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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 151 (15-07-2012)




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- Semi-monthly magazine Freedom of Speech 151 issued on 15-07-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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A country is getting increasingly invisible law
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 151 (15-07-2012)

            In any country, in principle, the law is in place from the general and aimed agreements regulating relations between individuals with each other, the relationship between people and state, so that social peace order and development, in addition to effectively protect the legitimate freedoms of citizens and strict control of state power, not letting the situation of anarchy or dictatorship. In other communist countries, the progress the opposite: primary legal protection, increasing state power-controlled and sometimes completely eliminate-the legitimate freedom of citizens, to to the party-state dictatorship. Vietnamese Wikipedia, compiled by Hanoi, confirmed this: "The law jurisprudence perspective is understood as the general rules of conduct in force general, set by the State or recognized, expressed will of the ruling class "

            But this notion (originated from Lenin) makes the communist society is becoming increasingly invisible law, chaos. That was seen in the last years of the Soviet Union and the communist Eastern European countries and is being seen in Cuba, China and Vietnam. This legal status symbol of wealth by government is increasingly using administrative violence, using weapons of violence and neglect of social responsibility management. The following are examples of current events and typical.

            1-Administrative Use of violence

            Vietnam more and more workers being exploited by companies, especially of foreigners, forcing them to stand up demanding rights. But rather than let them have their own union to do this as in almost all democratic countries, CS reinforce the state union, such as the Trade Union Law passed by Congress last day 21-06-2012 (the 1): "Trade unions are political organizations - society's vast working class and workers, was established on a voluntary basis, as members of the political system of society VN, under the leadership of the Communist Party ... propaganda campaign workers ... observance of the law, construction and defense of the socialist VN ". This means that union leaders must be party members and working under the command of the organization. In fact, they often sided with employers to oppress workers, his fellow men.

            From 2010 to now, every summer, many American volunteers to volunteer for training English to young in Vinh City , Nghe An province include Catholic and non-Catholic, in the course to be held by Catholic parish of Cau Ram. From 500 to 700 students, this figure has to take place in 1000 due to safety courses, and achieve good results. This is a very good support for education policies of the state. However, this provincial government stopped this course. At first expelled from VN the chief volunteers when she first set foot on the airport without any stated reason 24-June. Police later harassed constantly to afford the parish priest, parish pastoral council and especially made difficulties for the volunteers. On the afternoon of 05-07, room entry and exit management of the province forced the volunteers to stop the course on the grounds that the volunteers carrying tourist visas are not allowed to teach. Administrative type of violence is unreasonably to avenge the Diocese of Vinh simultaneously protest crackdown in Church Point and Con Cuong last 01-July.

            Human Rights Council of the United Nations has launched 5-7 a resolution that most member states hailed as a milestone. It was declared Free Internet is part of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so that Internet freedom is one of the basic human rights. Perhaps anticipating this, so in April, the Ministry of Information and Communications has launched a new draft on the management of Internet services and content network information. In particular, Chapter I states prohibited some things when using the Internet, including the prohibition of Internet abuse against the State, social disorderly, disturbing the great national unity, identity conflict race, religion ... According to Phil Robertson, the Organisation for Human Rights Watch, these provisions "extremely broad" and "vague", "inconsistent with international standards". Communists do not care. Resorting to violence Administrative Jobs to silencing people be is used!

            2 - Use of weapons violence

            Today the new 01-07 and then, when they celebrated Mass for the Catholic laity of Con Cuong, the Diocese of Vinh, Father Nguyen Dinh Thuc was enough police force and members of the Front prevented the home pray that a gang is hiring authorities are blatantly occupied. Next, the priest and parishioners of this force had been beaten. Some emergency hospitalization for serious injuries. And yet, the government is mobilizing forces with full military weapons to suppress. Consequently, many holy pictures and statues were destroyed, many lay people were arrested. More brazen, CS seals chapel, expelled two sisters to care, the "decision to prosecute criminal cases with four offenses: the unlawful arrests, disturbing public order, against the duty, intentionally causing injury "many believers convene upped the ante to coercion terrorism, a campaign to distort the truth, public incitement, slander priests, monks and laity gross and despicable the media Nghe An province.

