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Nuclear power....... disaster for people need to be removed right in the ideological


Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan
                   many other countries have made ​​commitments to give up

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Tokyo Power Company (Tepco) of Japan, a major shareholder with a 20% stake in the company to develop nuclear energy in Japan International (JINED) told the press that they will pull out project to build nuclear power plants in Vietnam, a nuclear power project has been approved by the government conducted in Ninh Thuan but faced opposition from most of the intellectuals, experts in and overseas as well as including opposition from some senior officials in the government apparatus, the senior and revolutionary officials .....  because low transparency and widespread corruption as well as before the Vietnam government has not ensured the safety of nuclear power projects mentioned above.

People in the country and the international community still can not understand while Japan, a country with the export of advanced technology and nuclear power leading countries in the region and around the world and gradually abandoned this technology is in Vietnam, a country still emerging and toddlers gradually to roll back headlong into regional development projects that other countries are expected to give a foolish and childish. In addition, expensive lessons we have learned from terrible disaster on the radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan in recent years is still there.

The declaration of withdrawal from the project to build a nuclear power plant in Vietnam of the Tokyo Electric Company (Tepco) of Japan is now a reality and demonstrates most eloquently about the formal recognition of the Vietnam intellectuals, experts and foreign concerns about the government decided to implement a project ambitious but less effective and extremely dangerous. If they continue to maintain the said decision and proceed with project implementation despite advised by everyone, every sex, of course when the incident, disaster, the responsible course of of government that must bear primary responsibility is the head of government, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. However, even take on responsibility and compensation for all possible physical damage, but what the government will take to be able to compensate for damage to people's lives when disaster actually occurs?.


Tepco to withdraw from nuclear projects in VN

Nhà máy điện hạt nhân của Tepco bị tsunami tàn phá
Tepco said it wanted to focus on dealing with the
aftermath crisis instead of exporting nuclear technology

New president of Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), Japan, announced the company will withdraw from the project to build nuclear power plants in Vietnam, the Mainichi newspaper said.
Tepco is the main shareholder with a 20% stake in Energy Development Corporation's International Nuclear Japan (JINED) with the participation of eight other utility companies.
Mainichi newspaper quoted Naomi Hirose new president said: "The engineer's nuclear reactor Tepco should focus on stabilizing and dismantling of reactors at the plant [fails in Fukushima] in long time.
"We can not focus on the export of nuclear power plants because it affects our way of coping with the crisis."

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The leak at nuclear plant in Fukushima affect a large area and caused dozens of people to evacuate.
It is estimated that Japan will take decades to remove radioactivity.
'Too ambitious'
Mainichi said the decision to withdraw from the Tepco JINED likely force the government to review policies to promote their nuclear export.
The remaining partners of JINED also includes companies Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.

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Vietnam to locate a nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan

BamMainichi quoted an official of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, launched the initiative to establish JINED, said they are considering inviting conversation Kansai Electric Power Co. Tepco replaced in the lead role.
The government source said the newspaper Mainichi Vietnam leads can also cancel the contract with JINED if Japan failed to make up for the Tepco withdrawn.
Nuclear power project in Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam, considered "too ambitious" while Hanoi is not capable of ensuring high safety, low transparency and rampant corruption.
Many of the artists, intellectuals have called on Vietnam's canceled nuclear projects after the crisis meltdown in Fukushima in Japan
Some experts also question for Japanese export nuclear power technology in the main they are gradually abandoned this technology.
Yesterday shareholders approved Tepco decided nationalized companies.
The government will put one trillion yen (12.6 million) into the company to avoid bankruptcy and put the total amount of government support for Tepco to at least 3.5 trillion yen from the earthquake in Last damaged reactor.

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