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8406 Democratic Bloc statement on the current situation of the country's emergency



Bloc 8406
    Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam 2006

Statement on the situation of the country:
              Fatherland in danger!

- The entire fellow Vietnam and abroad.
- The democratic government, human rights organizations and progressive community.
            Vietnam Fatherland was in danger because of malice authorities invaded China and as an attitude of "coward with the enemy, the evil to the people" The government of Vietnam! It's evident through numerous avalanche events involve recent Sino-Vietnamese relations.

            The current relationship of Vietnam - China:

            On 21-06-2012, Socialist Republic of Vietnam National Assembly passed the Law of the Sea Vietnam confirmed the Spratlys, the Paracels belong to Vietnam. The same day, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, Luong Thanh Nghi said: "This is a normal legislative activities to improve the legal framework of Vietnam, serving for the use, management, protected marine areas, islands and marine economic development of Vietnam, creating favorable conditions for international integration and cooperation with other countries, for peace and stability in the region and the world world ". This has led to a chain reaction as follows:

            A) act of aggression to China:

            + Right on the day 21-06-2012, the State Council approved China decided to establish so-called "Sansha City," with its management includes two Paracels and Spratlys of Vietnam . The same day, in Beijing, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Mr. Zhang Chi Quan has summoned ambassadors of Vietnam, Mr Nguyen Van Tho, Vietnam must request the "edit immediately passed since the new Law of the Sea serious violation of Chinese sovereignty. It is completely worthless, no effect. Unilateral action in Vietnam and escalate more complex situation, violating the consensus reached between leaders of both countries as well as mental Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea DOC. "

            + On 23-06-2012, the Petroleum Corporation of Hai Duong - China (CNOOC) announced blatantly international bidding, with nine petroleum blocks deep in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam . Only nearest Vietnam's Phu Quy island about 13 nautical miles off the coast of Vietnam and about 60 miles.

            + On 12-07-2012, China launched a fleet of 30 aircraft, including a logistics ship 3000 tons and 29 fishing ships into rocky islands Cross area of ​​the Spratly Islands. (Although before that, they were unruly fishing ban in the South China Sea from 16-05-2012 until 01-08-2012, citing "protection of ecosystems and marine resources"). Television CCTV China Central said: "This is an expression of sovereignty in Spratly." At the same time, the Chinese newspaper Liberation said: "It would replace six senior personnel in the military zone of Hainan Province in response to tensions in the East Sea".

            + On 20-07-2012 a Chinese amphibious ships named Ngoc Dinh (072-II) No. 934, is equipped with three guns and a heliport, used to transport troops and cargo, came Su Bi current reef, the Spratlys of Vietnam. Long time, these kinds of ships or military official of China disguised as fishermen have frequently seized boats, fishing gear confiscated, robbed and beaten fisherman fishermen products of Vietnam (they even arrested for ransom) that Navy Vietnam never out of hand protection!

            + On 21-07-2012, the China Daily reported: "The Central Military Commission, China has authorized the commander of the Guangzhou military zone established garrisons in the city" Tam Sa ". This unit equivalent level subdivision, is responsible for the management of defense activities, military equipment and carry out military operations in "Sansha City". Garrison commander under the management of the parallel military commander Hainan Province, as well as officials of the administration of "Sansha City".

            + Also, on the diplomatic front: China always evade East Sea issue in all the regional security forum and the world. They said that the East Sea disputes should only be resolved directly between the concerned countries (bilateral manner, rather than multilateral, such as water demands). At the meeting of ASEAN foreign ministers ended 13-7-2012 past in Phnom Penh, China has dominated the host country does not raise the issue of Cambodia in the South China Sea disputes between Vietnam, the Philippines with China on Declaration general announcement, made first in the 45-year history of ASEAN, the Joint Statement is not given, making heavy volume discredited.

            + On the propaganda front: Hoan Cau Times newspaper, extra copies of the newspaper People's Daily - the mouthpiece of the CCP-continuous information fabricating allegations to slander excites warlike , against Vietnam in the Chinese public and U.S. communities around the world. Specific issue on 03-07-2012: "Vietnam has occupied the island, stealing oil; Chinese fishermen fishing in the waters of China was Vietnam's gunboat chase, spray hose, catch the boat, hitting people, robbing fish ... ". The event was changed Paracel 1974 black and white instead of: "The Saigon government was mobilizing military Yongle infringement of the islands in Xisha Islands, occupied the islands and Cam Tuyen Kim Bank of China. In response, the Chinese army and people rise up to fight back, firmly safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. " Finally intimidation newspaper: "Now the Chinese have money, guns, and the market situation will develop in any unavoidable conflicts ... If the monkey group (to allude to Vietnam ) accepted, is give up competition. If they dare to break apart the recovery of the island they were taking over, we will recover all the oil they drill before. "

            2) The attitude of "coward with the enemy, the evil to the people" The government of Vietnam:

            Before the increasingly brazen actions, express malice to invade Vietnam of China, the response of the Hanoi government was weak and caused uproar among the people:

            + They just ordered the National Oil Corporation of Vietnam (a single business) press conference, and Lawyers' Association, Vietnam Fisheries Association in a statement, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) announced ... called to protest against the invaders. According to a brief report of the VNA is: "On 24-6-2012, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam has met (instead of convening) represents the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi to discuss a protest about the offer bid on "but did not specify the representation of the two who do.

