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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemned Vietnam's communist government to behave like thugs with people




This is not the first time the communist government of Vietnam was international condemnation and criticism by the behavior "thugs" with people in the country. It's disappointing to Vietnam, a beautiful country, peaceful community in the eyes of International and friends in five continents with a rich history of four thousand years of culture. But the impression which has been eroded now gone instead to contrast images as authorities including police, army and thugs, armed with guns, batons, whips power and the only dogs to attack and suppress the people rudely when they are not narrowly iron in hand, despite the law and public international law, despite the violation of Human Rights and Moral Conscience of human.

The important thing here is that the police forces, who on behalf of law, representative government of justice, maintain social order and security to the people became bandits use force against people property claimed land, their farms and homes to push people suffering hunger, homelessness, very professional because of greed debased state leaders, leaders of the people. Instead of maintaining the security and administration of justice is this the police have become disturbing violations of law and security and justice trampled upon. Besides, the soldier now only use their power not to serve their homeland and protect this country but to be drawn into the vortex of sin and that guns, that weapons, but not aimed at the enemy that only is targeting innocent people, causing blood debt with the blood of his compatriots in including relatives, parents, siblings, friends relatives and neighbors.

When immoral action mentioned above, these are police, soldiers who have how thought and felt when seeing people in the throes of pain and full of his injuries because the compliance and unconsciously foolish superiors, those who are profiteering from the righteous blood shed blood from your relatives? not only that, the use of both the composition thugs, gangsters, gangs are the scum of society bottom who oppressed people, beating people is a bad thing extremely unacceptable even with any reason or no matter the cause. The communist government of Vietnam in recent years to increase the use of violence and disregard of people's lives was really up to alarming levels. As a country of law as to what the Communist Party and the Vietnam government often claims before domestic and International Community, the communist government of Vietnam must strictly respect the law, respect for justice, respect In truth and must stop immediately and unconditionally behavior "thugs" as is done now and in the past.


RSF: 'The VN government to behave like hooligans'
Update: 09:42 GMT - Wednesday, 25 May 07, 2012

RFS is an independent non-governmental, 
which acts advisor to the UN detention issues
via the annual report published.

Organization of international protection of journalists Reporters Without Borders (RSF), headquartered in France, in the last report has condemned the Government of Vietnam has suppressed peaceful activists join protest China and democratic rights.

Out in mid-month report writes: "The government did not give any tricks to silence the dissent, from the track, assault, as well as aggressive questioning illegal arrest."

"They (Vietnam government) acting as thugs for peaceful bloggers for fear of protests against China will cause internal instability."

"The activists ... should be released immediately. "
In the report, RSF cases referred to by many bloggers in the country was "harassed, illegally detained for questioning," and the blogger Dieu Cay detention without trial for charges against the State.


Công an Việt Nam
VN government accused the police to use
prevent anti-China protests

"They are affected by the fluctuations from the Arab countries and the recent democratic reforms in Burma, the government of Vietnam haunted increasing control and repression measures to prevent any period instability does "- RSF report writing.

U.S. Consulate in Hanoi in recent times has expressed "great concern" for the peaceful activities in Vietnam under persecution.

But observers have said that U.S. concessions on human rights in Vietnam to promote the progress in economic cooperation, the country's defense.

Human rights issues during his visit to Hanoi earlier this month by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were to be referred to roughly the same time, religious freedom issues not mentioned completely.

The Obama administration is not the first U.S. government accused the problem seriously and diplomatic relations with Vietnam economy over human rights.

In 2006, the Bush administration has removed Vietnam from the list of "countries of concern" (CPC) for religious freedom issue, calling it an example of the success of America in trying to reach another country to try to solve the problem.

Commission for International Religious Freedom in the U.S., a non-governmental organizations, then this operation is called "rush" and since then has always looked to put Vietnam back on the CPC list.

RSF currently ranked Vietnam the third in the list of countries hostile to the Internet over the world, behind only China and Iran.

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