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Formal protest of the entire parish in the diocese of Vinh in Nghe An provincial government brutally suppressed the Catholic Missionary Con Cuong has exposed the truth about slander, distort the truth impudently of Press and Media releases of communism.





In those days, Vietnam's communist government had used the press and the media in the country actively lie and slander laity, priests and monks in the Nghe An provincial government mobilization of police, military and gangs thugs attack, suppress and hinder the Priests, Religious and lay people in pastoral practice and religious activities of their proper way at Mission Con Cuong Vinh diocese Nghe An province. Serious consequences for the attack from the savage beating of the government makes some Catholics were serious injuries, including Maria Ngo Thi Thanh her broken skull beaten unconscious to be moved to emergency hospital in Hanoi along with the offending Eucharist (smashed statues of Mary) has created a wave of outrage of the people. to distract public opinion in the domestic and international as well as justification for violent behavior and his thugs, the communist government of Vietnam has to carry out their traditional method is commonly used then long as "just robbed just scream."

However, local people and international community have become so familiar with the obsolete rhetoric of the current communist regime. The parishes in the diocese of Vinh in bulk hanging banners, to protest religious repression and violent wrong of Nghe An authorities for Catholic Evangelization of Con Cuong again demonstrated eloquent legal legitimacy of the people in the Religious Freedom and the legitimate operation of their religion. Also standpoints and was consistent stance of the Catholic Church in Vietnam requires authorities to strictly observe and implement properly all regulations that related to Religious ordinances of government and freedom of belief of the people which was clearly stated in Article 70 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights International of the United Nations and in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Please see:

- http: Republic Socialist Vietnam Constitution  
- http: The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 
- Declaration of Human Rights United Nations 

We warmly welcome the spirit of integration and consistency of the parish community in the province of Vinh diocese over the strong opposition to any wrongdoing of Nghe An provincial government. Simultaneously united prayer for the peace of the diocese of Vinh in particular and the Catholic Church in Vietnam in general before the Church situation is being Vietnam's communist government persecution. Together united prayer for divine light all the dignitaries of the Catholic Church in Vietnam is always lucid and hold steadfast in leading his flock through the evil waves as well as current expressed a strong stance was consistent in the struggle to protect the truth of the Church, in pastoral practice and religious freedom activities. Together Communion pray for government leaders know right awareness and respect for justice, while aware of his wrongdoing and stopped immediately hostile to the religion as well as not to repeat the behavior brutally suppressed by the government has done for mission stations Missionary Con Cuong in past days.


Image banners against the government sacrilege Con Cuong
7/07/12 3:03 PM

Hình ảnh băng rôn phản đối chính quyền Con Cuông phạm thánh  Responding to the call through the statement of the Archdiocese of Vinh diocese parish wide stretch banners with content: "Oppose the sacrilegious act and beaten priest, parishioners at Con Cuong," today , the banners were contained in tension throughout the parishes in the province of Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh. The banners are not only tension in the church area, it is easy to see the banners also stretch before the village entrance and the entrance of the parish.

This is not the first time Vinh diocese organized protest banners stretch across the parish administration throughout the diocese. In 2009, when the Tam Toa was happening , Vinh diocese was once outspoken peacefully with such banners.

We would like to send to Readers some photos from our contributors sent.

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