            On Friday night 13-July , more than 40 friends of the blogger Trinh Kim Tien, Trang Dem, Bui Minh Hang attended the birth of three people at the cafeteria Huong Dong 4 Binh Thanh, Saigon. About 20 hooligan security with  plain clothes "familiar face" has drag deployment throughout these desk surrounding, stalked and surreptitious taking pictures. Then they followed the road to Dinh Tien Hoang, to provoke and smashed vehicle glass right side, making some people in the car were injured. When bloggers stopped , rushed to the side to ask people  the nearest police station where they were thugs smashed the glass door to rear. Pedestrians concentrated to watch, but before the aggression of 8 this security thugs, no one dared to intervene. Another thugs longer say: "we are police. Call police if you want!"

            12-July, many citizens in Xuan Quan Van Giang district, Hung Yen has filed the application to the Minister of Public Security to denounce the emergency occurs in a rural area. It was in recovery 16g45 'same day, while villages are peaceful, there are suddenly a group whole age of youth on hands, arms bottles spill aggressive assault on the village people are very cruel. They caused wound to three persons include Le Thach, Dam Van Dong and Dam Van Nghiep so heavy that had to be taken to the hospital. People knew this was four Vietnamese Hung Company, the project owner and the lease Ecopark cover of the provincial government. Now the police believe Van Giang said the case had been assaulted people are prosecuted and investigated to clarify. But we fear that as in the thugs destroy home of Doan Van Vuon in Tien Lang, assaulted two journalists of the Voice of VN in Van Giang few months ago, after all the work will be to "sink". Because neglect of social responsibility is the management has been witnessed for years from where the CS.

            3 - Leaving the responsibility to manage

            Youth Newspaper Sunday 27-5 run headline: "Breaking the Da-Lat ragged spots," and deals with all questions on the "sorrow" as follows: "Cam Ly Waterfall odors, Than Tho lake ... sighs , Valley of Love ... A series of hollow spots tingle hours worked their magic of 'country in the heart of tropical temperate' are in the tragedy. " And yet, there the tin diggers had dug beneath the  valley Love "Multiple tunnels to traffic each other, hundreds of metters long, full electrict and water inside", well almost seven years the government "unknown" until the press uncovered is ... expose a irresponsible group!

            Then back to the story "The Chinese friends aquaculture establishment at Cam Ranh." In this bay, not far from a military port, there are dozens of cages of China, a width of about 100 m2. Local residents said the fish cages has had since 2001. The foreign workers mainly fish in the province of Phu Yen, Binh Thuan, Kien Giang ... on fattening, then wait for the ships from China carrying on. This occurs in around a months have a ships large type of China through retrieve rows. The raising and exporting seafood such are not under any management of local government, and of course they do not have to pay the tax at all! Until evening 01-June Party Committee deputy secretary Cam Ranh confessed: "The people in China seafood is Cam Ranh Bay had appeared a few years now but I guess the management brothers in the local is so vague, according not carefully monitor. Brothers thought they went to purchase the seafood and leave not understand that they stayed there to work is too bad. Past years, they lend their names to the Vietnam fish without closing the tax at all "(Youth, 2-6-2012).

            After the Cam Ranh, the Thanh Nien newspaper dated 2-6-2012 has an article on "Chinese people in Vung Ro" (Phu Yen). The article said that here, in 2010, dozens of China's links with a number of private companies to invest VN aquaculture, initially under the guise of technical experts, and finally thanks to the capital, they has actually become the boss, but a thriving environmental pollution. Yet the industry functions in Phu Yen province never know, there is no tax collection, management did not monitor and sanction.

            Results: The facts above show that the country is getting thrown into lawlessness, anarchy and social chaos increasingly, more and more people love to live in anxiety. Many voices have taken up the goodwill, but was off corner or crushed, because they have no force. People are eager to look forward to the voice of those in the law of conscience, of religious law, ie the spiritual leader of the Church which are formidable forces. Have concerns about the country's social? Or just hang around with the construction of things, organizing festivals abroad to earn money?


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