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Important documents, practical and useful in bookcases of Bloc democracy 8406 about "megalomania ATOMIC POWER" of Vietnam's communist government


                 THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Dear all fellow Vietnam

 On 14-05-2012, a campaign against the Japanese government aid to build nuclear power plants to Vietnam is started. This initiative led by Professor Nguyen The Hung, Dr. Nguyen Xuan area in Vietnam and Nguyen Hung Engineering in Australia and immediately proposed were hundreds of people inside and outside Vietnam supported. But four days later, a group of  thugs came Gallery Han Nom Institute in Hanoi, where Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien of ​​work, surrounded by this office and demanded he be removed from the blog directory Coaching his view, most stop people sign. Even so, finally, on May 21-05, with 469 signatures, were sent to the Government and the Japanese parliament. (However, Dr. Dien is at the expense of his blog was shut and he himself is being investigated for the patriotism of his activities on this page).

 This incident evoked the response of both domestic and overseas Vietnamese on building nuclear power plants (DNT) in which the VN communist government had projected in 2004 and to proceed in 2014. To implement this policy, Hanoi has a face for officials involved in nuclear energy to make very positive statements as well as many state newspapers presented very good perspective on CSF, in order to gain publicity. On the other hand, the State conduct specific tasks such as finding partners to help aid research and plant construction (mainly Russia and Japan), trained by foreign experts, especially the National Assembly has made adopted a resolution on DNT on 25-11-2009. This resolution shows the scale of the project is the second plant with a capacity of 4,000 MW named Ninh Thuan and Ninh Thuan 2 a. Timing and implementation schedule is constructed Ninh Thuan 1 plant in 2014, bringing the first unit operation in 2020.

  But along the way, the heart as well as expert organizations struggling and realized many conditions very unfavorable for Vietnam to enter the industry, particularly complex and particularly dangerous, so reacted very aggressively, especially after the explosion incident Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan on 23-03-2011, review the whole world uses nuclear power issues.        We now apply the same cell to the entire document entitled "ATOMIC POWER megalomania" (including 5 files, bookcases 8406) showed no purposes other than nuclear power by the party and the government wanted to CS Vietnam in the present moment is a dangerous megalomania, to say in protest of the majority of the people of Vietnam and resistance in response to a letter campaign to send the Japanese government last Monday in May then. Volume 1 includes the news media about the case two margins. Volume 2 +3 +4 include studies of the experts and Volume 5 is the reaction of public opinion.

  Invite compatriots the same track.       
 Liberal Democrats block for Vietnam 8406

 As usual specifications of the CABINET LIST BLOCK 8406, each set in this document is a 100-page A5 (14.8 x 21), has been available formats. You only need to download, print (photocopy) and closed with staples (staple) as a compact notebooks. Very easy circulating, disseminating, especially in Vietnam. This document will be stored as. Doc and. Pdf in two of the Bloc website: and By the way, to introduce the document in 8406 bookcases:

01 - The war of ethnic HCM type (Tam Vietnamese, 3 volumes)
02 - Mao Zedong in their daily lives (Dr. Ly Chi Thoa)
03 - Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien, a witness of truth and reason (multiple authors)
04 - Hoang Sa and Truong Sa is VN (many authors, 2 volumes)
05 - From dictatorship to democracy (Gene Sharp) and What is democracy (TDS United States in VN)
06 - Mau and the massacre at Hue (various authors, 4 episodes)
07 - Curtain plot Bauxite and Tay Nguyen (several authors, 6 episodes)
08 - The document on International Human Rights and Vietnam
09 - Portrait of Uncle Ho (Kieu Phong)
10 - The Hanoi government has said nothing about Vietnam-China border and Vietnam-China relations? (Ministry of Foreign Affairs regime)
11 - Ho Chi Minh City and a number of issues of accountability (Minh Vo, 2 volumes)
12 - The Land Reform in North (several authors, 3 volumes)
13 - 8406: the nature, ways and activities (many authors, 3 t.)
14 - Long Day sky, night landslides (Tran Nhan, 2 volumes)
15 - megalomania Energy (several authors, 5 episodes)

