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Vietnam's communist government should show their strong and resolute in protecting the legitimate sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracels and Spratlys



While other regional countries like the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan ..... strong attitude and tough to defend its sovereignty in the disputed islands in the East Sea before ambitious and brazen occupation of China, Vietnam's communist government in addition to running freak as a child is always put the enemy team's invasion of China on the head by 16 letters of gold and 4 good oddly confusing! What reason that the leaders of the Hanoi regime to blindly loyal to the aggressor that even willing to return oppression of his people when they took to the streets to show patriotism against foreign invaders ? Party and the leaders of Vietnam's communist government is serving whom? Vietnam Fatherland now there really is still the homeland of our people in Vietnam or not, or are ground into a district, a small province of the Chinese state?

The truth is how, probably just like themselves leaders of Vietnam Communist Party have known. Public opinion in recent times special concern about the growing ambitions of the Chinese communist government in the East Sea, in addition to conducting the procedure to build and strengthen their legal position in the disputed islands, the main ambition of the Chinese Communist regime still further spread to all the islands are located far away from Chinese territory terrain a funny way. Besides, the position and military potential of a big country, China's communist government always provocative attitude and a brazen aggression in the region under the sovereignty and exclusive area of ​​the sea economy of countries such as the recent actions of their aggressiveness with Vietnam in recent times.

Although priority sovereignty dispute peacefully through dialogue and diplomacy. But not always meant to be disadvantaged and inferior to what the communist government of Vietnam has made. We do not promote the escalation of military action, or spark a war to resolve the dispute over sovereignty in the region. But it was not meant to be patience before an act of aggression brazen as to what China is doing. The mobilization of troops to protect the legitimate sovereignty in the island as his statement of the new Japanese prime minister is an act proper and necessary. If Vietnam's communist government also expressed resolute and firm in protecting its territory and its territorial sea as other countries in the region have done would have prevented the aggression provocation as cut cable probe, arrests and beatings of our fishermen in the area of ​​exclusive economic zones of Vietnam, or activities set up military Administrative region of China recently at the Island Paracel and Spratly Islands belong to Vietnam's legal. The best defense of the territory and its territorial waters as well as a means to help reduce the risk of war and military conflict in the region


Japan is ready to sent troops to defend the sovereignty Senkaku

Một phần quần đảo Senkaku/Điếu Ngư.

Part of the Senkaku Islands / Diaoyu.

Today, 27.07.2012, Japanese defense minister said Satoshi Morimoto, Tokyo does not preclude the invasion of the Senkaku / Diaoyu, if China's actions invaded the islands.

He said: "The protection of these islands is mainly the responsibility of the Coast Guard and police», but «the law requires that the defense force - that the Japanese military - could act» behest of the prime minister if the situation requires.

Yesterday, Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda told the Parliament that «if the neighboring countries to conduct illegal acts on the territory and our waters, including the Senkaku Islands, we will application of tough measures and will use force if necessary defense ». However, Japanese Prime Minister also added that he still preferred the diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute.

In this July, the relationship between Tokyo and Beijing have been strained further after the occurrence of two Chinese fishing vessels for entry into the Senkaku Islands. Japan protested and millions of Chinese Embassy in Tokyo up to the State Department expressed dismay.

January this year, four Japanese, including politicians, came to the Senkaku Islands. After that, China has condemned this action. Last January, Beijing also oppose a project of Tokyo named the uninhabited islands, situated in the Senkaku / Diaoyu.

The most serious incident occurred in May 09/2010 with the arrest of the captain as a Chinese fishing boat was deliberately crashed into the Japanese patrol boat in the Senkaku Islands. China has reacted strongly, putting pressure, application of retaliatory measures, forced Japan to drop this captain.


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