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Continue to promote patriotism of the people, against the aggression of the communist government of China. HOANG SA - TRUONG SA is legitimate sovereignty of Vietnam.




A week hiatus people street demonstrations to show patriotism against the aggressor China invaded Vietnam Sea island of ours. Everyone knows the reasons for their absence protesters 15-07-2012 past Sunday due to the threat and banned from the Hanoi government. But through Sunday morning 22-07-2012, hundreds of people took to the streets again in the heroic atmosphere and intense opposition to aggression and the occupation illegally of communist government of China in the Paracels and Spratlys of Vietnam despite all the threats and prevent from the government of communist Vietnam, the people of Vietnam still proudly present legal rights protesters in peace, in order and within the law and the Constitution that to be accepted by the state.

The people continue to participate in the protests against aggression of the Chinese communist government in the context of state government with threats and restrictions have eloquently demonstrated its determination to defend country by all costs of the Vietnam people at risk of dehydration. At the same time is also a strong message sent to people's governments at all levels that the harassment, intimidation, persecution, arrest and imprison their citizens have no effect when the patriotism of People increasingly large bubble is so powerful and overwhelming fear of all themselves. In the eyes of people today, their country being the aggressor and aggression that the government is cowardly attitude and weakness along with the shady actions confusing the risk of dehydration is it difficult to avoid.

Therefore, after a week of quiet and full of concern, intense patriotism in the hearts of people has developed, it has fueled their divine love for the country and help people overcome fear own. The determination of the people of Vietnam in the context of escalation of the Chinese Communist government on the sovereignty dispute in the East Sea region today is what is most needed. It not only helps to Vietnam expressed his strong views on the indisputable sovereignty in the Paracels and Spratlys of Vietnam before International public opinion but also the response to legal action before the cause aggression and occupation by a perverse way of the Chinese communist government in the islands mentioned above. It also is a strong message to remind the Chinese leadership that the country of Vietnam though small and militarily weak but patriotism and unity of the people of Vietnam strongly than any power military. It also indirectly prompted the Chinese government to remember the heroic tradition in the history of defending the country against the invaders and the people of Vietnam for thousands of years. If a little conscience left in the leaders of the party and government backing and create the best chance for the people to the streets to show their patriotism rather than seeking to prohibit threats as did as during past time.


The Vietnam continued street demonstrations against China


Anti-Chinese protesters gather in front of King Ly Thai To monument Sunday morning 22-07-2012

Sunday July 22, people of Vietnam the street demonstrations to protest China Sea dispute.

Reuters announced hundreds of people joined protests in Hanoi. They opposed the move by Beijing to strengthen claims to the islands in the East Sea, and  oppose China the bidding of oil and gas blocks in the region to which Vietnam is attached to the exclusive economic their economic.

The crowd carrying banners inscribed the words "Vietnam's Truong Sa" and "nation at risk, do not insensitive."

French News Agency announced today also reported to be about 200 protesters marched to the Chinese Embassy today has crippled the capital Hanoi center around Hoan Kiem Lake in a short time, in the Tuesday march this month to protest Beijing's determination to claim most of the South China Sea.

Shouted slogans against China, the crowd had been the security forces to prevent, not near the embassy to China, but according to witnesses present at the scene, no one was arrested.

British newspaper The Guardian quoted Professor Carl Thayer, a Vietnam expert at the University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Academy, said that besides South China Sea issue, the protesters also object to the action human rights abuses by the government of Vietnam.

The accounts for land and the actions of police brutality Vietnam also increase resentment among the population, a fact that analysts are causing great concern for single-party government in Hanoi.

Professor Thayer said Hanoi did not want what happened, as the demonstration of control.

Professor Thayer says that despite the crowd of peaceful protesters, they will "fully suppressed".

Yesterday, in an interview with VOA, Nguyen Khac Toan said:

"Right now the policy of the Communist Party of Vietnam is not to protest again. They closely monitor the cadre of street movement, such as Le Hien Duc particular, the lawyer Le Quoc Quan, Nguyen Van Dai and I personally have been working continuously to convene, including Saturday and Sunday. All have been placed before closing the guard house. They all disabled people with the ability to host or spearhead protests. For those in the provinces to join the protest, the guard had the key in the inter-provincial roads and national highways, for example from Hanoi to Hung Yen, the police were blocking ... "

The protests took place today in the context of the increasingly intense dispute in the East Sea, an area with potential oil and gas and maritime routes is an important international. The dispute also involves fishing rights in a sea area that many Asian countries have claimed sovereignty in part or in full.

The dispute has caused discord in the regional security forum in Pnom Penh last week, making it the first time in 45-year history, ASEAN does not present a joint statement.


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