 Table of Contents

- Nuclear Power: Cheaper, safety is only human ... not wrong! Vietnam Report
- Vietnam will have nuclear power plants by 2020. Dan Tri
- Construction of nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan province People have been agreed. HNM
- Resolution on Nuclear Power National Assembly of Vietnam. Congress
- Vietnam's National Assembly passed two proposals to build nuclear power plant. RFI
- Building a nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan in 2014. VietNamPlus
- Aiea will assess nuclear power infrastructure in VN and Indonesia. RFI
- Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant 1: Select the Russian technology. Pioneers
- Russia will build a nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan. RFA
- Experts recommend that VN should take measures ... RFI- 8 locations planning to build nuclear power plants. Dan Tri
- The reviews around the U.S. nuclear negotiator Vietnam. VOA
- VN preparing for nuclear energy. BBC
- Russian nuclear fuel will care for VN 'from A to Z'. Vietnamese soil- Ninh Thuan bats for nuclear power stations. BBC
- The cost of building two nuclear power plant could reach $ 12 billion. VOA
- Nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan People have heart upon. QĐND
- Russia-Vietnam will sign a nuclear deal worth $ 7.2 billion. VTC News
- Vietnam-Russia sign agreement to build nuclear power plants. Dan Tri
- Planning of nuclear energy development of Vietnam. VOA
- Nuclear power plant project in Ninh Thuan 1: SGGP step ...- EVN and the Ministry of Education and Training to prepare staff for the program ... Web NTD
- Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant will be operated by Russia. Electricity TCT MN
- Russia said plant safety dnt Vietnam. SBTN
- VN maintain plans to buy nuclear reactors in Japan. RFI
- The first nuclear power plant in Southeast Asia will operate in VN in 2020. VOA
- Area N. build nuclear power plant Thuan unsafe. RFA
- Proposed raising safety standards for nuclear power reactors in Ninh Thuan. VNExpress
- 'How should a nuclear power with the consent of the people'. VNExpress
- Preparing to build science centers and nuclear technology. VNExpress
- Nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan tsunami affected areas. SGGP
- Vietnam by Japanese research and development plant ... RFI DNH
- Japan and Kazachstan help Vietnam build nuclear furnace ... DAPD
- Vietnam-South Korea cooperation DNH build more factories. RFI- VN $ 8 billion loan for Russia's nuclear power. BBC
- Russia to Vietnam to 9 billion dollar loan to build a factory DNH. RFI
- Most of the world 'against nuclear power'. BBC
- Project surveyed Russian nuclear power plants in VN. BBC
- Prime Minister: 'Vietnam is determined to make nuclear power'. VNExpress
- U.S. does not develop nuclear power as too expensive. RFI
- VN and U.S. may sign agreement on nuclear cooperation in 2012. RFI
- Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant No. 2: Japanese Loans. Pioneers
- Exploration drilling locations first nuclear power plant. Vietnamnet
- Ninh Thuan nuclear power safer Fukushima. Vietnamnet
- Japan admitted unqualified nuclear safety. VOA
- Japanese only 2 of the 54 nuclear reactors in operation. RFI
- VN decisions promotion plans for 14 nuclear reactors. VOA
- Vietnam's conference on nuclear power consulting. VOA
- VN 'to reassure Japan on nuclear projects. " BBC
- Just a Japanese nuclear reactors. New Releases
- Seoul Summit urged caution HN fuel use. RFA
- South Korea was selected as preferred bidder on the project ... RFI
- Nuclear Safety in 2012: there are still many concerns. RFA
- Japanese Prime Minister confirmed nuclear progress with Vietnam. VOA
- Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung on Japanese television. Ngo Van
- Japan, close all nuclear power plants. BBC
- Japan is a country without nuclear power. West German TV
- Vietnamese people against foreign and domestic nuclear power projects by Japan ... RFI
- "Invalids" mail request to remove the Japanese government protesters ... RFI
- NB Mail oppose aid to build factories in VN DNT. Gold UK
- Technology 2 nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan - Advanced ... SGGP
- Former Japanese prime minister to give recommendations on nuclear power. RFI
- "Nuclear power, why the hurry?" Ph. Duy Hien
.- Nuclear power, education and the sustainable development of Vietnam the 21st century. Feng Federation
,- Vietnamese community about building a nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan. Muong Giang.
- S.O.S. nuclear power production with the working style "pre-industrial." Royal Mail
- Nuclear power is not something to with the Joneses. RFA
- "There are many outstanding sites to develop power ..." Pham Bich San
.- Do not fear the dangers of nuclear power plants, care children have long-term debt. Feng Federation
