BBC from the camp gate Thanh Ha: "I went with the group of many uncles to Thanh Ha visit Mrs. Hang."

"We and the bac only be stood here from very far outside, looking over the fence and had to use telephoto lens to photograph Mrs. Hang," he said.

"She look very old, general debility appear," said Dung comment.

Although not on the meeting, Mr Dung said that "people still are here to request to be met".

"But from this morning they were on the meeting up and down and said has not been answered."

"They refused that was no other rules but we only ask because this was the right of citizens. People from all over the country, the people come to see by eyes for how her condition, but the staff explained that just has not been. "

In the evening the same day, Dung told the BBC management who visited the camp and never entered the camp also signed the minutes on this visit failed because of that camp management described as "not precedent "is.

"When I saw her it was accompanied by some journalists and sister burst into tears and called a process server, at that very circumstance is pitiful"

"Probably too harsh environments, looked at her decline than before, because her hunger to exist only so long and interrupt wrinkled face," said Le Dung said.

"Live reporting"

Meanwhile, some expressed personal network page special attention to this incident.

His blog Nguyen Xuan Dien, one of the people came even, published an article "direct reports" the visit of delegation of 27 people, including one child more than twenty months old.

This article has posted these images in chronological order as well as pictures taken with  Telephoto lens as described.

Other photos shows a section of the car with seats four modern in which there were two cars with number plates in Hanoi and Phu Tho  carrying a long line queue outside the camp area education Thanh Ha.

According to Nguyen Xuan Dien, who today visited Mrs. Hang include Professor Ngo Duc Tho, police Colonel Nguyen Dang Quang, Phuong Bich, Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Tuong Thuy, JB Nguyen Huu Vinh, Nguyen Xuan Dien, Chinh Pham , Lan Nguyen Thang, Le Dung ...

A number of friends, on Facebook, Mrs. Hang pictures posted from outside the fence with the notes: "This picture will go down in history."

Hang Bui  is a dominant figure in the anti-China protests surrounding place in June 2011.

She is also a controversial character and some people were criticized as behaving "rude" in public.

Some sources linked to authorities saying 'attitude sharply and opposition publicly many times' is one of the reasons why they put three on the camp.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi issued a statement requirements Vietnam " release Mrs. Hang and all political prisoners".

The statement said: "No one deserves to be imprisoned for exercising free speech or peaceful assembly, or any human rights are internationally recognized."

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