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Blatantly trampled upon human rights ... The communist government of Vietnam continues to challenge public opinion at home and abroad.


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'"Taking advantage of the Freedom and Democracy violated State's interests " an allegation, a vague law unreasonably long consigned commonly Vietnam Communist government used to suppress, arrest and detention to Democracy advocate and voice dissent in the country. Although faced fierce opposition of the people in the country and received heavy criticism from international human rights organizations and many other countries in the world but the Communist regime of Vietnam still continue maintenance of persecution against them by the arrests and unlawful detention of the trial batch nature wicked and unjust.

How we have feelings about the recent hearing on Thursday, 28 June 2012 of the Appeals Court of Can Tho city for Nguyen Van Tu, one of the petitioners and also a follower of Buddhist Hoa Hao Church with a 2 year 6 month sentence in prison on charges accused of "taking advantage of the Liberal Democratic infringe upon State interests "mentioned above? if Mr. Nguyen Van Tu himself is not a petitioner or is not a follower of Buddhist Hoa Hao Church, would he be ignored by Vietnam's communist arrested and charged with one count above or not? and the second-instance trial and appellate full of injustice and absurdity of the Can Tho city Court. For himself Nguyen Van Tu has made how impression on  the people of Vietnam today ....?

In fact, the fate of Mr. Nguyen Van Tu is like the fate of several other petitioners who has been target of government for repression in the hot situation of land today. Because of great benefits from land areas and to prevent radical tremendous impact related to claims for return of land and property that the government had appropriated levels of people the wrong way in recent years is becoming widespread in the country communities of landless farmers. The government can not compromise or negotiate in this area as this means that himself had acted improperly in the area of land which are responsible to pay compensation to people both physically and mentally is too large. Moreover he himself is a Christian From the Hoa Hao Buddhism a religion which was a thorn in the eyes of communist government of Vietnam.


Add a judgment for petitioners cause resentment

Thanh Quang, RFA reporter

On Thursday (June 28, 2012), Can Tho Court of Appeals judge and y 2 years 6 months imprisonment for the accused petitioner Nguyen Van Tu - as well as the Hoa Hao Buddhists - on call charges is "abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon state interests."

Only by making formal complaints against complaints
Mr. Nguyen Van Tu  were Can Tho Court of Appeals
judge and  2 years 6 months imprisonment
 (before the arrest photo)

Right after the appeal court this June 28, his son's Nguyen Van Tuan, petitioners are not ballast resentment:

Nguyen Van Tuan: The hearing today from noon to make me sad now. Now I just reclaim justice for my father only (crying). I do not know what to say (crying). My family was too poor, too urgent. I just want to reclaim my rights for three (crying). Because here they just repressed. If my dad Oldest do anything they will put these offenses or other offenses to oppress my father.

There are defense attorneys nor

In his appeal, the family said Nguyen Van Tu, also known as Hong Tu, and many farmers in Song Hau Farm is expected, as Nguyen Van Tuan said:

Nguyen Van Tuan: This is my family and I go out. The siblings - 3-4 people - then go. Then people had stayed in the farm or, they are also down. They sat still for a vast court hearing, but that does not comments at all, meaning that they said I would say that this court said Nguyen Van Tu treatment rather than the relative. Only the judges and the procuracy agent asked and lawyers arguing among themselves.

Nguyen Van Tuan, described the trial progresses as follows:

Nguyen Van Tuan: Ha Huy Son Today advocate LS showed no evidence to accuse my father of all. Then ask the Procuracy, Procuracy not answer. This means that people want convicted, there must be witnesses, material evidence or anything related. Procuracy is not yet answered but still graft charges. My father asked what he did to be offenses.

