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Letter communion of Father Nguyen Kim Dien group for the brutal repression of the government in the Catholic missionary Con Cuong Nghe An province.



              THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Dear all fellow Vietnam and the Catholic Brothers and Sisters. Please widespread. We sincerely thank you.
Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group.

Nhóm Linh mục
Nguyễn Kim Điền
- Việt Nam -

Letter communion with the Catholic missionary Con Cuong, Quan Lang Parish, Archdiocese Bot Da, Vinh diocese.

- Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Pastors Diocese of Vinh.
- Our Father Bot Da particles, Quan Lang Parish.
- Our Nuns and Brothers and Sisters of Con Cuong Catholic laity.

            Father Nguyen Kim Dien group we very shocked, hurt and angry to hear bad news that the Communist authorities in Nghe An province, Con Cuong district, Yen Khe, Trung Huong hamlet has mobilized hundreds of police, military, civil defense, and thugs to Catholic missionary Con Cuong to suppress Nguyen Dinh Thuc Father John Baptist brothers and sisters and parishioners at Mass last Sunday on 01-07-2012.

            We know this is not the first time parishioners and priests in the Church of Con Cuong was the local Communist authorities harassed, assaulted, violated religious freedom. The way of the Cross of Point Church has lasted a long time ago:
            - On 13-11-2011, the district authorities have mobilized 500 police forces, civil defense to the Chapel of the Church points to create chaos while faithful priests and offerings.
            - On 30-11-2011, at 0g30, a self-made landmines were thrown into the chapel, damaged ceilings, floors and windows chapel. Not hard to guess the culprit for this.

            - On 03-06-2012, the priest to celebrate Mass, a staff of about 50 people from the district authorities, town and village to harass and cause noise for sacred worship.
            - On 24-6-2012, about 250 people were mobilized by authorities have also flocked to disrupt, deter parishioners and priests Sunday liturgy, and speakers used slander.

            The most serious was on 01-07-2012 and new, when celebrating Mass for the parishioners of the Church as usual, his first GB Nguyen Dinh Thuc was the secret police force, mobile police, criminal police, traffic police, members of the Front equipped firearms, batons, sticks, stone tiles ... prevented the chapel where a gang is hired by authorities are blatantly occupied. Next, because the Lord determined to protect and enforce the duty of worship, Father Thuc and many faithful  were beaten brutally by forces. Some of them emergency hospitalization, which is particularly serious cases sister Maria Ngo Thi Thanh was beaten broken skull.

            After a turbulent Mass because of the determination to destroy by the atheist, the government continues to mobilize military forces of the 335th regiment with full guns to suppress the people. Consequently, many holy pictures and statues were destroyed, many lay people were arrested. In contrast, lay people also take 28 fin thugs illegally recapture the chapel and had forced them open if they were hired to 500,000 each to beat parishioners and priests!

            Finally, thanks to the closed parishes like Lang Dien, ​​Yen Linh, Lang Quan, Bot Da, Son La to support and communion, despite the threat of police, military, civil defense, thugs, England Sisters-Catholics gathered in Con Cuong district People's Committee to midnight-was forced to represent provincial and district authorities to immediately release unconditionally parishioners arrested illegally and must clearly make a record of what happened at the afternoon. Unfortunately Communist authorities immediately took the minutes, sealed Catholic chapel and the expulsion of two sisters who take care of this holy place. At the same time they are also the so-called "decision to prosecute criminal cases with 4 signs of crime: the illegal arrest, disturbing public order, against the duty, intentionally causing injury "more faithful to convene upped the ante terrorist coercion, even at the same time open a campaign lie, public incitement, slander priests, monks and laity blatant and despicable newspaper stations in Nghe An province.

            Respond to this serious incident, dated 04-07-2012 had communion Letter from France of the Diocese Pastors, sent a letter to Nghe An Provincial People's Committee  and send The statement to entire Diocese of Bishop Diocese of Vinh section of the mission station Con Cuong in the same to Press Telecommunication Union, Vietnam Catholic diaspora.

