Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 7, 2012

The parishes celebrated Mass communion and prayer for Catholic Missionary Con Cuong, Nghe An province




In those days public opinion and foreign extremely urgent before the Nghe An provincial government mobilized a large force including police, military, gangs and thugs attack using force suppression Priests, monks and lay people causing serious injuries to some people. Vietnam's communist government not only impede the practice of pastoral priest, obstructing legal religious activities of people a way contrary to law but also blasphemous religious behavior when carrying out the said dam the spiritual nobility of Religion (The Maria statue breaks crushed). After performing the act brutally immoral, the government continues to use the media, press and communications agencies in the country slander, lie and distort the truth for Priests, Religious and lay people to cover and justification for wrongdoing and unscrupulous of Nghe An province government.

Before the violations of human rights and justice trampled upon by the communist government of Vietnam, Vietnam Catholic Church has strongly protested that particular letter of the Archbishop Diocese of Vinh sent to the government authorities of Nghe An province, in which Bishop's confirmed clearly religious freedom rights of lawful citizens including the right to practice Pastoral, Missions and Religious activities legally in worship, prayer, attending Mass ..... The communist government of Vietnam can not grab the vague reasons to obstruct unreasonably the freedom of people on beliefs and brutal trampling human rights including the right to life and right to personal freedom and safety which is the law, the national Constitution and international law and protection regulations.

We would like to send to people all loved images to share with the victims at the mission station Missionary Con Cuong on the love spirit of the teachings of Almighty God in some parishes.

EUCHARIST COMMUNION light candles and pray for hurricanes MISSIONARY CON CUONG under the persecution RELIGIOUS FAITH of Vietnam  Communist authorities.

Catholic Mass to pray for the Missionary Con Cuong at Thai Ha parish in Hanoi 07-07-2012


Catholic Mass to pray for the missionary Con Cuong at Binh Thuan parish on 07-07-2012


Catholic Mass to pray for the Mission Parish Con Cuong at Cau Ram parish  on 07-07-2012


Catholic Mass to pray for the Mission Con Cuong at parish  Nghi Loc on 07-07-2012




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