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In those days public opinion is very indignant at the atrocities and extremely overbearing government officials of the provinces of Nghe An attack suppression in the laity, priests and Catholic priest in the Missionary Con Cuong Vinh diocese Nghe An province. Nghe An provincial government not only use thugs, police and army for the purpose of harassing and obstructing religious life of priests and laity at this the wrong way despite violations of the law and Human rights violations but also the use of information systems, information agencies and newspapers distortion of facts, change the black to white and slanderous attacks lay with the priests and parish priest says on. Besides, Nghe An provincial government today continues to have the new unruly behavior in order to provoke and challenge the patience of the public when making introduction of instance decision for the cases where the initial target is close to the dignitaries of the Pastoral Council of the parish. This is the method by which the Nghe An provincial governments want to warn and threaten to shatter a spirit of all parishioners in the parish Bot Da in particular and Vinh diocese general.

Aggression, hindering and suppressing legitimate religious activities of the laity, priests and the Catholic priest at the recent Con Cuong and many other parishes in the Diocese of Vinh diocese as well as in many on the country's unruly way Vietnam's communist government went against the government's commitment in the implementation of Freedom of Religious of the people. The act of slander, misrepresentation and distortion of facts by the media and the press in recent years as unscrupulous actions unacceptable. Nghe An provincial government increasingly deep in sin when away from these mistakes to other mistakes an unconscious way. All the words justification for violations of law, human rights violations, violations of freedom of belief of the people that the communist government of Vietnam in general and the Nghe An provincial government in particular within the time recent years is unacceptable. Vietnam's communist government can not forever continue to challenge public opinion and people's suffering. Any action contrary to human moral conscience is bound to pay the price.

We call on support from people in the country, the Vietnamese community in overseas, the International Human Rights Organization and the national leaders of the Democratic world. Respectfully ask for everyone to have a say quickly, take action and support timely intervention to prevent any human rights violations committed by the communist government of Vietnam in Vinh diocese today which can help prevent not to repeat the acts of a similar human rights violations entirely possible for other dioceses across the country in the near future. We share our hearts in the same direction with the direct victims in the brutal suppression of religion at the Catholic Mission of Con Cuong past, shared with the pain and misery that the priests, Religious and laity at the parish said it has suffered. At the same time also united us all pray for peace in the parishes of the diocese of Vinh in particular and the entire diocesan community of the Catholic Church in Vietnam in general.


Nghe An Provincial Police summon parishioners began Bot Da particles
7/07/12 4:11 AM

Công an tỉnh Nghệ An bắt đầu triệu tập giáo dân hạt Bột Đà

In a latest move, the morning of 07.06.2012, many faithful especially Bot Da  particles in the Lam Dong pastoral council has received the first summons from the police in Nghe An province at present require 8 hours at police headquarters Anh Son district. Summons by Colonel Nguyen Viet Hoa, head of the provincial police signed and sealed.

Developments are not unexpected and has been prepared by the television and newspapers Nghe An "opinion clearing the way" a few days earlier by the tricks, slanderous, offensive and vile collage.

Associated summonses Decision No. 34: "Prosecuting a criminal case the unlawful arrests, disturbing public order, against the duty, intentionally causing injury in Yen Khe, District Con Cuong " was signed by himself Mr. Hoa  on 04/07/2012.

decision to prosecute criminal cases of Nghe An provincial government (Vietnamese original document)

The contents of Decision accused unreasonably and imposing as that: "The unlawful missionaries in Yen Khe-Con Cuong district, the priests and dignitaries the village parish has not only violations of law but also push many of his sheep on the road to crime. Specifically, the priests and parish dignitaries lay the village, and many fundamentalists have violated the Ordinance on Belief and Religion, Land Law, Clinical Law, the Penal Code and also goes against the direction of the Church ... "

 The summons of the police in Nghe An province (Vietnamese original document)

On these points, the Archdiocese has recently sent a letter to Nghe An Province People's Committee and relevant departments , which strongly denied the allegations and to impose this nonsense.

Action continued to escalate tensions, contrary to the truth, adding resentment and anger of Catholics Binh and Nghe-Tinh-justice-loving people, world peace .

Also in a separate incident, the evening of 6/7, while a delegation led by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dang, president of the VFF to Dong Lam Anh Son district request to speak with father GB. Nguyen Dinh Thuc, the Pastoral Council of the Lam Dong also "invited" to the conference hall Hung Son commune, Anh Son district to "swap relating to the ceremony lay in Con Cuong district."


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