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U.S. Secretary of State refers to the worst human rights situation in Vietnam during a meeting with leaders of the State of Vietnam in Hanoi Tuesday 10-07-2012


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Democracy and Human Rights is always so long pursuit and implementation of democracy in countries around the world that the United States led the country into traditionally Democratic most of the world. In this 21st century, democracy and human rights by all peoples of all nations as a foundation and prerequisite for stability and national development. However, some countries remain authoritarian policies autocratic rule as in a number of areas including countries such as Syria, Iran ..... or in some communist countries remains such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea ... v ... v ... the Democracy and Human Rights has become a major challenge for the survival mode and acquire their power. 

In China and Vietnam, two countries always have a tradition of territorial disputes, territorial waters, but there are many similarities in the harsh policies and rule autocratically. Government under control by only one party is the Communist Party, the center of all powerfull and operating guidelines, policies and national policies. Communist Party to power in the hands control the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive. In this communist country, Congress and the courts is a puppet agency had no real power although nominally two state agencies have authority and influence to the highest law. 

It is worth noting that despite was membership of the United Nations and also the country had participated in and signed the Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations International Covenants on Civil Rights the Political and while the government has also drafted and promulgated the specific provisions of the basic freedoms of people in the legal, Constitutional Law and State. But in fact, human rights in Vietnam has been rudely trampled by government. governments at all levels using all the tricks despicable including beatings, arrests and imprisonment to prevent freedom of speech, the right to interfere with religious freedom and other fundamental rights of citizens. And the fact is clear evidence need though diplomatic relations with Vietnam in friendly policy of the U.S. government to balance relations with China and enhance its position in Asia but in meetings with the leaders of the State of Vietnam in Hanoi on 10 July 2012, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not hesitate to mention the worst human rights situation in Vietnam today. 


In Hanoi, U.S Secretary of State advocated democracy and freedom of speech 

Ngoại trưởng Hillary Clinton và thủ tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng 10/07/2012 (Reuters)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister 
10-07-2012 Nguyen Tan Dung (Reuters) 

Trọng Nghĩa

Visit Vietnam today, 10/07/2012, with an emphasis on the economic and commercial public statements, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also show their support for Vietnam in the East Sea. Besides, she did not hesitate to cheer for democracy, expressed concern about the situation of freedom of speech is limited in Vietnam. The statement about Clinton's human rights are thought to reflect the sex appeal of human rights protection in recent days.

Speaking today after talks with Foreign Minister of Vietnam Pham Binh Minh, after emphasizing the benefits of Vietnam may be harvested under the free trade bloc known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP being negotiated, Hillary Clinton noted that TPP agreement requires the «higher standards', and Vietnam need« to expand space for the free exchange of ideas, strengthening the legal provisions of law and respect the universal rights of all its employees, including the freedom of trade union ».

Emphasis comments were raised yesterday in Mongolia, Clinton said that the Asian countries, with a closed political system, must also take into account the democratic appeal more widely , because it will help to promote their economic development.

According to Clinton: "Democracy and prosperity go together. Political reform and economic growth together. Further progress of the American commitment in this area will support progress in either direction '.

On the other hand, Clinton also said she had raised U.S. concerns about human rights situation in Vietnam, 'including the arrests of dissidents, lawyers, and bloggers who has made expression and peaceful perspective ». However, Clinton did not name the specific nature of these people.

According to AFP, Clinton had been pressured that wanted her to be vocal about human rights issues. Yesterday, a U.S. Congressman - Frank Wolf, Republican - has publicly demanded Washington to dismiss the U.S. ambassador David Shear in Vietnam, said that this character lack of interest in human rights issues.

At the same time, protect human rights organization Human Rights Watch, in a statement, also urged Clinton administration urged Vietnam to minimize the tight restrictions on Internet freedom and the release of dozens of bloggers imprisoned.

According to AFP, Congressman Frank Wolf is an outspoken celebrity in the area of ​​human rights. In a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama announced yesterday he was, he complained that the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam has not kept its promise is to invite a number of people fighting for human rights, bloggers and human religious figures in Vietnam to the Embassy of the United States on National Day ceremony 04/07 recently.

When to be asked why not invite, David Shear, the ambassador said he had invited a few activists of civil society, but then says he needs to maintain a «balance». Actions of the U.S. ambassador in Hanoi that was Congressman Wolf said not being worthy of a representative role for America, and he demanded that this character should be dismissed.

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland has said to defend Mr. Shear, determine that the U.S. ambassador in Vietnam have contact with many class in Vietnam, including the democratic character and activities religious leaders. He has invited representatives of these groups to reception staff on 04/07.

U.S. State Department confirmed that Ambassador David Shear is both Obama and Clinton «full confidence».

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