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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 150 (01-07-2012)




Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 150 dated 01-07-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the water for dear compatriots.

        Newspaper editorial TDNL

        The path for the future of Vietnam?
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 150 (01-07-2012)

            A dozen years now, his lips dripping with the Communist Party affirmed that Vietnam is "to follow the path that the Party, Uncle Ho and the people have chosen, ie the socialist path." As in a speech in Cuba on 09-04-2012, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has relaxed class for two Castro brothers that: "Immediately after birth and during the revolutionary struggle, the Party regime has always affirmed that socialism is the goal, the ideal of the Communist Party and people of VN; come up socialism is an objective requirement, is the essential way of VN revolution. " Next, at 122 years anniversary of Ho Chi Minh's birthday (19-5-2012), Deputy Permanent Secretary of HCMC Nguyen Van Dua is attained even said: "Take the right path that Party, Uncle Ho and the people have chosen, the revolution continued to develop our country, won the national construction and defense of socialist Vietnam; the innovation achieved a great achievement have a sense of history, conducting industrialization and modernization and international integration, bring our country gradually transition to socialism, with new perceptions and thinking properly, consistent practice Vietnamese Nam ". But practice has proved confirm eloquent words of Nguyen Phu Trong and Nguyen Van Dua or not, except that the people who was mentally ill, people have seen too obviously.

            Before that, back at the history of Vietnam since the Communist Party, many people were bored clams called "Uncle path to" a "dramatic way". Vu Xuan district writer in an image, use more specific: "The path is not to destination" (also the title of one of his famous works). Some people would say: It's on 30-04-1975? I mean, when the Republic of Vietnam regime collapse and gold-starred red flag flying on the roof of the Saigon Independence Palace as a sign of victory! But winning that " White Bone in Truong Son," which " life as leaves to fall " (also named two other works of Xuan Vu), which should take five soldiers who their lives in exchange for an enemy, the victorious soldiers that have no longer mean anything? (The third Indochina war is a change). Then the "victory in the construction and defense of socialist Vietnam" is now like? Just look at the research areas of the country, the cause and the result of national construction, and compares it with Thailand, the Republic of Vietnam neighbors ready before 1975, it clearly: "Ten years before (2002), the number of scientific publications of Vietnam in international journals (ISI system) is 362 posts. In the same time, Thailand was in 1705 published articles, more than 4.7 times higher than ours. Ten years later (2011), Vietnam announced the 1389 items, increased 3.8 times compared with 2002. But Thailand was released last 5721, 4.1 times more than Vietnam "(Prof. Nguyen Van Tuan, Comparing scientific publications Vietnam and Thailand from 2002 to 2020). The road to the science of the world certainly will deadlock and delay long-term Vietnam attained after full public attention but also full of fraud on Tuesday 19-6-2012 of the Ministry of Education and Training: graduation rate High School in the country was 98.97%, even before people have seen many video clips in which supervisors threw the document floats and candidates open the document.

            Then look at the defense sector, the situation territory, the road signs of the defense, then the Nguyen Van Dua (and on which the Politburo) how to answer on the northern border area after the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979 and 1984, on the east coast island after sea battle Changsha in 1988, primarily on the grave in the Central Highlands region after the 167 decision by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed on 01-11-2007 allowed China the contractor of the project to mine bauxite from 2007 to 2015 (taking 2025), in the village town entry immunities built by China across the Mong Cai Vietnam far from Cape Ca Mau? Trade route affordable northern border was opened primarily for hazardous goods with fake goods, rogue traders and soldiers disguised land of spoiled Tau Vietnamese flooded the land? Sea trade route was opened affordable for Vietnamese fishermen leisurely fishing in waters Hoang Sa ("that China is keeping for them" as an official statement after the event the original CS 1974), or vice versa bits are blocked by the main fishing groups and marine inspection vessel plus the looting screen, concrete breaking, driven away, imprisoned, ransomed; by the blatant statement of the cow tongue of Peking that Hanoi's only played repeatedly against the same old spurious, instead of bringing the army navy or complaints to confront powerful international law to resist as its neighbor Philippine? This road has been opened by the Law of the Sea by the National Assembly (legislature) by day 21-06? If so, why fierce persecution of people demonstrated their support for this legislation today 01-07 in Saigon, Hue and Hanoi? If so, why the government (executive) without any hesitation detailing and guiding the terms stated in the law between the East Sea is at boiling oil fire burns, but had to wait an additional 6 months ( 01-01-2013) The new law takes effect? Is it also possible to modify as required by  northern senior who proved more aggressive with the screen threatens Vietnam's economic, military and politically? Then the way of international financial borrowing affordable continues to be expanded or more bits blocked after the collapse, capital run out and debt ruffled by the embezzlement of the great corporations, state owned corporations, or after the role of VN blatant corruption of aid from Japan, Denmark? ...

