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Nghe An authorities continue to make provocations to cause security situation in the Diocese of Vinh become complex and tensions





After the persecution broke out at the Catholic Mission of Con Cuong, the leaders of the Diocese of Vinh express their peaceful protest and asked the government to address the problems in a goodwill. However, Nghe An provincial government instead recognize their wrongdoing and to act properly and promptly remedy the consequences and implications caused to people in Nghe An province, the government again there are continuous provocations made the situation more complicated and stressful. What makes Vietnam's communist government is becoming more aggressive and often see people's lives, regardless of law and human morality? Religion now there really are enemies of the government in the eyes of the leaders of Nghe An provincial government? or because religion does not agree with the wrongdoing, abuse of power from  corrupt government officials.

Before the brazen act of aggression by the communist government of Vietnam and brutal oppression of the government for the parishioners of the diocese of Vinh in the past, all the faithful in most parishes unanimously speak up and protest expressed by focusing lay hold communion at Mass and prayers with large scale at times has reached tens of thousands of people. One way of peaceful protest goodwill of Vietnam Catholic Church. But advocates of peace church leaders not only not be touched by nature aggressive and unruly in the hands of those powerful but now, they are becoming more brazen, with its provocation, aggression and hostility as the thugs who live beyond the law.

Religion is the most precious divine spiritual life of all people, not a force which, by any government or regime that may offend or be destroyed. As long as humans are born, the true religion has existed in the minds of each one of us, the belief that over time more and more powerful that the people can we even sacrificed to prove their religious beliefs. Therefore, the leaders of the Party and the Communist government of Vietnam should be aware of this to immediately cease all activities that are hostile to religion. Any action brought Hostility, aggression, aggression and suppression of religion lead governments and regimes that go into a dead end no escape, of a self-destruction. Against Religion is unwise choices, lack of insight of the leaders in running the country. Instead of using power and strength to suppress the religion, please focus your thinking power and confront face to face with the aggressor to protect the integrity of the territory and territorial waters of Vietnam , hometown of our beloved.


Story of a rare bullet in the parish of Binh Thuan
7/29/12 2:30 PM

Chuyện một viên đạn hi hữu tại giáo xứ Bình Thuận   LTS: After Vinh diocese unfolding events goodwill resolved peacefully Con Cuong, these days, lay a row Vinh diocese received some bad news from the government of Nghe An, from allowing the aircraft fly on Xa Doai sky to show their power, to distribution to the thugs threw the Catholic laity of Con Cuong, to the 47 crosses in the parish Nghia Thanh Nghia Dan, Nghe An were smashed during the night 17 / 7/2012 and the last one a layman of the parish of Binh Thuan was a bullet through the arm on the way to Hoa Nghia parish.

A series of events that Nghe An authorities are deliberately complicating the situation, causing disturbance in the Christian community, specially media to cause discord in the laity of three provinces of Nghe - Tinh - Binh.

These strategies are often the communist government used every time the events occurred related to the Catholic Church. It shows that the communist government has never proved to be good Catholics. Instead, they always find ways to eradicate the Church by any means.

The story "The bullet rare in the parish of Binh Thuan" below shows Con Cuong event not only stopped, but the government is being directed by the Nghe An ripples hit the confidence of the faithful.

Diocese of Vinh broke out at the Con Cuong its religious persecution by the authorities so far, people in general, especially parishioners Vinh did not fancy the image of police, army battle drill parade around Local freely. The picture that is heating up as the time the mission station from Con Cuong. From central Nghe An province to the districts and communes are in turn held military exercises, battle drills and security purposes leaned imposing martial positive to warn, admonish the faithful. Nghi upon the locality, Nghi Loc district has two parishes Nhan Hoa and Binh Thuan is home of the father-JB Nguyen Dinh Thuc, government also particularly interested. Specifically through the following analysis will show that, outside the announced military exercises, military parade inside the line to show intent and policies of our party leaders: Flaunt force radical damage target-Catholic " class citizens are considered tough by party."

The incident occurred about 15:30 ', dated 23/07/2012, Mr Bui Van Vuong Fx-Catholic parish in Binh Thuan People have been shot on his way to his house in the parish you customized. Bullets were fired from the pitch Nghi parish Nhan Hoa Thuan way the crow flies less than 1km. Fortunately, the bullet went into the arm positions, does not affect the life, but he was mentally strong panic. When the incident was supposed to everybody as a rare accident in the small. But there was more cumbersome negligence occurred during Vuong him to the emergency hospital.