.- Feedback urgent to Congress: Do not play with the fate of nations. For All That Engineer.
- 10 methods that do not need nuclear power has helped Vietnam increase domestic resources. Feng Federation
.- Nuclear power is not economic but also very dangerous for the country. Nguyen Khac Rings
.- Nuclear power: Lessons from 127 factories and 10 had to abandon methods of creating jobs for people of VN. Feng Federation
- Object to project nuclear power plant. RFA
- You Open Letter to National Assembly deputies and leaders of the Government of Vietnam. Feng Federation
.- Heart of a situation before the National Assembly Engineer through nuclear power project: Concerned about the decision to build nuclear power. Le Van Cuong
.- Opinions of Vietnamese American experts on nuclear power projects. VOA
.- Nuclear power borders affect the VN? P.D. Show
.- 6 reactor China: Vietnam Radioactive dust, contaminated water will, vegetables, fish, Gulf of Tonkin ... Vietnam Report
.- Negotiating for civilian nuclear-Vietnam ...? RFA.
- Letter to Ambassador of Vietnam in the United States on the construction of nuclear power plants in Vietnam. Feng Federation.
- Vietnam Atomic problem. Phung Quoc.
- Vietnam to stop the nuclear program. German Heart RFI
.- Fukushima: a warning to mankind. Nguyen Khac Rings
.- Earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear accident in Japan, Fukushima Daiichi. Feng Federation.
- Sheh discuss the safety of nuclear power. Hoang Xuan Phu
.- German withdrawal from nuclear power: Think about the case of Vietnam. German Heart RFI
.- The legend of cheap nuclear power. Hoang Xuan Phu
.- Adventure of nuclear power. Hoang Xuan Phu
.- The Nuclear Power project that allows government building in the province. TS. KS. Tran Van Binh
.- Vietnam has sufficient ability to manage multiple nuclear plants. Level RFI
.- Nuclear power plant in 2014, should not? Tran Son Lam.
- Hippocrates Oath and Nuclear Energy. TOP
.- Should or should not build nuclear power plants? Thanh Quang, RFA reporter
.- Vietnam nuclear project too ambitious? National Level, BBC
.- Unable to NinhThuan become Fukushima. Professor Nguyen Khac Rings
.- Thinking about nuclear safety after the accident Fukushima Japan. Nguyen Khac Rings - Anh Vu, RFI
.- Ninh Thuan will become Fukushima? Ng. Rings engraved
.- Nuclear easy to difficult. Pham Nguyen Quy
.- Letter to Mr. Nguyen Hue Chi, Vietnam Bauxite. Feng Federation
.- Thinking about nuclear power after the incident Fukushima. Dao Tien Khoa
.- Protect Vietnam today for tomorrow 
- Rosatom is what? TOP
.- Think Chernobyl lessons after 26 years. Professor Nguyen Khac Rings
.- Nuclear power in VN, how to do? Van Truong
.- Eight reasons Vietnam will benefit if the government delayed building nuclear power plants. Feng Federation
.- Congress should do when a resolution based on evidence not true? Pham Duy Hien
.- Do not bet the lives of our People. GS. Nguyen Minh theory.IN PRACTICE: III
-REACTIVE of public opinion- Develop a fourth reactor is at risk. Pioneers
.- 12 things I call my glass Phung Federation. Nguyen Trung Language
.- I wish more Phung Government Union ...! Ha Van Thinh
.- Lord of the incident at the construction of "Dead! ... It's Boom." Hai.- Soviet citizens on where woe! Push to place the risk BNS Freedom of Speech 88
.- Anti-government protest letter CS conducted a nuclear power project. 8406
- A lesson caution and humility. BNS Group of 89 Nations
.- From natural disasters in Japan, started thinking about Vietnam. Nguyen Trung
.- Despite the problems in Japan, VN continued nuclear power projects. Ben Bland
- Thai opposition protesters in Hanoi, Ninh Thuan Plant. RFA
- Anti-nuclear demonstrations before the VN Embassy in Bangkok. RFI
- Another open letter, this time sending it overseas. Pham Duy Hien
- The reactor VN will happen when there is a tsunami? Ngo Van
.- Nuclear power and conscience. Ngo Van
- Declared v / v Communist Party
 - The Hanoi government deliberately embarked on a crime against the National ... Democratic Liberal Party of Vietnam
- Protect Vietnam today for tomorrow. TOP
- Ninh Thuan should stop if it is too late. BBC
.- Recommendations and warnings: Event Communist authorities are to build nuclear power plants. Le Tran Province
- Opinions on intellectual VN nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan. Inrasara
- 'No safe nuclear power spread'. BBC- 14 Atomic Electric? For England
.- Dialogue with readers around Cham NM nuclear power project. Inrasara
.- Care in the nuclear reactor. Tea Vigia
.- Preliminary response of the Cham ... Inrasara Project
.- From a cracked dam case. Song Chi
.- Disadvantage ... people! VietTuSaiGon blog
.- Nuclear Power and Phu Dong dream. Dong Zhang
.- Letter Opposing the Japanese government and aid to Russia to build nuclear power plant in VN. 469 people in Vietnam
.- Former Japanese prime minister to give recommendations on nuclear power. RFI 

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