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The communist government of Vietnam continues to trample on human rights and international public opinion challenges





Hearing sentenced to 3 activists in Bac Giang on 16 July and charged with "propaganda against the regime" under article 88 of the criminal law again clearly expose the so-called false Democratic that Vietnam's communist government so long ago still claims to domestic and foreign public opinion. Human rights violations despite the law, constitution and international law of the Hanoi government is becoming more serious and worse. The fundamental rights of citizens including freedom of religion, freedom of speech .....  have been rudely trampled by governments at all levels. for the reason cited "national security", the government has had a string of vicious moves to stifle dissident voices and disagreements in the country including kidnapping, harassment, violent repression, arbitrarily arrest people not through legal procedures, detentions and wrongful conviction any citizen would dare criticize the government in any form.

In recent years, the communist government of Vietnam has always used the vague things about the unreasonableness of criminal law such as Article 79 (conspiracy to overthrow government) Article 258 (abuse Liberal Democrats action violated the State's interests) or Article 88 of the most popular application (propaganda against the regime) as an effective weapon to suppress any voice dissent and criticism of the government. Besides , Journalism and then the state media always publish false information, slander and rhetoric to legitimize the wrongdoing of the government in domestic public opinion and the international community. a move another concern of the communist government of Vietnam that cheat the game hit the black, said ambiguity in how to assimilate the political criminals become criminals, aims misleading and deceiving the public Comment.

For example, the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam or some senior leaders of the Party and government in Vietnam, did not have any political prisoners being held by the State only detention those who violate the law only while hundreds of thousands of political prisoners, prisoners of conscience are ignored by communist Vietnam held the wrong way, such as Father Nguyen Van Ly, Dr. Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu, blogger Dieu Cay ..... and dozens of young Catholic activists in Nghe An, these detainees are the components require human rights struggle, demanding freedom and Democracy for the People nation in the form of their expression peacefully that are not political prisoners, prisoners of conscience are called what?. However, the argument sophistry and cunning, Vietnam's communist government still refuses to accept that the contrary they used every trick unscrupulous inferior to the best protection for acts of perverse and wrong.


Vietnam jailed three activists

Update: 14:52 GMT - Monday, July 16, 2012


Three activists convicted in Bac Giang

Courts in the sentencing of Bac Giang Nguyen Kim Nhan, 63, Dinh Van Nhuong, 54 and Do Van Hoa, 46 years after a trial date.

Mr. Nhan received five years imprisoned for six months and four years probation while Mr. Nhuong and Mr. Hoa. each person with four years' imprisonment and three years probation.

Vietnam News Agency said guide tubes indictment, to Mr. Nhuong, Nhan and Hoa had "prolonged complaints, surpassing levels in many years" that reason is "personal dissatisfaction".

He also accused three "relations with a number of subjects in the country with anti-state ideology" in which Mr. Nguyen Thanh Giang, Tran Khai Thanh Thuy, Nguyen Xuan Nghia in Haiphong and he Vi Duc Hoi in Lang Son.

Commentators said the three foreign activists have nonviolent campaign to expose the corruption and other wrongdoing by local authorities for Bac Giang farmers.

Mr. Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch in Asia said: "Imprisonment injustice activists failed to stem this will require respect for human rights in resolving conflicts over land are spread throughout Vietnam.
"Covered Mouth farmers and their supporters will not solve this problem, especially when the currency of corruption and land confiscation continue injustice everywhere in Vietnam."

Not guilty

Vietnam government meanwhile also said three people were convicted of "relations with a number of radio, newspaper opinion abroad against the Republic Socialist Republic of Vietnam to provide false information, slander, distort Vietnam Communist Party and government people. "

Bulletin of the News Agency has said: "The object has drafted documents, interviews, collecting, storing the documents contain slander, distort, defame the leaders of the Party State, a split between people with the Party, falsely accused the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Republic of Vietnam socialist human rights violations, distributing to the petitioners to propaganda, agitation they gathered unsafe claims and political order and social safety. "

The official News in  Vietnam said, all three,Nhan Nhuong and Hoa have pleaded not guilty in court.

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