47 crosses in the parish cemetery Nghia Thanh 
were smashed during the night 07/17/2012

When the relatives take Mr. Vuong to the commune clinics emergency, station chief named Than boldly asserted after the diagnosis that victim was not shot but by accident?! Although Mr. Vuong has confirmed that he was shot. The question here, an ethical physician always put top priority to save lives, but the chief Than stations to be dominated by political factors should have sell their conscience, which protected mode.

Around 19h, parish priest Anthony Dang Huu Nam hear his laity got accident, should have used speakers to call a large number of Binh Thuan parish to take Mr. Vuong to hospitals and to clarify the matter. In the four military hospitals, although a large number gathered at the hospital, but Mr. Vuong has not been  surgery, to take the bullets out. Because president of Nghi Thuan commune Mr.Nguyen Nguyen Hoa and his secretary does not cooperate. Until 23h20 ', the president Hoa agreed to write "certificate" so that Mr. Vuong was operated and the bullet is removed in the presence of many people, including four military zones' doctors who are former party members. The question here is people said he was shot, but President Hoa said it' not and blame that slander the government. It is true that practice "A thief crying " stop thief." Perhaps this is chronic harm people then back blame the people, to deny the government's behavior throughout the country. Even the citizens of them that staff also do not trust, then people got harmful is correct. Where to dig happiness, democracy, freedom for the people?

The reason in the person knowingly to write a certificate in quotes because, the paper by hand of President Hoa written that there's matter. After Mr. Vuong were surgery to get rounds out, he President Hoa wrote a record with a true value the aspirations of the people. In fact, ought to be put out records for both sides to keep but the president he was "holding" for the relatives. The next day, Mr. Vuong received a record that has been modified, including adding a new sentence: "suspected having bullet.". Do not know President Hoa, he could invent any kind of bullets, which said suspected to have bullets. May be the bullet is so big? Why would a party cadres trained under HCM moral thought could cuddle, change to black into white as hand turning? An official of such dishonesty is also worthy servant of the people? May reasonable, a bullet can do other people sell their conscience when it is in the cocked gun coming, but here are the bullet was still in the victim's arm, but it's still mighty power generally, as to induce people have traded their conscience. Is it, if that's a bullet broke into big problem that the president Hoa will be disciplined before the party, or reduce his position?

What it tell you behind the truth of the bullet? Is not it clearly?. During the past month, from the unfortunate incident of the government to take the party Con Cuong Nghe An, had no way to get more force to "reassure" people's hearts. How true it is shameful the way the party leadership. Why in a battle drills and security, back-fire in residential institutions, despite the ban. If there are people or organizations, must be notified in advance or evacuation. On the other hand, why in the air, there's how much ways is not aim, that the fire selector to the church, the neighborhood of Catholics to shoot. It is true that " home fire that just show up the mouse." This is precisely the religious persecution under the leadership of the party of Nghe An province. No coincidence that the armored convoy parade in front of the Archbishop of Xa Doai nor Mr. Vuong rare when he was the bullet hit in the hands, if not hit him, then others will not even know where the emergency is. Although not part of the story of a doubt, but from the bullet hits on this sensitive, everyone can understand and articulate every story.

An event throughout the whole world knows, is on Sunday morning XV TN (dated 07/15/2012) and two parishes Nhan Hoa Binh Thuan same parish pilgrimage to Xuan My parish, the event made warning notice to the Nghe An provincial governments. In particular, then 2 days (07/17/2012) Father Anthony Dang Huu Nam also held for his people with march to the spiritual land Trai Gao, lay hands each have their banners, banner "hot". Pilgrims go boldly on the road about 10 km, from Binh Thuan parish to the spiritual land Trai Gao. Perhaps more than anyone else because of that, the parish of Binh Thuan have communion with the Catholic Con Cuong strongly and deeply, because the father JB Nguyen Dinh Thuc was the child of country who have been suppressed in the storm right day 01/7/2012 should have the specific action vigorously. Is that reason to Nghi Thuan People's Committee held rehearsals fighting an unusually value?

The idea of ​​Nghi Loc district People's Committee, Nghi Thuan commune is clear, because the children home parish in Binh Thuan, who grew up the word "potato seeds" according to the Reporter newspaper group Nghe An said, "who resisted the party" deterrence must urgently "a group" also is poised "dare anti-party." Is the story told by a bullet on that rare?

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