            + They suppressed many patriotic Vietnam on 01-07 streets to protest the escalating acts of aggression by China. On 13-07, Chairman Dist. Hanoi said in the closing session of the People's Council: "In terms of security and order, paying special attention to crowded conditions in Hanoi last petition organized, under the direction of bad objects. Taking advantage of this situation, the enemy forces and the political opportunity provoked people, especially the number of petitioners in the local protests to pressure the government to resolve complaints claims. " After 22-07 days the protests that were blocked in many places, Nhan Dan (24-07) argue that those who took to the streets against China has been "abused, dominated and dragged into a sectarian ... always in the name of patriotism, but in fact the whole selfishness, greed, paranoia ... protest this action has caused damage to power and national interests. "

            + On 10-7-2012, at the National Congress of Vietnam-China Friendship Association fifth term (2012-2017), Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, said: "Vietnam-China Friendship Association will organize activities grateful to the individuals and local organizations throughout China in five years, after this Congress. " The recent events on the East Coast did not get him and other senior officials than he spoke. Congress agreed on the contrary only confirms that "the most prominent problem in the relationship between the two countries is the" large imbalances in the trade balance "!

            + The above reaction is completely "consistent" with the Vietnam-China Joint Declaration on 15-10-2011 in Beijing, led by General Secretary of Communist Party of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong made the "Vietnam and China Nations continue to persist the motto "friendly neighborliness, comprehensive cooperation, long-term stability, future-oriented" and the spirit of "good neighbors, good friends, good comrades, good partners" from the range highly strategic and global vision. "In addition, although Congress has the Law of the Sea, but had to wait until early 2013, new legislation was the Communist Party and the Government through CS approval. Does the Law will be amended to conform with the guideline and that spirit?

            + About senior military leaders of Vietnam also completely silent after the event. If anything is in the military-provincial team. This reflects the attitude of the Deputy Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh defense which had loudly declared in the dialogue meeting national defense and security strategy China and Vietnam 28-8-2011 2nd day in Beijing: "Vietnamese Nam does not intend to internationalize the issue between Vietnam and China for our own benefit ... But if Vietnam needs support, empathy, cooperation and development is still one more than one Central National socialist neighbors, with more than 1 billion 350 million people, is growing, with the position and the increasing prestige in the world ". It also reflects the attitude of the Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh capital statement in the 6th Conference of the ASEAN defense ministers in the capital on 29-05-2012 Cambodia: Vietnam's policy is to keep the -exchange cooperation on defense and military between Vietnam and China: "The military leaders of both countries met to exchange frank, cordial and the two militaries agree to refrain from pulse to occur sea ​​suddenly military. " He also called attention two governments manage media, "not to the press agency published articles inciting nature, dividing the two countries, further complicating the situation ".

            3) The reaction of the patriotic people of Vietnam:

            Threatened with imminent dehydration, opposite attitude "coward with the enemy, the evil to the people" of the authorities, a division of National Merit have decided to stand up:

            + Many senior officials, intellectuals, artists, journalists and democracy activists who were awake indicating extremely dangerous situation of the Vietnamese people today is: the East China sea continuously aggression; in the Chinese mainland, the constant intrusion: hire the watershed forests, mining bauxite in the Central Highlands, set up cages on Cam Ranh Bay and Vung Ro (the key positions on national security and rooms), built villages in Lao Cai town, Binh Duong ... everywhere won the bid from Lang Son to Ca Mau, do not plant in Quang Ninh licenses, social networking site launched Baidu damage control and internet control in Vietnam, the open medical clinics in Hanoi and Rubbish Saigon, incited many places farmers raise buffalo leeches, making of ... All happened before or inability to cover the entire "system political "Vietnam! It was not yet mention that, the Chinese are manipulating politics, finance, culture of the country; into the police force, army.

            + In the big cities like Hanoi, Hue, Saigon on Sunday, (01, 08, 22 07-2012 has thousands of street protests the actions of the Chinese aggression. Characteristics Mr. André Menras difference is (they are determined), a Vietnamese original French film ever made, "Hoang Sa-the pain of loss" has the same fellow anti-Chinese protests in Saigon on 1-7-2012 to the sheets banner: "The world hated the robbers! not have a" golden word "do not have a" good "with those who robbed! Please respect international law! Please respect the people of Vietnam! East Sea is not your pond! Please return to your Hai Nam! Go away. "But many of the patriotic citizens that the authorities of Vietnam have been cracking down out in several ways: or intimidation, prevent, or beaten, arrested ... And they were all herded all authorities in the basket "flood reactionary," as "those disappointments, the political element was the opportunity the hostile forces outside bribed, manipulated, dominated, pulling the strings "," always in the name of patriotism, but in fact the whole selfishness, greed, paranoia, "" conspiracy to overthrow the the people "!?!

