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Vietnam's communist government used army and even tanks to persecute the faithful spirit.



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A day before all Catholics believe in the parishes of the diocese of Vinh focus and organize Mass communion, pray for Catholic Evangelization of Con Cuong, Vietnam's communist government had provocation and challenges public opinion when conducting mobilized an armored convoy with troops stay at the front gate of Xa Doai Bishop in time about 30 minutes. Provocation, threatening of Nghe An provincial government makes the bladder was shocked and stunned by the seemingly about a war going on.

The transfer of troops and armored convoy to put in front of the gate of a  religious organization to make people feel deeply laments and grievances. Is now in the eyes of the authorities, Religion has truly become the enemies that need to destroy? Images of soldiers next to the armored vehicle which being show off strong power that led people to recall the bloody massacre at Tiananmen square in China in 1989 when each team armored vehicles rolled into the group students are demonstrating for human rights by killing thousands and injuring tens of thousands of others.

Two brothers communist country why policies and to govern the same way as that. Is the focus if the communion and prayer of the faithful become the demonstrations against the government, the armored convoy and guns of the soldiers who are also willing to release the bullet or rolled straight to the laity with inch iron-handed as to what the Chinese communist army did with the students at Tiananmen Square in the old? our determination never to the page above the dark history a chance to turn back. The tens of thousands of parishioners celebrated Mass concentration of communion and prayer for the Church Missionary Con Cuong before the persecution of the faith of the communist government of Vietnam has indirectly proved the strength and unity of the parishioners as well as strongly transmission to communist government of Vietnam message of peaceful struggle for truth and justice.


Nghe An authorities mobilized armored front TGM Xa Doai

Thanh Truc, RFA reporter

Report from Parish Xa Doai Facebook said yesterday afternoon, 07.14.2012, local government mobilized a province of Nghe An armored convoy with troops to the front gate of Xa Doai Bishop for about 30 minutes then left toward Trung Hung, Hung Nguyen.

Photo courtesy of Facebook Social GX Doai
At noon on 14.7.2012, an armored convoy 
stopped in front TGM Xa Doai.

News said the appearance is quite an unusual place on the faithful to prepare a prayer meeting thousands of people gathered on Sunday July 15, ie today, at the Church Xa Doai, for the purpose of contrast for the action of government oppression for Catholic parishioners in the Diocese of Con Cuong Vinh.

Explain the meaning of this prayer, the Bishop of Diocese of Vinh Nguyen Thai Hop said:

"Diocese of Vinh has traditionally united united together in happy and unhappy time. Today's ceremony focused on the 20 congregations from Ha Tinh to Quang Binh to Vinh. The spirit of communion and prayer prayed in unity meeting today. "

On the question of what he said about the unusual presence of armored convoys and military front Xa Doai Bishop yesterday, a day before the rally and prayers of people today, Nguyen Thai Hop Bishop replied:

"Maybe before, some people also fear that the focus of this prayer will turn into a demonstration of political nature. But that lay far Vinh then distinguish what is and what the ritual is a form of political expression. The prayer today's religious nature of the children in the diocese in the church in solidarity with each other. And to this day still make it. "

Previously known, a series of other troops trucks were mobilized  crossed Archbishop. According to locals, has long, maybe for decades to occur scene mobilized an army fully equipped with facilities and so on.

According to the current time:

. Church of Con Cuong had been broken into assault 
. A Catholic was beaten to broke skull at the Con Cuong Chapel
. The Con Cuong Chapel Church was attacked with explosives 
. Vinh Archdiocese sent petitions to the authorities 

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Giáo dân giáo phận Vinh về các sở hạt hiệp thông cầu nguyện cho Con Cuông   According to the notice dated 07.09.2012 of the Archdiocese of Vinh, today, all the faithful of the Diocese of Vinh will be 19 congregations in the diocese to celebrate Mass together, praying for the faithful in Church Point Con Cuong persecuted for their faith.

At an early age, although hampered some way, the faithful from all over the place were crowded, with banners, flags, trumpets, drums, one heart, one mind together toward the church congregations. All roads lead to the church the particles are solidified.

At Shunyi churches - congregations Shunyi, Mass prayers parishioners Con Cuong was started at 6:30. " There are about 20 thousand people attended Mass at the stadium the stage of the parish. A series of banners, banners with content: "Oppose the government Con Cuong Dam St.", "Uncle Ho! What Uncle's taught me do? "," Do not go against the grain of Ho Chi Minh "or" must respect justice and truth. "

Some photos at Thuan Nghia congregations:

County Bot Da - which are directly faced with abuse of power, spirit laity rising strongly. The parishioners from parishes Quang Lang, Lam Dong, Lang Dien, ​​Yen Linh, Trung Hoa toward sites simultaneously, creating a spectacular procession. The procession of about 3 km long. Many parishioners banner carrying the inscription: "condemn acts of destroying statues, sacrilege," "Against the religious persecution"; "We Catholics pray hurricane protection" brings give everyone an undaunted spirit, strong as ever.

Images of Catholic lay people marched Bot Da parish:

In the Archdiocese of Van Loc, about 5,000 faithful gathered in church congregations to pray for Mass Con Cuong siblings. Mass started at 7:30 "and ended about an hour later. Mass by Father Joseph Nguyen Cong Bac County presided.


In Xa Doai, after finishing the mission in Europe, Mgr Paul has returned to the diocesan delegations children. Even the Mass, he again opposed the government brutally suppressed Con Cuong priests, monks and laity Con Cuong.


Communion with the Catholic image of Con Cuong at Phu Quy congregation:


At Bao Nham congregation:


Cua Lo in congregation:


At Nhan Hoa congregation:





* Photo: TNCG

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