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Pray for the Catholic Church in Vietnam in the period of Religious faith persecution




The truth about the brutal repression of Nghe An provincial government at the Con Cuong Mission Church of the Diocese of  Vinh in Nghe An province in recent years is evident truth that the communist government of Vietnam can not quibble or negate . What domestic and foreign public attention, concern and urgent nature is cruel, immoral of the communists, who are in their shell that represents the government, representing the law law, of justice and protect the lives and property of citizens. But essentially they are the professional killer with bloody hands are ready to defend the existence of an inhuman regime which human progress has turned away and spat. Picture victims of violence in Con Cuong, Ms. Maria Ngo Thi Thanh, a woman weak without iron in hand was  brutally assaulted because blocking action group who assaulted the priest and attack the Chapel.

Throughout the years, religion has always been to target the top view. Vietnam's communist government strictly controls all religious activities, and conduct campaigns undermine religious unity, incite divisive and create hatred between religious and non-believers in many forms and various tricks. However in recent times, the Vietnam Communist authorities have acted more aggressively and more brutal conduct religious crackdown. Particularly serious events occurred recently in several parishes of the Diocese of Vinh. Pictures of the priest and parishioners were attacked with their full injury such as;

- Priests Luy Nguyen Quang Hoa Kon Tum province on 23-02-2012. Let see please: 

- Catholic Laity of Guizhou, the Diocese of Vinh today 11-06-2012. Let see please: 

- Catholic Church of Con Cuong People today 01-07-2012. Let see please 

Catholic community of Vietnamese in country and abroad let take hands together please help prevent religious violence of the communist government of Vietnam. Please pray for the peace of the parishes, for the peace of the religious leaders, the bishops, priests, monks and lay people. Together hearts united prayer for the Catholic Church of Vietnam peaceful in period of persecution of the Faith today. Pray for the leaders of the Party and the Communist government of Vietnam to receive the grace to enlighten aware of his misconduct and truly good direction to no longer see the suppression of religious persecution and Faith forced to die unjustifiably by communist government in Vietnam. At the same time understand the true value of democracy so that take the country and people of Vietnam to the true freedom, true prosperity, and true prosperous.


GP.VINH: Bishop Paul visits parishioner who was severely beaten in the Con Cuong
Posted at 1:26 pm by cheoreo2 18/07/12

   VRNs (07/18/2012) - On 07.17.2012, Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop visited Maria Ngo Thi Thanh, was mortally injured by thugs and being treated at clinics Xa Doai.

As one of the parishioners active in the past on 07/01/2012, amid the fire burns hot water, she was not afraid of danger to prevent groups of employees who assaulted priests, attacked the chapel.

No one can anticipate that, hooligans, take cruel action to woman with weak hands and legs without an inch of iron .

And the woman lay, mother of four children of Chinh Yen, Quan Lang parish and also is just one among many Catholics were beaten with bricks, tubes of iron, sticks and dangerous weapons other professional.

As a conclusion of the Vietnam-Germany hospital doctors, Hanoi, Ms. Ngo Thi Thanh serious injuries related to the brain. This doctor also added that only those with "professional competence" just have type of brutally beat like that.

In the treatment room, after listening to the progress report on her health, Bishop Paul share from the heart of the pastor before the pain and troubles that are facing the flock. In addition to communion in prayer, he said the diocese will do its best to bring justice and peace on the Con Cuong Missionary.

Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop morale her family with gifts of encouragement. He also said that the Archdiocese will pay the full cost of treatment in time to share the pain and overall burden of the family.

Before the general sentiment of the father has just returned from abroad for taking the time to visit and encourage representatives of her family was touched by Ngo Thi Thanh said on previous deep gratitude nice gesture all the diocese for family time.

Reportedly, Ms. Thanh will continue to be treated at the clinic because of very weak health. Maria Ngo Thi Thanh, 34 years, residing in Wall Son commune, Anh Son district, Nghe An province.

Source: WGPV

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