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Vietnam arrests dissident teacher Dinh Van Dinh

U.S. government disappointed human rights in Vietnam

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A dissident teachers of high school Le Quy Don in Dak Nong province, he was 49 years old format has been recently Vietnam government arrested and prosecuted on charges of alleged "activity statement propaganda against the state and abusing democratic freedoms infringe upon state interests "under Article 258 of the Criminal Code of Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In recent years, Vietnam's communist government increased crackdown powerful voice dissent peacefully in the country, despite the condemnation and harsh criticism from international human rights organizations and pressure on a more heavily Democratic states from around the world including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Norway ..... with hope for the government of Vietnam  to respect and fully implement meet the international commitments on human rights including the immediate termination of the suppression of dissent, religious freedom and release immediately to the political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and Religion are currently on the Hanoi authorities detained the wrong way.

In recent years, the Western countries of particular concern about the status of human rights violations in Vietnam, especially since the political upheaval of people's democracy in the countries in the Middle East and North Africa boom, the government of Vietnam on a show concern and fear influence spread from the revolution known as a "revolutionary Arab Spring" led to an increase in the persecution of voice peaceful protest in the country. A series of arrests of young Catholic children in the past year without going through any sequence of law which has caused concern for many countries. United States, a great allied nations of Vietnam had to repeatedly move the senior Foreign Affairs officials to Vietnam to discuss the issue of "Human Rights" which are sensitive to this.

The issue of "Human Rights" of Vietnam is currently a hot topic not only in the United States, but also nearly as in countries in the world where many Vietnamese live. Vietnamese community in the diaspora is concentrated lobbying efforts to increase the host country and pressure the government to punish Hanoi for its human rights setbacks in Vietnam. Vietnamese community in the United States was successful in the campaign unintended sign the petition was published human rights directly on the website of the White House urged U.S. government to prevent any expansion of diplomatic ties between the United States and Vietnam in the field of politics, Economy and Foreign Affairs until the real government of Vietnam to respect human rights and compliance with all international commitments on human rights,

Within less than 2 weeks, more than 50 thousand signatures signatories. This has really attracted the special attention of the head of the White House, the current U.S. President Barack Obama. He has requested a meeting with the Vietnamese community in the White House on next Monday 05-03-2012 to this presentation to listen to people's concerns about human rights in Vietnam. Freedom, democracy is the basic human rights that each of us who are born in this planet has the right to inherit. Every law, every action, every policy runs counter to basic principles are not encouraged and should be removed. The party and government leaders of Vietnam needs to understand that the people of Vietnam in the country today, including all political prisoners, not one against the regime, against the party or against the government that they can only move action level or advocate against any wrongdoing of the government only.


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 Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vietnam arrests dissident teacher Dinh Van Dinh

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Authorities in Vietnam have arrested a high school teacher exhorted each to speak for the establishment of a multi-party political system.

The Associated Press on Tuesday quoted news reports said that Vietnam Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh, 49, in Dak Nong province, was arrested last week on charges known as "propaganda activities against the state" and "abusing democratic freedom to infringe upon the interests of the state".

News reports said that police had found in the laptop of this teacher 19 booklet have content that authorities deemed "distort, undermine the State."

Earlier this month, police in Phu Yen province have arrested 15 people in a group that the press controlled by the state says is "a reactionary political organization" has attempted to overthrow the government.

Vietnam Communist Government does not accept dissent and those who challenge the rule of their party can receive the long years in prison.

Source: AP, Nguoi Lao Dong

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