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Suppression of patriotic citizens prevent street demonstrations against the Chinese invaders is a crime and a betrayal of Ethnicity and homeland




While China's communist government blatantly invaded the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands in the sea areas under the legitimate sovereignty of Vietnam in the East Sea area with activities to legitimize their sovereignty through the conduct oil exploration in the islands mentioned above. Besides, the media and hundreds of official newspaper of the Chinese government is day and night slanderous propaganda and distortion of facts related to information operations and sovereignty disputes in the region Sea of ​​so-called "road beef tongue" that the Chinese government outlined an illegally in the past to deceive international public opinion, What the Communist Party and the Vietnam government has acted like response to aggression and invasion of China as well as effective protection of the territorial integrity and territorial waters of Vietnam?

Instead of acting promptly and respond effectively to demonstrate to the world of legal title of undisputed of Vietnam in the East Sea includes two Paracels and Spratlys that enemies Communist China has used force invaded illegally. occupied by the State Party and the Communist government that Vietnam cowardly attitude and react weakly and feeble confusing when oppression and resistance more people to the streets to express patriotism against Chinese invaders in two major cities of Vietnam as Saigon and Hanoi today Sunday 01-07-2012. Hinder the crack above the Hanoi government's not only human rights violations include legal rights protesters of the people as stipulated in Article 2 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam revised definition and issued since 1992.

Suppression prevents a people street demonstrations to show patriotism against the aggressor, Vietnam's communist government is not only the violation of human rights that such action is considered a crime, betraying fellow and betray the country. Gather all the people are gathering strength and is a powerful weapon invisible and most effective help against invaders and protect the integrity of the territory, territorial waters and national security effectively. This has been expressed and demonstrated specific through many generations as they have been handed down in the history of building and defending the country Vietnam for thousands of years. The party leader and Vietnam's communist government can not continue to go against people that go to show their responsibility to the people, the homeland and the Nation. Be resolute and powerful assert its indisputable legitimacy of  Vietnam not only in the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands, but also in all other islands are available in Vietnam. Also ask the Chinese communist government to unconditionally stop aggression and invasion of Vietnam as well as to thoroughly resolve the dispute over sovereignty in the East Sea through the International Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOS and DOC of the United Nations.


Anti-Chinese protests in VN

Update: 05:22 GMT - Sunday, July 1, 2012

Associated Press reporter said about 200 people holding flags, chanted slogans against China in Hanoi.
Meanwhile, a blogger in Saigon said over 500 people took to the streets in the city in the South.

According to the Associated Press from Hanoi, about 200 people marched toward the Chinese embassy

"The police stopped traffic and not blocking protests, but the area around the embassy were frozen," the newsletter.

In Hanoi, Nguyen Xuan Dien blogger describes marches start from 9am.

According to him, "a police car to guide people on the sidewalk, and traffic management to ensure the safety of the protesters."

At around 10h36, the blogger said the protesters "self-dissolution in Hoan Kiem Lake area."

Also from Saigon, the blogger Huynh Ngoc Chen said, over 500 people down the road, and "public security, civil defense and urban order appears very large, surrounded by young people and arrested, put on car."

"Many people stormed the tension, not agree to catch people. At the moment, protesters from the group before Duc Ba Cathedral by the leading intellectuals of patriotism had just pulled up."

"Security forces increased every time and is finally close the door and the car running," according to this writer.

Biểu tình ở Hà Nội ngày 1/7/2012
Demonstrators in the rain in Hanoi on 07/01/2012

Huynh Ngoc Chen, a former journalist of Thanh Nien Newspaper, described the team go through the consulate of China's new, "but security forces were set up barriers to block the 300 meters that way."

"This team stopped chanting slogans in Vietnam, Hoang Sa and Truong Sa. Then pull back the Pasteur team on the park 30. 4 before Reunification Palace."

"Union protests, this time, was added over more, the pull-down Le Loi and then manually but force dissolve the order is pulled to prevent drastic, not to go anymore, he called Le Hieu Dang call everyone dispersed and out of order, "the blogger wrote from Saigon.

By the afternoon hours in Vietnam, major newspapers in the country remained silent, saying nothing about the demonstrations.

A number of blogs and social networks such as Facebook these days posting to the streets to call for "pro-Vietnam Law of the Sea" and "aggressive intentions against China."

The pictures of the protests in Vietnam was published last summer, while other netizens speculated that if the government of Vietnam protesters blocking or not.

'Exercise does not go'

Meanwhile, human rights organization located in the U.S., Human Rights Watch, said that the police repression in both Hanoi and HCMC. HCM.

Organization's statement said: "The action of the police against demonstrators today in Hanoi and Ho. HCM again demonstrates the familiar response of the authorities to stop harassing and review all forms of protest Air. "

A day earlier, from Hanoi, Bich Phuong blogger describes: "Some people do not go, do not support the threat: demonstrators are caught here! Or the risk of cracking is high! "

Demonstrations took place in Saigon on 07/01/2012

"Start with sporadic complaints from people with other types of objects 'nuisance'," according to this writer.
Another blogger Nguyen Tuong Thuy, said the local government is exercise not going to mobilize protesters.

"If I violate the law, I take personal responsibility. I object to the police authorities and law trampled upon, "the blogger wrote.

Despite the call for caution to emphasize that this event will support Vietnam's National Assembly passed the Law of the Sea, also appeared voices from some of the people against the Communist Party.

Thich Quang Do, from Saigon, calling for "all people, regardless Vietnam politics, religion, age, gender, ethnicity, political parties, foreign and domestic ... go down the road together protest on Sunday against foreign invasion and rescue the country. "

Buddhists in Texas, United States, also vowed to protest before Chinese Consulate building.

The mainstream press freedom in Vietnam postings criticizing China these days has clarified rumors that the government will "ignore" the protest occurred.

But Bich Phuong blogger noted: "Many people understand that government is actually be not fear anti-Chinese protesters, they only worried that it disguises the protest to overthrow government."

This seems to be a reason that the government suppressed round of protests last summer.


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