Ha Huy Son LS defended very well, think about the three I will be acquitted. But after about 2 hours of deliberation, the court sentenced my father 2 years and 6 months in prison, and police arrested my father to put in prison as soon as.
Nguyen Van Tuan

For example, as an application which complain here is government revenue surplus of rice but not pay back. Then other people saw that application, asked to read to them, they are satisfied, borrow application of my father to back out. They do not know the words, because then they write their name next order signed and confirmed responsibility. 15 farmers have signed and will accept all responsibility. But the authorities set charges for my father as "reactionaries." Lawyer said that is so not because the constitution, the law requires people are entitled to sue. In general, Ha Huy Son LS defend very well, seemingly three I will be acquitted. But after about 2 hours of deliberation, the court sentenced my father 2 years and 6 months in prison, and police arrested and put in prison as soon as.

We have contacted LS Ha Huy Son, but for some sensitive reason he could not say issues in detail:

LS. Ha Huy Son: I do not want this service popularity because it is related to the client, another client of mine. He can ask their families.

Nguyen Van Tuan expressed his grievances before a hearing that petitioners only bring the unjustice for all tenants who had been got landowner - the Song Hau Farm - squeezing through decades of rent collection beyond the State's regulations.

Nguyen Van Tuan: I commented this trial so absurd, so unjust. Because people are not guilty that authorities pressure citizens only. But sir, no one treatment, no address, only promised an appointment; that promise appointments is my father must write and, . Send completed, they promised an appointment but then they did not resolve. From there new people pressing. The truth is sparse to reclaim the amounts of rice were collected balance Song Hau Farm from 1979 to now - was over thirty years.

When farmers gathered many people , they blame that is incited by my dad. But people really gathered because they know it's their rights, should gather to meet demands Song Hau Farm manager or who is responsible to have solutions for them, or how it promises ...
Nguyen Van Tuan

But they did not pay, did not make the text. When make the text is generic, sure people find the farm manager. But this director today is meetings, other days is going to work, not to meet. Farmers gathered, they blame that was incited by my dad. But people really gathered together because they know it's their rights, should pull out to meet demands Song Hau Farm manager or who is responsible to have solutions for them, or how it promises for they please.

Complaints were 18 months in prison, claims to be 2 years and 6 months in prison ...

And the sons of landless farmers Nguyen Van Tu noted of the situation "was particularly condescending 'of his father:

Nguyen Van Tuan: There is now in Can Tho my father was alone with them particularly constrained compression. The people in some where as in Co Do district, Trung Thanh, Thot Not I do not know what. And down the People's Committee of Can Tho City, then they said my father led. While my father vegetarian, always in the worship, bowing. He sad should not go anywhere. But "deviate" a little they blame that my father is headed. Generally they attributed to many things can not understand.

The people in some where as Co Do district, Trung Thanh, Thot Not I do not know. And down the People's Committee of Can Tho City, then they said my father led. While my father vegetarian, always at home prayer ...
Nguyen Van Tuan

In September 2008, Nguyen Van Tu was People's Court Co Do district, Can Tho City, sentenced to 18 months in prison for crimes known as "abusing democratic freedom to infringe upon the interests of state" after He and some tenants at Song Hau Farm appealed to the Central Government in Hanoi this farm required return rates exceed state regulations for years. Hanoi has sent inspection teams and have concluded that the collection of factors beyond the provisions of the Song Hau Farm is wrong. Co Do district and police prosecuted Mr Nguyen Van Tu, saying he led to this complaint, which resulted to the petitioner Nguyen Van Tu - News From the Red, which is 18 months prison sentence as saying.

After leaving prison, in July 2010, he continued to make a complaint to Hanoi, accused UBNDTP Can Tho not resolve complaints and denunciations, cover up the truth, cover up the wrongdoing of Song Hau Farm, wrongfully imprisoning the complainant. Along with his complaint also has 15 other tenants, which police say was led by him, Nguyen Van Tu, instigated others, should have prosecuted him on charges of "abusing democratic freedoms infringed upon the interests countries ".

On 17 April last, he was Co Do district court sentenced 2 years and 6 months imprisonment, with the trial without defense lawyer, without witnesses, victims are not self-justifying; only a relative - is his son Nguyen Van Tuan who allowed the evaluation of this session only.

And the appeal on Thursday, petitioner, Hoa Hao Nguyen Van Tu the court still keep the begining sentence of the first trial.

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