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Even the learning of people that Vietnam's communist government also blocked the Justice and Human Rights ..... Where??




The people in the city of Vinh in Nghe An province in particular and the country people in general really amazed and surprised by the government prevented people here are studying the English language training courses for free , a program to improve knowledge of people and community benefits by Father and Cau Ram Parish Pastoral Council and made active in the parish from 2010 to date to help support people to have opportunities with the condition and improve access  learning of English, including adults, children, workers, administrative employees, regardless of religion. Jobs said above of Father and Parish Pastoral Council were all well received and grateful. The idea for the benefit of the community to be thought that the state government will be welcomed and supported. But ironically, not only not welcome and create favorable conditions for learning for everyone, but also Nghe An provincial government to find the ways to stop and banned.

Brazen and cynical action of the communist government of Vietnam not only contribute to destroying education, destroy all opportunities for advancement and future of people especially, children, students student members, administrative officials who desperately needed to improve knowledge of foreign languages ​​to social development, human development and the country where the above actions of the government also indirectly create bad images in the eyes of the people and international friends. It should be added that volunteers who are invited to teach by the parish priest are U.S. citizens. How They will think and how they will communicate back on the country's image and people of Vietnam when they go back to their homeland? Education is key to train people, to build and develop the country, is essential for all people not only need to be supported to create all favorable conditions to promote and develop the sometimes it is mandatory for everyone. Nghe An provincial government has not thought about this when the above actions opinion that urgent?.

Whether any reason Vietnam's communist government could not justification for non-educational actions and immoral above. What is needed now that the authorities of Nghe An province can do to reduce any implications of wrongdoing because they cause is to stop immediately and unconditionally stop all acts and cause difficulties in learning English people in the parish of everyone today. The government did not do well in education should also let people join hands to help develop education and training people. Not only help and create all favorable conditions for learning English, but the Vietnam State government should also replicate the model on learning to speak in many other parishes throughout the country. That's really the people's government. We do not expect much change the government or the change in an instant way of thinking, how to behave with people but also hope that state governments should not leave people more and more  and make up the gap, the unnecessary confrontation which will cause social chaos and instability to the country.


Diocese of Vinh: "May the police uncle for me to learn English!"

12/07/12 12:54 AM

Giáo phận Vinh: “Xin các chú công an cho cháu đi học tiếng Anh!” Learning that the interests of every citizen. President Ho Chi Minh once said: "Every citizen has the unrestricted right to education". In today's society, a country where education is not emphasized a poor country, a person without knowledge is a backward people. Especially with the trend in current international, English became a medium of communication is extremely important that each of us, especially students, young people is unable not to know.

Recognizing the importance of learning English, in recent years Father with  parish Pastoral Committee (Hdmv) Cau Ram parish  tries to create favorable conditions for their children in the region, including non-religious people have the opportunity to learn and improve their English language by inviting volunteers from the United States on education and training to students for free.


From 2010 to present every summer volunteers have volunteered for the U.S. English training for young people in the city of Vinh. The first year the number of students is more than 500, in 2011 the number of students is more than 700 children in two years 2010 and 2011 teaching and learning has taken place safe, well and achieve good results, so this year, Hdmv priest continued with this program. This really is a playground healthy and good for the children in the summer and is also an opportunity for people to improve their professional skills, parents are very secure when their children attend this. So that this summer the number of students attending this training in English increases, up to nearly 1,000 children with all walks of life, from primary school pupils, secondary school until the students are under study at universities in Ho Chi Vinh and teachers as well as specialized English officials as well as workers and employees have to work but still take advantage of his time, including over 600 children are pagans .

Such a good job, a course so rewarding seemed to be Nghe An provincial government supporters praised and encouraged because that priest, Hdmv Cau Ram parish, the volunteers have done instead of for "Party", for "government" in Nghe An province education. Yet instead of having to thank supporters of Nghe An province, the government tried to stop, but bring out very unreasonable reason and force to stop the course.

The move of the government seems to have prepared in advance and very secret-planned. Right from the first day to prepare for summer schools have tried to stop them, their first job is expelled Natalie Van Xuan - the director of volunteers, and teachers of English and American Accounting out of Vietnam when she first set foot in Tan Son Nhat airport, on 24/07/2012 without giving reasons. Then they sent the police to constantly work to ask, with harassment  priest, the Hdmv Cau Ram parish and cause difficulties especially for the volunteers. The volunteers were Vietnam Embassy in the United States visa, when arrive in the Cau Ram parish also has temporary residence registration procedures with the Cua Nam police precinct , volunteers are to respect the law Vietnam and Thur full compliance procedures as well as providing a full range of relevant papers to the police.

