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VIETNAM CATHOLIC CHURCH ACTS vehemently opposed the oppression and desecrate Religion of COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF VIETNAM


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In those days, not only the Vietnam Catholic Church and laity the whole country which even the people who is not layman also extremely indignant at the insult Eucharistic action and suppress terrorist spirit and attack wounding several parishioners, Catholic priests in the Missionary Diocese of Con Cuong Vinh in Nghe An province. The communist government of Vietnam has continued many times of the Eucharist offend in recent years in many dioceses across the country have made public outrage. The communist government of Vietnam does not only seriously violate freedom of belief of the people but also blatantly trampled upon the right to life and personal safety of people have been prescribed in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of UN Human Rights and in Article 9 of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights.
Please see:

- http:/  International Convention on Civil and Political Rights   

- Declaration of Human Rights United Nations 

Why the Communist regime of Vietnam from time to time acts disregard the lives of people and people constantly interfere with freedom to practice their own legal beliefs? not only that the authorities had mobilized troops and the gangs use, and rogue elements are scum of society to suppress attacked Catholic Priests and Monks caused serious injury despite Law and Public International Law? it is because the punishment and sanction of the International Community is not serious and not strong enough to overlook the communist government of Vietnam. We call on the International Human Rights Organization, the National Democratic world pay attention more to the Human Rights violations serious and systematic of communist government of Vietnam. Please make a more rigid stance and attitude firmly oppose and forced Vietnam's communist government to stop the action on human rights abuses in Vietnam unconditionally now and forever forever.

Parallel to the activities supported from the International Community to prevent the violation of human rights in Vietnam, the people of Vietnam and abroad, especially the lay communities across Vietnam, representatives and religious leaders not only the Catholic Church of Vietnam to the heart and resolutely oppose powerful inhuman acts of the communist government of Vietnam. Resolutely uncompromising previous behavior despised people's lives and actions offend the Eucharist is unacceptable that the communist government of Vietnam has repeatedly violated throughout the years. Religious Action blasphemy of Nghe An authorities in particular and the government at all levels in many areas in general have a serious insult to the sanctity of a noble religion. We may be  not forget that the Taliban government after control at Apganistan has distroyed a series of ancient Buddha statues wave caused outrage around the world in 2001. Similar to the above work, destroyed action Marian statue at Catholic Missionary Con Cuong point of Nghe An provincial government is blasphemous religious behavior, behavior deeply offensive to religious beliefs of the people do not unforgivable.


Notice of the Archdiocese of Vinh GP about the incident at the mission station Con Cuong

5/07/12 2:39 AM

Related to the incident to authorities Nghe An army, police and gangters repressed brutally  priests, clergy and laity in mission stations evening on 01/07/2012 Con Cuong, that many Catholics were seriously wounded, including sister Maria Ngo Thi Thanh is currently head injuries in hospital emergency Vietnam Germany - Hanoi.

It is particularly serious Con Cuong authorities have crushed the statue of Our Lady Chapel at Con Cuong. This really is a blatant act of sacrilege, despite the ethics of Nghe An authorities.

Not only that, these days, under the direction of Nghe An authorities, the media began Nghe An open front media distort, slander, defamation of priests, monks and lay teachers Point Con Cuong, pour sins of the laity Con Cuong.

Prior acts of sacrilege, before the false accusations, distortions of Nghe An authorities, on 04/07/2012, Vinh diocese Bishop announced that "strongly condemns the acts of sacrilege, priest abuse authorities and parishioners of Con Cuong district, Yen Khe "at the same time, the diocese invites all to pray for Church light candles of Con Cuong on Saturday night and Sunday morning here. Parishes throughout the diocese will stretch banners, the content: "Oppose the sacrilegious act and beaten priest, Con Cuong People's Government."

The Vietnamese original Notice of the Archdiocese of Vinh GP about the incident at the mission station Con Cuong 

Vietnamese Letter from Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop community sent people of God in the Diocese of Vinh



MILITARY, POLICE AND THUGS to surround the missionaries station Con Cuong


Marian statue was destroyed by Nghe An authorities



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