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The bishop of Kontum solutions proposed on land property of the Church

                                      Michael Bishop. Hoang Duc Oanh
                                      Kon Tum Diocese Bishop

            THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE



Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh, Bishop of Kon Tum just has a proposal for the settlement of disputes, and reclaim the land assets of Vietnam Catholic Church which was Vietnam's communist government appropriated by various forms of an illegal and immoral past decades. Through the above recommendations, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh has proved to the Vietnam Communist authorities clearly see attitude but determined goodwill of Vietnam Catholic Church in the settlement services and clear requiring the government to quickly return the property and land owned by the Church's legitimate includes Churches, monasteries, seminaries .......

Recommendations and the goodwill of the Bishop Hoang Duc Oanh again assert legal ownership and the inviolability of Vietnam Catholic Church on the property and land which the communist state government Vietnam has used force to possess them the wrong way since the communist seizure of power in 1954 in North Vietnam and South Vietnam in 1975. Besides the proposed facility does not require the subject land, fields and gardens which by review of the Bishop Hoang Duc Oanh of this property are estimated to cause up to 60 percent of total assets authority appropriated in each place to see the stance of the Catholic Church of Vietnam is always respected and put the interest of social welfare as well as all of the people on top.

 It should be recalled that, thousands of religious establishments lawfully owned by the Church in time of possession was unlawful. Much of the land above the property has been granted government the improper use, not to serve the public interest and consistent with the aspirations of the people in general and of the church with the Public teachers in particular. The most serious is that some facilities, land of religion has been a local government leaders at all levels to abuse their powers to change the origin and brought out another division to make profits for themselves and their own my family makes public grievances and create more and more urgent where residents. It is time the country people, especially to the laity to work together, join together with the Church insisted all things pertaining to the legal ownership rights of the Church to the worship service Religion and activities as well as strong property requires the land that the Church will dedicate to serve community interests, state government of Vietnam must be strictly adhered  and used for proper purposes.


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The bishop of Kontum solutions proposed on land property of the Church
Posted by admin on 2/18/12 7:08 morning

 Đức giám mục Kontum đề xuất hướng giải quyết tài sản nhà đất của Giáo Hội    VRNs (18/02/2012) - Kontum - Kontum bishop's office has said Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh of Kontum bishops in communion posts just write a letter to Bishop Thomas Nguyen Van Tan, bishop of Vinh Long, to express full communion with the bishop being Vinh Long provincial government no dialogue, which has unilaterally to break away project Seminary of the diocese. In addition, Bishop Michael also proposed to resolve land and property of the Church authorities are being appropriated.

In his letter Bishop of Kontum wrote: "We are sympathetic to the bishop and diocese of Vinh Long authorities know when or metamorphic program Vinh Long Seminary without regard to the legitimate aspirations of the Church . Surely the people is very frustrating! Featured increasingly urgent that, because the property virtually Church gradually deformed bluff! "

Originally VRNs introduce this letter of communion.

The letter be translated into English:

 Office of the Bishop - Diocese of Kontum
                                                                      146 Tran Hung Dao - Kontum - Vietnam
                                                                                          Number 17/NT / 12 / tgmkt

                                                                                                  Kontum on 02/15/2012

Dear Bishop Thomas Nguyen Van Tan
                      The diocesan Bishop of Vinh Long.
                     103, 3/2, Ho Vinh Long.

Bishop regards,
Highland lives on the more specific, the diocese of Kontum we went through the war years under the covers pulled violently painful consequences. Especially since 1972, almost the base of the northern province of Kontum church was war into the ground. But after 1975, the almost religious establishments in the hands of government management. There are places where the loan is not paid so far as the center of love: a place shall be confiscated as Cuenot YAO Phu  schools in Kontum  or pious church in Pleiku. We have more than one claim but so far no results. Looks like no one has the right to settle or dare. Looks like "no one told anyone." Could it be that is the behavior of the new administration?

              Therefore, we are sympathetic to the diocesan bishop and permanent or long as the program said the government has degenerated Seminary permanent long without regard to the legitimate aspirations of the church. Surely the people is very frustrating! Urgent that it is increasing, because the church's assets gradually deformed almost with impunity.

             About people's property, especially the church, has tormented many people, from all sides. If the church cried the basis of religion and pure essential, not only "because the material properties", but also because of the "religious right" as well as the interests of persons who share their low mouth around unjustly, have been deprived of every inch of ground inch of the field by bone blood poured out from the life. Specific and clear as coercion for the family's assets of Doan van Vuon. This case has also attracted the concern of the world as well as those eager to home country. This case "open eyes" by many!

             About land assets of the church, we think it is time to humble church and government should sit back to solve each other for a time only by gentle and nice! Sorry for many people today suffer from the injustice of those who do go ahead "gently shake hands and meet safety grounds". Many of their assets had been "transformed"! We can think Latran model treaty between the Vatican and the Italian authorities in 1929 does not? Churches can take steps before such later?

            Step 1:
            There is a committee in charge of the church property to collect all the facilities of the church is being managed by the state since 1954.
            Dioceses, religious orders this list with full details as required:
What was the initial basis: day to acquire: What's the use? receive any type? then and now How are being used? specific proposals?

            Step 2:
            Board property along with dioceses and religious orders and agreements to exchange a list divided into 3 types:
            1) Category 1: Includes the seminaries, monasteries, churches .... appropriation of these facilities also means that the religious ban! Other expenses have been cut off a human limb is no longer active! This kind of definitive claim, not about tolerance!
            2) Type 2: consists of educational institutions, charity charity such as schools, hospitals, orphanages .... This kind of use to the authorities continue with their original purpose. If done wrong, all of which have both reactions.
           3) Type 3: Is that all other assets such as land, farms, .... Church does not claim these facilities and to serve society. This type can be up to 60% of the assets of each place.

           Step 3:
           Board property will give the government agreed list. From which the whole Catholic Church in Vietnam will have a voice and general purpose reaction type 1 and type 2 late here.  No response trivially , no longer have to look at each other, so the church gave way to the government immense step forward. That would avoid the society no longer have to bother dealing. It is a practical mode of patriotism and specific.
             Rev. regards,
             On behalf of the family Kontum diocese, we are fully in communion with the bishop and diocesan  to require authorities of Vinh  long solve it reasonably according to justice and morality.

Communion in faith in God is the owner history.

Michael Hoang Duc Oanh
Bishop of Kontum.

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