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People in Lien Hiep commune occupied the CPC, Phuc Tho district, Ha Noi




Coercive by use of force appropriate property, land of the people illegally with land requisition under the name of the project in service benefits, social benefits for purpose not compensation or only compensated by a little money and then sold to investors for more than a dozen , hundreds of times and then the rest work is divided internally with each other resulting in the government leadership at all levels colluding each other and advocate implementation of the corrupt immoral despite public opinion, despite the violation of law and regardless of life and the living of people. Although repeatedly faced fierce opposition from local residents and suffered heavy criticism from domestic and foreign public opinion but of interests in land is too large while the legal system in Vietnam too many shortcomings, not strictly so corruption is still rampant and is of course exist.

Besides the implications that many other serious problems that governments at all levels as well as party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam needs to seriously seek to acquire and remove, especially for the field and human law. First, legal systems exist too many unreasonable laws, too many of the resolutions are no longer suitable with the present social status but also overlap thereby creating more openings contributed legal section encourages and protects acts of corruption from government leaders degenerated, degeneration and moral thought. Next is the law enforcement is not strict, the lack of transparency due to errors from the systematic corruption of government officials and senior leaders, from top to bottom to cover up crimes each other, and when violations are detected, then find ways to conceal and distort the truth due to this unjustly overlaps another unjustly makes more social unrest as in Tien Lang Hai Phong, Van Giang, Hung Yen and Nam Dinh Vu Ban ... ... in the past.

The more people suffer unjustly, property land expropriated farms, life, been assaulted, threatened by the thugs, by rapacious officials, the thief robbing in the name of the government representatives, law enforcement was actually outside the tolerance of the people to fight for outbreak is not difficult to understand and difficult to avoid typical cases in Tien Lang, Van Giang and Vu Ban in the past time as well as the occupation of hanging banners against the government headquarters commune People's Committee of the Union, Hanoi, Phuc Tho district on 04 June, 2012. Status of social security has become increasingly unstable when the life and the lives of people threatened and cornered with no escape. The party leaders and the Vietnam government need to seriously see this in time to stop the misconduct before its too late. Please place the interests of the nation above all and most should not continue to challenge the perseverance of the people.


People in Lien Hiep commune occupied the CPC, Phuc Tho district, Ha Noi 

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    VRNs (06/04/2012) - Lahore - This morning, on 04/06/2012 at 07:00 communal farmers Union, Phuc Tho district, Ha Noi-based accounting People's Committee (PPC) Social, turned the place into where collective porridge. An estimated 500 people participated nay.Cause leading to this event is by the arbitrary government planning, clearance and inadequate compensation for the people.

People of Lien Hiep commune offers continuous drum beat, trailers bring pots, rice to. video clips directly here, we see the CPC yard became into the collective kitchen of the farmers. The older children, women, men can come, sit. A pile of wood substance to the yard, and wood to other places in the CPC office.

Currently the banners of the people were filled with tension and on the floor in front of the headquarters of the CPC. The slogan of the people are against corruption, abuse of power, return land to people living and working.

People urged pounding of the drums rang out continuously

Phuc Tho district is the northern delta, situated on the side of the river: the Red River and Day River, Red River system. Phuc Tho west boundaries Son Tay Town, Thach That district south southeast (respectively from South to East) adjacent to the Quoc Oai and Hoai Duc, Dan Phuong district east. Eastern boundary of the district with the Dan Phuong and Hoai Duc district, near the main river, the river is the ancient name Singing, a distributary of the Red River. North of Red River is the boundary of the district, but from east to west include: Me Linh (northeast corner), the district of Vinh Phuc province of Yen Lac (in north), Vinh Tuong (in northwest corner). Northeast corner of the district, on the boundary with the Dan Phuong and Me Linh District and, at the position of Van Ha Commune, Van Nam and the Hat Mon doors Hat Mon district, which is distributed three rivers flow into the River Red River bottom. Natural area of ​​Phuc Tho district is 113.2 km ². Phuc Tho is an agricultural district.

If government still considered land as their own interests, and not give back land ownership for the people is after Lien Hiep commune, what commune will be?

Since the resistance of farmers in Tien Lang, Hai Phong so far, the CPC Lien Hiep, Phuc Tho district, Ha Noi was occupied is one step further, people do not recognize the way of government policy, and the people are trying to restore order themselves instead of waiting at home forever and then to be chased away in tears and slander as before.

According to one observer told VRNs the underlying land is being regarded as possessing all the people, by the uniform State management. With this decision, all the land became the property of the government, and a boon of the people involved. It is the cause of all evil.

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