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Focus land claims, the suffering of the people ever been terminated?


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After the case is unlawful coercive land for his family of Doan Van Vuon at the Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city be urgent in public and shocked the whole country made the leaders of many generals Most of the senior party and state government, including being in office or retired brass to speak. Besides, the relevant ministries, agencies and media communications including press the left margin and right margin on the same. Especially all people, all parts, all along the battle lines are a common stand condemned and criticized the land coercive action of government in Tien Lang district is completely wrong, immoral and a violation the provisions of law and contrary to the law of the land law has been amended several times and issued since 2003. 

Do not know the leaders of governments at all levels have experienced or learned valuable lessons about the ethics in case of Tien Lang? but the situation of people flocked together to focus on major cities to protest against government for land is no less and the problems that be urgent to people and extends continuously over tens of years is is always a hot topic in Vietnam society today. Why does the issue of land claims has not been addressed and thoroughly satisfied? The only thing that can explain it is: The truth is not respected by government at all levels. Government officials continue to degenerate, corrupts, corruption leads to disregard the law, immoral and interests. And because own interests, they ready to trample on justice, calmly trampled on people's suffering despite domestic and international public opinion. 

Think of the heartbreaking case in Tien Lang district, government leaders at all levels will wake up and realize that part wrong to his errors promptly restructured, modified to avoid the mistakes committed regrettable that which causes misery for people throughout the years. But what is happening at this time shows that governments at all levels remains disabled as long as this continues to behave irresponsible and immoral to the people. Some authorities are shirking of responsibility for each other, avoided contact with people to solve the core of the problem situation reached logically reasonable, even where, the government announced it would not solve for any claims of the people. Why, and why, a series of questions without answers. Do the benefits from land so great that the government can not give up and continue to blindly ignore the suffering of the people in the local area or because of corruption and alienation that has absorbed into the blood and flesh of government leaders that is now made to them as a block of wood become senseless, sense and indifference to the matter. The wake ring from Tien Lang lesson is still there, if not quickly wake is hundreds, thousands of union gunshots Other Doan Van Vuon will be appeared  in everywhere and cause instability in society is hard to avoid in the future. 


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More than 100 people focused land claims before government offices 

Even Lam, editor of RFA

13-2 Monday morning, more than 100 people from the western provinces gathered before the Government Office at 210 Vo Thi Sau, Ho Chi Minh to file land claims.

Number of complaints of the petitioners have for many years with many different agencies, from local to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to take people out, but after many years of filing their records never be addressed.

The petitioners said that their land was confiscated, but the state does not adequately compensate.

Ms. Bui Thi Thanh, a retired teacher present in the claimant group in Ho Chi Minh City 13-2 Tuesday for Radio Free Asia said the event as follows:

"Today the relatives in the eastern provinces also pull up about 100 people including many provinces of Ben Tre, An Giang, Vinh Long, Tien Giang, Saigon.

Everyone come there but the police, they threatened that if we remain there, they  will coercive and forced people come to Ho Ngoc Lam, but when everyone comes down to Ho Ngoc Lam then they fired up here.

Accommodation 210 Vo Thi Sau is a government office but not welcome to people, so we stood outside with banners stretching government resolution requirement.

Police for their police car, car speakers and secret police forces not wearing uniform who just uses a camera pointed at petitioners generally makes people fear but no one fear because everyone is now are lost their houses. "

When asked the petitioners to dissolve, to turn home  and their forms have been received by government or not Ms. Thanh said:

"Up to 2 pm, the petitioners rushed into the U.S. consulate building. At that time the police force to bring the car to catch them on the local and ultimately do not solve them all.

There's a mother named Truong Quang Anh has over 80 years old, only a few teeth have fallen off have only a few pieces. She went back in and then claims fell to vertebral fractures are now being in a plaster cast.

There are a number of them still remain in employment to hire, to mop the floor, selling lottery tickets, it does whatever they do. They stayed at the temples or on the sidewalk waiting on further appeal. "

After the Tien Lang appeared in newspapers across the petitioners many local governments require consideration of their cases.

But still no sign that the government will look at this issue more closely after thousands of complaints cases are overlooked and no any attention.

Binh Phuoc government does not solve - civil petition 
Quynh Chi, RFA reporter

Farmers in sub-zones 174, 175, 176, 177 in protection forest management Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc province is continuing to petition for enforcement inadequate and the complaint is not resolved.

Photo courtesy of 
The front of the most beautiful land is divided by
 district officials Dong Phu Binh Phuoc province. 

People burning 

Four subregional this coerced located in five communes of Dak Nhau, Bom Bo, Binh Minh, Tho Son, and Phu Son, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc province. December 20th last, begins DPC enforcement for hundreds of households live and work here. Currently, the coercion is not finished because land is so huge. As reported by local radio, starting February 15, the District will continue enforcement.