            The way that the Communist country opened up and come into force from 1954 to date the result is a deadlock, dramatic, just push the country further enslave rather more freedom, more misery instead of happiness, dependence rather than independence, should have caused millions of desperate people left the country until now. Therefore, as you move into the 21st century, many suggestions on a different path for the country's future was launched by the Vietnamese inside and outside the country, individuals, collectives, block groups, political parties there. But whatever you do, it's definitely the way to gather the following points:

            First of all, that is the way to multiparty democracy and not the one-party dictatorship. This is the experience and achievements of the world. Because everyone can see from the reality of Vietnam: underlying cause of all that international and national humiliation of the victim nation today is the political regime of totalitarian communist party, did not accept being competitive and being replaced world politics. The struggle for democratic development path that must target radical alternative party politics in multi-party politics, rather than "innovation" partial or "adjust" the Communist Party anecdotal existing authorities such as Ba Dinh is "trick" (by way of "expanding democracy focused" program, which amended the party constitution to guide and plan the elimination of corruption by the Politburo directing ...) corrupted deceiving the nation and world progress.

            Next, it is the path to freedom for every human. The freedom was the Creator endowed mankind and civilization is determined by both the Convention on human rights in five key areas: political, civil, economic, cultural, social (Vietnam signed a participation in 1982) and 26 form the basic human rights are international law and UN admits about eight human rights bodies, human rights settled 6, 8 Human Rights on communications industry, four human rights on democratic freedoms: (a) freedom of religion - religion, (b) freedom of thought, speech, opinion, freedom of speech information, freedom of the press; (c) freedom of assembly , association, established parties, demonstrations; whole people is to seek opinions on national matters; (d) freedom of election - the election, the right freely to participate, the right to participate in building, protecting and managing nation, ie the right to national self-determination. In Vietnam Constitution (Article 50) also noted "the human rights of political, civil, economic, cultural and social fields are respected", but from the fact that for years, civil rights were abused, political rights were stripped, the manipulated economic rights, social rights were looked down upon and cultural rights are overlooked.

            Third, there must be harmony path of reconciliation. Hatred has divided the nation so long torn. This hatred first division has been created by the Communist doctrine, which advocates the division of humanity into two blocks: capitalist and socialist and claim a loss of a longer war between two blocks this. After you turn theory into the regime, the Communist Party carried out a global invasion they called "liberation": the Soviet "liberation" of Eastern Europe and Afghanistan, Cuba to "liberate" Angola, China Communist "liberation" of Manchuria, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hui Hui, Democratic Republic of Vietnam "liberated" the Republic of Vietnam ... And after the victory, the Communists have revenge on the brutal National (unlike the North Vietnamese to the South after the Civil War soldiers in the United States, unlike the Allies against the Axis powers after World War II ...) . The reconciliation to perform in harmony, Communism-which is the culprit must-go in the first step of repentance mistakes and crimes have caused not only for the South but the whole nation (through renewed way, social reform with blood and tears as well as through the war and invasion painful breakup). Of course, repentance is not just a few words, few tears, a few vague promises, but by the specific action, practical way. It returns all material assets and the spirit which has stripped the party of the people. Land assets for individuals, groups, clans; basis for church and non-communist organizations; pay proper money for the workers and employees; free all prisoners of conscience; list plans for individuals and groups (alive or dead) were offended by party ... In contrast, the new regime, there will be no retaliation series of the former regime (as the Communist Party has to do with RVN military personnel) that can only bring to justice the perpetrators primarily repents not, with the fair trial and public (like the Allies did in two courts of war crimes oligarchy of the Nazis and Japanese militarists at Nuremberg and Tokyo after World War II, or as the International Criminal Court in Den Haag, Holland treat individuals guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity , the current war crimes). Communist Party at that time can still exist and operate in equality with the other parties and the parliamentary fight fair and fair.


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