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Stand up for the freedom of Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam. Resolutely crush any conspiracy of the enemies invade China.


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A day after the peaceful rally against aggression and invasion of the communist government in China was held last Sunday 02-07-2012 at two major cities of Vietnam as Saigon and Hanoi, spokesman of the Chinese Communist government in the House of Liu's regular press conference at the State Department Monday morning 02/07 also expressed opposition and urged the government officials Communist Vietnam to step up to take action and behavior that is profitable for the friendly relations between the two countries as well as ensure peace and stability in the East Sea. Also during this time while the Chinese communist government proved a good willing hand in the dispute, on the other hand there provocation and aggression while simultaneously conducting the unruly behavior intolerable received as sent the vessel to patrol in the area of ​​the Spratly islands of Vietnam, or allow the national oil company CNOOC made mining, drilling for oil in oil wells in the area Vietnam's sovereignty ...!

Why China's communist government invaded and act of aggression as an perversely while Vietnam's communist government not only not express firmly to prevent but remaining enemy obey a confusing to then return to suppress his patriotic people rudely? Vietnam's communist government really cowardly, weak or anything hidden behind all of the sovereignty dispute in the East Sea area as to what the Prime Minister Pham Van Dong predecessors had done in decades 1958 before? Vietnam Fatherland, homeland Vietnam is not the private property of a person, group, organization or a party or an administration that is common property of all citizens of Vietnam. Therefore, when the country is facing the risk of aggression, national security was threatened enemy invasion, the responsibility and right to decide must belong to the entire people that can not cowardly decision, perfunctory acts and irresponsible as to what the communist party and communist Vietnam government is currently doing.

If territory of the country was fully invaded by the aggressor, are country's President, Prime Minister, President of the National Assembly or over 3 million Communist Party members having responsibility ? or any loss and damage will eventually put up our innocent people. A thousand years slavery enemy China, history and peoples pain is still there surely none of us want to be repeating history. So to avoid dehydration from the pain, the pain became slaves to foreign people and what we have to do and what we think before the situation of our country is being invaded by China enemy aggression and invasion of a perverse way? we can not continue to blindly trust the Party and its current state. All of us have seen a particular way of behaving cowardly and confusing way of collective party leadership and the current administration and dehydration graphics, graphics destroy is calculated in days by month is difficult to avoid.

We call upon all citizens of Vietnam, called for common sense and enthusiasm of all patriots irrespective of caste, religion and political parties, especially the youth and intellectuals Vietnam courage to stand up to reclaim the right to self-determination for peoples. Let's dispel any fear of ourselves, speaking our common love of country expressed a strong and ready to crush any conspiracy to hijack the clique and semi-communist countries of China and Vietnam.  Tasted the pain once is better than be forced to bear a lifetime of pain and humiliation as the country fell to the invaders. Police, Army and gangsters can attack, repression, beatings or imprisonment of a person, a dozen or even a hundred people, but they can not attack persecution or imprisonment of thousands of , hundreds of thousands or millions of people. Our country is facing the danger of dehydration, we expect everyone will walk on our hearts to the Fatherland. Please do not insensitive and indifferent to the extreme has happened to the people and homeland. Even in the Soviet contry, the dictator President Putin as soon as has re-elected President still has tens of thousands of people gathered protests despite they themselves faced with danger front yard heavy government security. Liberal Democrats and I believe all the people of Vietnam that we would not inferior to anyone in the struggle for Human Rights demanding, requiring the Liberal Democratic Peace and stability to the land Hometown water.


China requires VN 'not complex' situation

Update: 14:03 GMT - Monday, July 2, 2012

Tàu hải giám của Trung Quốc

Chinese spokesman has urged Vietnam to action 'for peace and stability' in the East Sea, while Beijing is the train to Changsha.

At a regular press briefing at the Foreign Ministry on Monday morning, 2/7, Mr. Liu For Democratic spokesman said:

"China has always opposed the actions of other tensions and complicate the situation in the South China Sea ( East sea )".

Mr. Liu also reiterated that China calls Vietnam behave so beneficial to bilateral ties as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea ( East sea ).

Mr. Liu also reiterated that China calls Vietnam behave so beneficial to bilateral ties as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea.

A day earlier, hundreds of people took to the streets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to protest China's policies for the two archipelagoes of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.

Relations between the two sides became strained in recent times, after the National Assembly of Vietnam passed the Law of the Sea, which reaffirms sovereignty over the islands which China is also his.

Beijing retaliated by a series of policy decisions, such as the establishment of Sansha, preventive war patrol in the South China Sea and particularly in the bidding at nine petroleum blocks near the coast of Vietnam.

For Dan Liu told reporters in Beijing that China still, there is also always appreciate the friendship and cooperation with Vietnam and would like to solve disputes in an appropriate manner in accordance with the spirit of common understanding reached between leaders of both parties.

Sending ships to Spratlys

Meanwhile, in China last week of patrol vessels to the Spratly Islands area.
Xinhua said Sunday that a fleet of four ships were sent to customs inspection Chau Vien Island (China called the U.S. Ocean) of the Spratly Islands to "routine patrol".

Phát ngôn viên Lưu Vi Dân

China still calls for restraint

According to the Chinese state news agency, this fleet will patrol a distance of more than 2,400 nautical miles (4,500 km).

Marine Forces chief was established in 1998 under the Department of Oceanography of China.

The ships, some ships are converted, very active in patrolling the Southern Ocean. Last year, Vietnam said the ships of the Chinese navy has aggressive exploration and cut the cable of the ship immediately Binh Minh 2 of PetroVietnam in Vietnam's waters.

After the cut cable end of the month 5/2011, a wave of anti-Chinese protests broke out in the country.

Chinese media these days have all praised the actions of the Beijing government in the South China Sea issue.

United Tan Tai Business newspaper on Monday 2/7 with an editorial saying: "China has always been passive, but this proved to be more active."
"If the country concerned about the patient mistook the air tastes of China, China still has much to hit."

National oil company CNOOC recently announced China will start drilling three exploration wells in deep water drilling rigs this year with 981 Ocean naphtha that China opened.

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