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Down the road show religious faith and protect the Catholic Church in Vietnam



In those days, all the parishes in the Diocese of Vinh are simmering protest the   sacrilege and violent repression  to Priests, Religious and laity in several parishes of the Diocese of Vinh in the past that peak was the brutal attacks of Nghe An provincial government in Con Cuong Catholic Missionaries on 01-07-2012 wounding some of which lay, Ms. Maria Ngo Thi Thanh had been hit in the head with the wound be extremely serious to hospital in Hanoi Vietnam-Germany for emergency health and now still has not been recovered. What makes their opinion more outrage is dishonest attitude of Nghe An provincial government. Immediately after the incident, the government is neither aware of his misconduct, on the contrary they use media, press and communications agencies broadcast false information, lies, slander to denigrate the priests, religious and lay people and cover up the mistakes of the government.

The present determination to stand up for justice for all Catholics in the Diocese of Vinh, including some who previously had served time joining in the ranks of the communist regime has proven powerfully about indisputable serious violations of the  authority of Nghe An province in particular and Vietnam's communist government in general in recent years. Most of the sacrilege (The Maria statue breaks crushed) is bad behavior and the most taboo for the Catholics which can not tolerate. Vietnam's communist government is gradually picking away at a dead end way to confront the religion because of the insult to the Catholic Faith is more serious hundred thousand times than they themselves  were offended or beaten. A thousand generations rules never change is the spirit food of the Catholics. They are ready to welcome death if religious beliefs are offended heavy.

Catholic community nationwide, we believe that, if Vietnam's communist government does not act quickly to stop religious persecution and sacrilege is not only the laity of the Diocese of Vinh street protests that even Catholic millions of other hearts will be ready to integrate into the Diocese of Vinh stand up for justice and protection for the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Just as a youth in the Diocese of Vinh said, this is a rare opportunity to shed blood for faith witness. Vietnam's communist government can not continue to ignore the ear filled eyes away from these mistakes to other mistakes. For Catholics, the faith is a sacred thing most precious in life. Fortune, money and even their lives may be lost but their faith will ever existed and that the Catholics can just do everything to protect religious beliefs, protect the Truth and Justice not to bring ideas against the government or damage to the regime.


Nghe An: Parishioners plan to march before the PPC
Posted by pleikly at 6:44 the morning of 7/19/12

   VRNs (19/07/2012) - Nghe An - parishioners upset at rough coward acts of government and they claim will last about Nghe An provincial headquarters to demand the government Nghe An explanation of the wrongdoing has caused at the missionary Con Cuong, and apologized Catholicism and corrected the information that press and radios in Nghe An gave false information, to distort the Christianity during the past time.

Pressing reason cause of the laity is as severe insult to the Catholic faith as well as behavioral beat parishioners, priests of the government in Con Cuong district, Nghe An province and the distorting Catholic religion and undermine the solidarity between the Catholic and non-Catholic of the media of Nghe An in the past, Vinh TGM office has called his people defended the Catholic faith, justice and peace, fellowship with brothers and sisters in Con Cuong in the parishes of the vicariate will focus on Sunday 07/15/2012  to pray for their sibling in Con Cuong and pray for the authorities in Nghe An .

In response to the invitation of the Archbishop, the congregations throughout the diocese, tens of thousands people of particles drag on its order, holding a yellow, white flag or banners of their political expression. This is the official response of parishioners Vinh previous insult to the Catholic faith of tyranny in Nghe An.

A faithful congregations in the particle Dong Thap said: "We have focused on churches and prayer, but we have to go to Dien Chau District People's Committee, and if necessary we come at Vinh, the PPC to demand justice reason, the truth. "

A parish in Xuan My said: "We have to go to provincial governments force to explain the true facts, then we go on to television Nghe An force them to apologize and correct the information vu our direct control. We are willing to sacrifice even our lives to claim to be righteous and true. "

At the Cau Ram, a particle at the center of Vinh city, the capital of Nghe An province. Along with 19 other congregations throughout the diocese, to the date of 15.07.2012, the Cau Ram laity have particle pilgrimage to his office in order that demonstrates Christ in the laity is always peace-loving peace, justice.

From 6.30, parishioners of the parish Yen Dai, Ke Gai, Phu Long, My Du has nuom nuop congregations flocked to the center. People do not forget to bring their slogans, banners shows that pain and burning when his faith insulted like smashing statues are sacrilegious; Nghe-Tinh-Binh Parishioners willing to die-rating for the faith; protest government offended the Catholic faith; Catholic and non-Catholic together build a home ...

Before the Mass, Father Francis Xavier Hoang Si Huong has reviewed the incident happened at Con Cuong in recent times. He also stressed that the Church has no political function, but the Church has always loved justice, peace and have a duty to fight for justice and truth, for human rights are respected, including freedom of religion. Concelebrated Mass that started at 8:00 with about 13,000 parishioners attending. Many plainclothes police also plays parishioners to attend mass. Mass was held in a solemn, earnest.

After Mass, Father was listening to father's parishioners before the incident happened at Con Cuong and Nghe An has the media slander, misrepresentation of Catholicism in recent times. After listening to Father of My Du parish read the report of Father JB. Nguyen Dinh Thuc superiors send diocese and the whole people of God about the place in Con Cuong, and heard statements by a witness from the village, parish, who was in Con Cuong after the incident dated 01.07.2012, parishioners very frustrating and many people to tears when heard their faith insulted and demanded the pull-down UBNG Nghe An province to reclaim justice and truth. Let me quote a few comments below:

A female catechumens, the team has been involved Young Volunteers during the war said: "I very frustrating to see the government of Con Cuong insult to the Blessed Mother. Insult to Mary is offensive to offend the faith of Catholics around the world. I saw this job of government is totally wrong and has not achieved the teachings of Uncle Ho, that taught to religious freedom ... I have been a TNXP and one wounded, before wrongdoing I will make this petition to the Committee of Nghe An province asking them to recognize the wrong in his employment at Con Cuong. "

One youth said forcefully: "If press and radios of Nghe An not corrected the distorted information, slandered Catholicism; if the authorities do not apologize to Catholic because of their sacrilege acts, the we will focus on PPC, or if necessary to Con Cuong despite bloodshed. The time for to be bloody witness to the faith that hard, this is our opportunity to express our faith, so I ask everyone please focus on the Nghe An province, the government required clarify the truth and correcting information that Nghe An radios distort, slander directed us. "

One old man 83 years old, sobbing, said: "Between a civilized society, this culture that occurred were such things hurt, every night I am crying because of the sacrilege of the government ... So want to ask the Father for us if not go to Con Cuong let go to the PPC to ask justice for us, because distroy the statue, beat the priests, monks, and laity are destroying our Catholic religion " .

A 76-year-old veteran said: "I've joined the army, drove the enemy guns in the battlefield. Now I have retired, I always try to live by the sentence: Catholic and non-Catholic as one to build the homeland. But these days I heard the government mobilized police and soldiers to crackdown on the church in Con Cuong, I was pressing, because the military is to fight the enemies, protect the people rather than to suppress their own people. Here I want to say that this job is with the directives of superiors, because our country is led by the party ..... therefore, I think, we do not need to go to Con Cuong that everyone pulling down the Communist Party, Nghe An province to ask for clarification of fact. Recently they did this in Chau Binh, beating five family members were hospitalized, is now what to do in Con Cuong and do not know what is the party's policy here? "

The father asked his parishioners do not march down to the province that let them to have the opportunity and time recognize their wrongdoing and apologized to Catholicism, but everyone also always ready for when needed we will stand up for our true faith.

Josehp Truong

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