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Launch AND maintain rallies Patriotism performance AGAINST aggressor expansion of CHINA



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Sunday morning 08-07-2012 at two major cities of Saigon and Hanoi, people took to the streets again to show patriotism against the aggressor China invaded Vietnam's islands despite the suppression and threaten the security forces in Vietnam have made protests 01-07-2012 Sunday week. Current participants increasingly large demonstrations have already reached the number at 1,000. Especially in the protests against China's march Sunday morning today with the participation of many large farmers who were lost their land in places like Van Giang, Hung Yen and Nam Dinh Vu Ban. Marches took place in an atmosphere filled with excitement raised slogans against the Chinese invaded and patriotic songs were chanted that everyone including those who are participating in circulation feel the fretty emotion.

Before the current situation when the invaders are expanding Chinese aggression and invade the territory, territorial waters of Vietnam, the people of Vietnam regardless of the older, young, adult or children felt infuriated brazen act of them. The people focus on street demonstrations to show their patriotism against an aggressor is the right thing and encouraging replication. But unfortunately the will and patriotism of the people is not Vietnam communist government support and approval! During the past year, a series of protests anti-China invasion erupted  was all over the country and is concentrated in two major cities of Vietnam as Saigon and Hanoi faced prevent violence and repression from security forces and authorities in Vietnam.

Action filled and cowardly attitude difficult to understand of the communist government of Vietnam has caused public outrage and urgent. People feel increasingly vague and feel something is hidden behind all since people found out the 1958 Notes of sale country of the late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, Vietnam. For the reason that fear,street demonstrations against the Chinese invasion would turn into the general protests against the regime, Hanoi authorities have tried to suppress and prevent violently not allow people exercising their legitimate patriotism despite domestic and international public opinion, despite the violation of human rights and goes against what some have been clearly stipulated in the laws and constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by the United Nations. Finally, the strong patriotism of the people won out. We need to consistently maintain and promote the strength of people's patriotism more. Development and maintenance of street demonstrations against the aggressor as it did in the past and present on a large scale until China completely eliminate invasion intentions and occupied ambitions islands of us.


The Vietnam people back to the streets in Hanoi provocative denunciations of China in the East Sea

Trong Nghia

Biểu ngữ của người biểu tình tại Hà Nội : Trung Quốc đừng đụng vào Việt Nam (Reuters)
Banners of the protesters in Hanoi: China
does not touch  Vietnam (Reuters)

As noted by French news agency AFP, on Friday 08/07/2012, more than 200 people marched in Hanoi to denounce China's policy in the East Sea. Security forces large presence, but the first information that is not there any demonstrators were arrested, and rallies ended peacefully.

New in rallies today in Hanoi with the participation of many farmers from the state where land holdings dismissed as Van Giang (Hung Yen), or Ban (Nam Dinh). According to some blogs in Vietnam, from 300 at baseline before the Opera House, during the march through the streets of Trang Tien, Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem Lake ... to the end of the memorial Ly Thai To, the delegation said situation has been increasingly added to the east up to about 1000 people.

Leading the protest is Le Hien Duc specific on wheelchair, were present in the streets on Sunday last week (01/07), and some characters such as Professor Ngo Duc Tho, Dr Pham Hong Son , Thuy Linh women writers ... Many protesters wore No. U, the symbol of anti-U-shaped line drawn by China to claim sovereignty over almost the entire East Sea.

French news agency AFP journalist in Hanoi reported that protesters chanted slogans such as «Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, Vietnam ', held up banners denouncing the alleged action« infringement » Vietnam's sovereignty in the East Sea. Security forces are not suppressed, but prevented the march approached the Chinese Embassy.

The slogans focus on supporting the Law of the Sea of ​​Vietnam The National Assembly passed Tuesday 21/06 recently, and particularly condemned the policy of the Chinese: "All people on the streets against Sansha 08:07 - Down-shaped line violated Vietnam's sovereignty ";« Spratlys are Vietnam's Hoang Sa ... There are bilingual English and Vietnamese slogan: "Law of the Sea Island Support Vietnam - Opposing China established city Tam Sa / Justice and Peace in Southeast Asia Sea (Justice and Peace in Southeast Asia »or is completely in English« China hands off Vietnam (China does not touch  Vietnam) ».

There are also believed to be in Saigon about 100 people gathered at the Park 30/04

This is the second time in this July that Vietnam people downed street protest dominating the actions of China in the East Sea. On Sunday last week, smaller demonstrations were held in Hanoi, Hue, while in Ho Chi Minh City to thousands of participants.

The movement has flared on relations Hanoi - Beijing strain and climbing in recent times on the East Sea issue. After Vietnam, despite pressure from China to the Law of the Sea through clearly defined its sovereignty over the Paracels and the Spratlys, China has reacted with several measures

On the administrative, Beijing decided to improve management unit Hoang Sa and Truong Sa city level. After some time, the State Petroleum Corporation China CNOOC has invited international bidding nine petroleum blocks in the exclusive economic zone of Vietnam, off the coast of Central and South. Along with that move, Beijing has also sent four ships to the East Sea, called to defend the sovereignty and territory of China, while China's Ministry of Defense has ever shown off strength for making the trip armed patrols in the South China Sea.

Beijing says it has sovereignty over almost the entire East Sea - which is potentially rich oil and gas - and rejected the claims of their neighbors, from Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia to the Philippines and Vietnam.


SOME PICTURES OF demonstrations against the Chinese invasion SUNDAY 08-07-2012

Barriers to prevent protesters Sunday morning 08-07-2012

Ms. LE HIEN DUC on the wheelchair also joined marches

MEN. WOMEN, ADULT AND CHILDREN down to the streets protesting against the Chinese invasion

8h45 ', there are over 100 people gathered in Hanoi Opera House

09H10 'marches GROUP STARTS NOW walk with Banners, slogans to protest
Chinese invasion

09H20 'people march on the TRANG THI ROAD TO EMBASSY OF CHINA

09H35 'estimated 500 PARTICIPANTS rally against the Chinese invasion

09h40 functional forces blockaded fence along the Trang Thi road



10H05 'the March OF MOVING TO Hai Ba Trung Street, MANY FARMERS LAND LOSS
Joined to the March


10:30 'The March OF MOVING TO Dinh Tien Hoang Street, not seen signs of persecution or

10:45 'The March CONCENTRATED in front of the LY THAI TO Monument sing loud
Patriotic songs.

11g rally ended and the protesters dispersed in the feelings of their hearts always think of homeland


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