No reason to find the procedure to cause difficulties and encountered opposition from the parents, they changed their label. This time they put pressure and give a very unreasonable reasons; pm on 5/7 room entry and exit management - Nghe An provincial police force to do volunteer work. 5 volunteers were divided into 2 groups they bring in two different rooms as interrogators "criminals", they asked, harassment, intimidation ... the volunteers from more than 14h to 17h. The final decision was made to stop forcing English summer course in 2012 for the reason be brought to the volunteers to bring tourist visa are not allowed to teach. Do not know where the police are out what this new law laying out such a decision again. When police told the volunteers that bring in Vietnam Tourist Visa are not teaching the volunteers know just shook his head did not understand, James Davis and then also say "try to see if there are any countries on the world has such rules. "

This job of the police in Nghe An has caused great indignation against you as well as parents, because this is what the authorities should society have to do, so that when they do not they also seek to undermine others. Nghe An affordable government is trying to make people stupid policy on their home countries to treat their concedes, ease surface and suppress civil fraud.

Before the job of the police shady Nghe An, am 9/7, parish Father with Cau Ram parish Pastoral Council has had meetings with all students and parents to know the opinion of them. Hdmv Cau Ram parish and priest also invite representatives of the Immigration Department of Nghe An police come to take in people's opinions. However, with their works of darkness, Nghe An police did not dare to face the light of justice, honest people, so they were not present in this meeting. Through meetings, parents were very indignant at the work of police in Nghe An. The opinions of parents will want to write a petition to send the Immigration Department of Public Nghe An to know the reason and also to facilitate their children continue to attend this training in English. There are parents confided that, I have three children who are studying here, my family very poor, every day I have to go sell spinach to feed her children to school. My children want to learn English but the family has no money for them to learn outside, fortunately Hdmv and Father organized English classes so the children have a chance to learn. Yet today the police would not allow the children to continue learning here, do not know the future of my children would look like (?). The students then sorrow, regret because they do not have the opportunity to study, the tears were running down their cheeks when they heard this. Many of them did not mark the discontent should have written short slogans to protest the involuntary act of the government culture security as Art: We're learning English. Police uncles !, please comment for me to learn English. Mommy, I want to learn English! .... that some children like to call for President Ho Chi Minh: Uncle Ho! , the police do not allow us to learn English. What a pity for the innocent children, their childhood is not crimes so that police suppressed, preventing the desires of their childhood.

For the volunteers, though this is their first time to Vietnam, Vinh City and this land, but before that, they had heard of their friends are the volunteers of the year before about a Vietnam friendly country, rich in love and hospitality, so they want to visit the country of Vietnam and help the poor students. The purpose of EFTP association is Exist and volunteers is to help young people in Vietnam to promote talent and build their future through their education. But as to Nghe An, they really have been shocked with the attitude and the way the police in Nghe An. They are travelers to Vietnam, see the learning desire of the young Vietnamese soil, so they volunteered to sacrifice strength for the aspirations of the children. Yet the work that volunteers were not accepted and the government accused law violation.Thao Le in the meeting with 1000 students and parents have said "We are volunteers who come here want a any help for young Vietnam to improve English proficiency, but the law of Vietnam does not allow us teaching, that we respect those laws we must follow, we are very sad to not be teaching, although we loved you, you are students, but we must respect the laws of your country. "So they can not continue the job training for students that must be brushed his tears away the full feeling affection for them and sympathize with the parents.

Do not know what to make of Nghe An police will bring any results for the country, for the homeland. Do not know what is in the eyes of foreign visitors is also a Vietnam picture of beautiful, hospitable and friendly as descriptions of Tim Murphy, volunteer of the year 2011 in Vinh, "When I started participate in the program, do not expect anything from the lecture that just want to help young people, but I was incredibly emotional because of the cultural beauty and people of Vietnam. I've brought home lots of memories, as well as friends and new experiences that I will cherish for years to come inside ... I have met people very warm as the weather of Vinh, a beautiful country as beautiful as the picture postcard, and an appealing culture that I wish to learn more. Although I was a teacher of the course, but many times I really feel that students of my students.

Do not know the future of this country, the country will be upon learning that children's rights are also limited, when the volunteer was considered illegal, while the government to tolerate for the thugs repression of honesty, patriotic people. Do not know the future of the young people then this will be upon learning aspirations of the children has been the focus of an extinguished. Do not know at the other side, President Ho will feel like when people wish to "every citizen has the unrestricted right to education" but those of his subordinates rid ...


Peter Dung

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