Three days ago, received the letter RFA grievances of people here, said the enforcement is not in strict compliance with the law and they are hard to complain many times in many organs, but not be addressed.

Attached to this letter report are copies of four documents to civil offices of the Central Party and State as well as to civil offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources - Environment send Bu Dang District Chairman and Chairman Binh Phuoc settlement requires "adequate" and "definitely" the complaints of people forced to land area.

The three documents to the headquarters of the Central People's Party and State issued respectively in July, November and December 2011. But the text of the Ministry of Natural Resources - Environment issued earlier this year. The people here said that people repeatedly presented to Hanoi for their wish because is not resolved at the local level:

"The first document is sent to the District but the District did not answer. Then dispatch sent to the province. The province was also  " the same " and does not meet the requirements of people. They date people, but when people come did not see him, the president. They said it should just say people have to go out further reception room to the Party Central Committee. "

There were four text from the reception room of the requested authority to settle for people but so far, people here have not been exposed to the District Chairman and President of the province, although the text of the rooms clearly the Central District and ask the provincial chairman addressed. According to people here, when they come to see, the notice of these are absent:

"People also went many times but have never met . Each time when the people come, they kept saying that this person and that person is away. They do not meet even on the day, and at night they said only meet one representative. We disagree with the reasons everyone has equal rights. Then they re-appointment to 10 o'clock the next morning. The next day when people come just to say a few sentences, then they said that all the time and do not anymore. "

According to population-based office of the Ministry of Natural Resources - Environment by Le Quoc Trung, chief inspector signed earlier this year that RFA is a copy, said the agency's headquarters to the State Party and has many written request of Binh Phuoc province address and answer the complaints of the people. According to this dispatch, Chairman of People in early November 2011 has met once, but people do not satisfactorily resolved, so people continue to complain.

Therefore, according to this official document, "Inspection of Natural Resources - Environment Committee earlier proposal to direct the settlement incident, answering citizens in accordance with the law and notify the settlement results to Ministry of Natural Resources - Environment ".

Push responsibility 

For more than a month from the date the Ministry of Natural Resources - Environment notice sent to the Chairman of Binh Phuoc and Tuesday each week, people come to the office of the provincial but have never met Mr. Truong Tan Thieu , provincial governor, also with the reasons for their absence:

Binh Phuoc People living being temporary
 land take along the way. Photo courtesy of 

"The dispatch was brought down but the province did not respond. People concentrated in the province down to the reception room and then back to his room, the president he did not open the door. People crawled lying there waiting and sleep at there. So the police is not allow them be there. The last time was on February 7, we went to the PPC but not answered. The people there say they are not fully competent provincial governor but not always be met. "

According to people here, at first, the province has refused to settle complaints of her children on the grounds that the District must address before reaching the province. However, numerous people that fight for the text of the Central office pointed out the names of presidents of the province to resolve complaints. After that, the Province of using "absence" as presented.

To broad public opinion, we contacted Mr Truong Tan Thieu and urgent presentation of her children. However, he said he is in meeting and that responsibility belongs to the District:

"Now I'm in a meeting but that if any single word must be sent to the People. If in Bu Dang district, the settlement of Bu Dang district. Now I'm in a meeting ".

RFA also contact the Department of Natural Resources - Environment under the number indicated on the website. After four times to transfer calls, we talked with representatives of the Ministry's headquarters followed. He did not say his names but said the reception room are responsible only for the province sent a written request to settle complaints of the people, in addition to the Ministry that this does not resolve:

"May you be allowed to answer this, people do not point out here that all the central agencies. We also examined the authorities and citizens also responded. At the same time last time, before the New Year, we have a written request for resolution to the province under the law because under the jurisdiction of the province. Reception office of the Central People's Party also move there. It is just simple we just write like that but the other things we do not resolve. Second, if the deadline is not settled is having the accused law ".

Although the reception room representative said people can denounce past the time limit for settlement. However, the text of the headquarters to the province's only recommended "early resolution" of the civil complaint, but provide no specified time.

In the cover letter sent three days ago, RFA, people here raised four points not satisfactorily resolved by the government. It is "no paper enforcement decisions; not support compensation nor resettlement grant, and not re-sedentary."

Through understanding of the RFA, most of people here is people who come from everywhere after 1993 for a new career. They bought land reclamation from the ethnic people. A small number of households where land use is granted. Most people who have left the household. Mostly people here living by farming and animal husbandry. Talking with RFA, said many people here in four primary areas where this has been ironing out enforcement for three times but all without notice and declaration of assets before enforcement.

According to the current time: 

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