    Before the incident, Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group:

            1 - Please express our communion with the tribulations which the pastors and laity Con Cuong suffered for a long time in the spirit of love and forgiveness, sacrifice and prayer, especially with the pain body and spirit that some brothers and sisters have been experiencing on 01 July..

            2 - Please express our admiration for gentle attitude just patience, persistence has the courage of the Catholic priests and parishioners of Con Cuong so long in asserting the right to religious freedom, despite the harassment, restrictions, intimidation, vandalism has just despicable atrocities of atheist Communist authorities locally.

            3 - Please express our admiration for acts of peaceful, but fierce, cunning and bravery of his father GB Nguyen Dinh Thuc and Laity Con Cuong on 01-07  to force the authorities to admit the truth of the matter, recognized the wrongdoing that they themselves have done in deliberate conspiracy to destroy faith.

            4 - Please express our admiration for assisted gesture of solidarity of brothers and sisters of the parish you like Lang Dien, ​​Yen Linh Lang Quan, Bot Da, Son La ... This is the sign of the spirit of communion in Church and as a means to build collective strength to cope with a violent way the authorities only to oppress the people and believers in violence.

            5 - I completely agree communion letter of the Diocese Pastors. Thank Bishop was quick to share the pain of lay brothers and sisters, sharing responsibility with the parish priest, and had confidence in the behavior of the wise and devout people of God congregation in Nghe-Tinh -Binh has invited the whole diocese in communion of prayer and all those who love peace, justice, freedom-oriented Con Cuong.

            6 - I fully approve of letter sent the government , send the full statement of the bishopric, diocese of Vinh and Press Communications of the Catholic Union of Vietnam abroad. Hooray representing Father Bishop, Father and your Father district office in Telecommunication Union, presented clearly and firmly asserted the right of religious freedom in Yen Khe, Con Cuong district, and had exposed the plot to break the systematic, organized, meticulous staging of the dark forces, and had condemned the sacrilegious behavior, assault and slander believers victims, distorting the truth of the authorities; has invited the whole candlelight prayer Diocese, celebrated Mass for communion with the faithful who were harm and protest banners acts of religious persecution of Communist; has called for the government to stop crackdown every church, security for places of worship of all religions, return of property seized by any collective believers and strictly respect all laws issued by the authorities.

            7 - condemn policies that destroy faith Vietnam government are made through the freedom of religious variables to ask for grace and through the use of police (which is responsible for social and security) the military (which are supposed defense), staff (who have public service functions), thugs (which must be tightly controlled) to threaten, harass, beat gentle faithful through the use of the media (which is responsible for presenting the truth) to cover up wrongdoing, to poison public opinion, slander innocent people; through the apparatus used in legal proceedings (which can protect justice functions) to turn the victims into perpetrators. Requirements to immediately stop the persecution of religious behavior in Nghe An as well as in many other places across the country.

            8 - Sincere urged the government of Vietnam to an awareness that people are miserable situation because the economic crisis, oppressive bullies, arrogant soldier unchained, social chaos; the country was in danger because the communist of China invade the country, threatening the frontier, seized islands. Consequently the security of people, boring people's strength, united people, for people to freely express their faith and express patriotism, so that together against invasion of foreign enemies and solve the problem internally, This is very urgent and important, related to the survival of our People and the development of the country.

            9 - Earnestly I invite all the Lac Hong children unite communion, companion to share with the Con Cuong particular Church and all religious communities are experiencing the same painful situation. A strong call for the Government, the National Assembly, the International Human Rights Organization, the Universal Communications Agency, the justice-loving individuals worldwide peace accompany the struggle for democracy and human Rights and Religious Freedom in Vietnam.

            Finally, we pray God to promote goodwill in each soul and blessing peace to the souls of good will, all together to build a Vietnam in truth, justice, love and freedom.

            Making in Vietnam dated 07 May 2012 07
            Representatives from Father Nguyen Kim Dien
- Father Stephen Chan Tin, Redemptorists in Saigon
- Father Pierre Nguyen Huu Giai, the Archdiocese of Hue.
- Father Peter Phan Van Loi, Bac Ninh diocese
            with the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly Tadeo, imprisoned in South Vietnam.

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