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Attack caused serious injury to the laity, priests, monks at the Catholic Mission of Con Cuong, Vietnam's communist government is not only the violation of religious freedom, but also trample on people's right to life




This is the second times the Con Cuong Catholic Evangelization of Vinh Diocese  in Nghe An was Vietnam's communist government attacks and repression by a brutal yoke of violence after the Catholic Evangelization above was attacked by mines in November 2011. In recent years, many institutions of religion, church, local parishes in the diocese of Vinh is looking to target for the campaign of harassment and persecution. Vietnam's communist government not mobilize large forces including police, army, civil defense weapon equipped firearms, batons, electric batons suppressed people .... and even used the components of gangsters, thugs who is the bad object class scum of society to achieve the purpose of evil and despicable is not acceptable.

As the statement of General Le Duc Anh, former State President, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Army be used only in the field of defense to protect the country can not use the army to attack and persecute people. When the use of a powerful armed forces to attack and suppress the laity, priests and monks in Catholic Missionary Con Cuong points last Tuesday 01-07-2012, Nghe An provincial government had thought How?  in the eyes of authorities of Nghe An province at present, the laity, the priests, the monks is no longer on their fellow citizens that is only dangerous enemies need to be removed from life society? further the government to use part gangster, gangsters stealing residues are part of society means that the Nghe An provincial government is to assimilate them into the evil rogue above.

In addition, the crack attack mission stations Missionary Con Cuong of Nghe An province government has caused serious injury to the laity, priests and monks. Nghe An provincial government not only to serious violations of freedom of belief of the people but also the spirit and threaten their lives were actually stepping over the right to life and personal freedom and safety of them that have been defined in Article 3 of the International Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations and in Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

- http://  International Declaration of Human Rights ... 
- Rights Internanional Covenant on Civil and Political-.html 

Action suppress religious freedom rights of the communist government of Vietnam in recent times has caused more urgency in the national public opinion and attracted attention from international human rights organizations, the Religious organizations and the Vietnamese community who living abroad. The Commission particularly the United States Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in recent times has asked the U.S. government put Vietnam back on the CPC list of the national religious persecution and human rights seriously, there are systems and system continuity.


Con Cuong: Army, police and thugs lay bloody suppression
2/07/12 1:15 AM

 Con Cuông: Quân đội, Công an, Côn đồ đàn áp đẫm máu giáo dân  Yesterday afternoon July 1, 2012, GB Nguyen Dinh Thuc priests to offer Mass for the parishioners of the Church of Con Cuong was stopped by a gang beating.

The Catholic laity in the Con Cuong came to the rescue had been beaten by the gang, arrested some parishioners, many lay people seriously injured, of which she Maria Ngo Thi Thanh was beaten broken skull, is on the way to the Vietnam-Germany Hospital, Hanoi to the emergency.

After seeing the GB Nguyen Dinh Thuc priests expressed an interest in the Mass determination for the community of Con Cuong, Con Cuong government has mobilized a huge force of police and plainclothes security agents, thugs and military forces of regiment 335 with full of guns to threaten to lay the spirit.

Despite being prevented, beaten, but because the mission and as he said "if the dead on the altar, it is blessed," Father Nguyen Dinh Thuc GB tried dedicating cursed Mass in screaming of gangs and crying of many parishioners.

Upon hearing GB Nguyen Dinh Thuc priests and some nuns beaten, the parish as Lang Dien, ​​Yen Linh, Quan Lang, Bot Da, Son La has pulled ringing continuously and laity in parishes that have focus on the Church of Con Cuong, to communion with everyone here at the same time, and surround the People's Committee of Con Cuong district to ask Hoang Dinh Tuan, chairman of the district must release immediately and unconditionally to the teachings People are arrested and must make a report clarifying the mistakes of Con Cuong district authorities.

At about 8:30 'last night, under the pressure of the laity, the government was forced to release immediately to the parishioners had been arrested illegaly before..

07/02/2012 This morning, the situation was temporarily restored.

We will keep information about the egregious violations of religious freedom of Con Cuong government as soon as more new information.

It is noteworthy that since the Rev. Paul Nguyen Thai Hop govern the diocese of Vinh, somehow, the crackdown Vinh diocese Catholics increasing both the quantity and nature of the service barbaric Forum This pressure came a systematic way?

We Vinh diocese in communion with, especially with the Catholic faithful of God in the Con Cuong, condemning the acts of cruelty and arrogance of the authorities back in Nghe An province at the same time, ask God to give peace to everyone in Con Cuong who are suffering.


Information and images about Nghe An used army for bloody religious persecution in Con Cuong


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