            4) critical reaction of the international community:

            + In the Philippines, dated 04-07-2012, the Philippines Foreign Ministry has summoned Chinese Ambassador Ma Khac Khanh country to protest the establishment of "Sansha City" and declared: "The Philippines will not negotiate bilateral issues with China over East Sea ". At the same time, Philippine president, Mr. Benigno Aquino, the entire Cabinet met on 05-07-2012 to discuss the territorial disputes with China.

            + In Cambodia, dated 12-07-2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: "The U.S. does not claim or border in southern China, but have fundamental interests in economics, trade and freedom here. We believe that countries in the region need to work in the spirit of diplomacy and cooperation to resolve the dispute is not oppression, terror spirit, and absolutely no threat to use force. Approach towards bilateral solution only cause confusion and confrontation. "

            + In Australia, dated 17-07-2012, the Sydney Morning Herald commented: "The aggressive attitude of China on the East Sea is that those who had suspected plot by China, now has finished all the doubts. 22  clashes on East Sea  in the last three years mainly because of the China's ships caused in areas of the Philippines and Vietnam are clear evidence than ever. The latest move by China showed the country had no thought of reconciliation in their head. Beijing has indicated they are ready to fire bullets. "

            + In Russia, dated 20-07-2012, the military generals it declared: "If China deliberate violations of Vietnam's maritime sovereignty is internationally recognized, will encounter the condemnation not only the U.S. and Russia but also the whole world again. "
            + Etc. ...

            Before this situation, 8406 we stated:

            1) Field of interest to invade Vietnam all Chinese dynasties from ancient  feudal to current communist have not changed! their ambition is expanding, making China increasingly become the greatest danger of all the world. Vietnam people never vague, off guard about this and never fear! In favorable conditions of the civilized world and interdependent today, a small nation, but even if there is a real government of the people, by the people and for people that people can fully protect the Fatherland their country, with the support and assistance of the international community.

            2) The act of aggression escalation to Vietnam of Chinese authorities are primarily due to their vicious nature. But the risk of dehydration is the cowardice and weakness of the hand conspiracy Tran Ich Tac, Le Chieu Thong in the Communist Party leadership of Vietnam before  and currently, those who have never really put national interests above all! In the meantime, the Hanoi authorities still rhetoric "16 letters of gold", "four good spirit," still boasted "level strategic and global vision", still the example: "The fight go to war with China and the State Party concerned "corrupt people continue to cheat!

            3) In those days there were many anti-Chinese protests broke out, following the protest movement last year. We strongly welcome this attitude of fellow patriots. But at heart everyone can see the most effective method to fight the invaders known as the spiritual and democratic institutions. Because the main culprit delay the development of the country and weaken the national defense is the wrong way (totalitarian policies) of all the CPV Politburo from inception to today. Standing on a national standpoint, we continue to call for fellow non-violent struggle, even to the streets, demanding democratic regime, so that people have better lives, the country has the same power, most powerful anti- China's invasion.

            4) civilian intellectuals and religious leaders please elites embody the spirit of patriotism, unite, stand out all the people lead, navigating the strength of all forces against foreign enemies mass invasion lentils and internal enemy accomplices. The police-military people born and raised by the people-not to live to his or her own, an enemy of the people by suppression of patriotism on the orders of the Communist leadership. Otherwise you will have sinned before history and will directly bear the punishment of the people who dictate brothers fled abroad.

            5) Vietnam compatriots around the world please continuously and simultaneously demonstrated against brazen acts of aggression against China and the attitude of "coward with the enemy, the evil to the people" of the Communist authorities in the court ambassadors, embassies of both countries. Democratic world community would have supported more strongly the struggle to democratize the country of Vietnam, the pressure with the Hanoi government to free all patriotic citizens are jailed , arrests, probation, enclosure, track; please go to the demands of human rights when diplomatic relations with Vietnam on political, economic, cultural, commercial, military ...

            Making in Vietnam and overseas, 28 07 2012.
            Interim Steering Committee 8406:

1 - Father Phan Van Loi - Hue - Vietnam.
2 - Do Nam Hai Engineer - Saigon - Vietnam.
3 - Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - Houston - United States.
4 - Ms. Lu Thi Thu Duyen - Boston - United States.

            In communion with the Father Nguyen Van Ly, Tran Anh Kim veteran, writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia, and many political prisoners, other religions are in communist prison.


1) 8406 Declaration on the current situation of the country. (30/7/2011)

2) Declaration of 8406 on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of its founding. (04.08.2006 - 08.04.2012):

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