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Backed abortion, Vietnam's communist government has the right to act contrary the right of to be born, the right to life and the pursuit of happiness


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Abortion indiscriminately in society of Vietnam today has contributed to pushing the country to a tragedy can not imagine. This phenomenon is one of a terrible reason this is happening an obvious and rampant in society as a naturally without any obstacles that the embarrassing photos of the work in the article Minh Thu author is a most powerful demonstration of what has been happening just a pain in the heart of Hanoi. These images show the expression of sympathy where Vietnam's communist government while allowing the facility to perform the aforementioned unscrupulous appear openly in the heart of Hanoi and the existence of course without any sanction?

Aforementioned tragedy reflects a clear and honest about the moral corruption lifestyle in today's society that Vietnam's communist government of Vietnam has contributed in creating the phenomenon of moral decline said. When still in school, the students were not adequately teach basic knowledge of ethics and human. The students in addition to cultivate the knowledge they learned the basics of the rest were forced to focus on core academic subjects as political  subjects. They are crammed into thinking the revolutionary philosophy, just learn one thing is always faithful to the revolutionary way, loyalty to socialism which embodies only the Uncle and the Party.

Abortion is an act of contempt deserved to be condemned by Society. This is a crime, an act of murder in Vietnam that was not sanctions or punishment by law. Moreover it is also government backed, cover and be accepted as something obvious and inevitable social Vietnam today. Behavior, attitudes and behavior before the phenomena bladder decadence and moral corruption of government above the level indirectly promote and encourage increased above crimes. The right to be born, to live and the right to pursue happiness was clearly stipulated in the Charter of Rights and the UN was even before the communist leader of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City referred to when reading the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh on 02-09-1945. And of course that no one has the right to rob the sacred rights of people above.


Sad funeral 91 infants right in the middle capital
6/21/12 6:58 PM

Buồn thảm lễ an táng 91 hài nhi giữa thủ đô   Vietnam is a country where abortion stand in the world. The statistics for the millions of lives each year were killed immediately in the womb. Millions of children are not born mean millions of murders have been performed each year.

Its causes are many, the degradation of morals, the disregard for human life in a society get to the violent revolution, disorientation, trust in the good of man, fear of evil ... All those things by the Vietnam society is being poured to form "side of the market economy."

One of the factors contributing to murder victims said that social media has indulged in depraved tastes of sexual life, indulgence and decadence. The newspaper had become the means of spreading violence and sex is very comfortable for society, especially youth. While the lack of posts, the people to work towards the good, it is necessary to live a moral right. Is it the policy of the press now?

After the author's article of the journal Minh Thu was posted on the Vietnamnet, the report was taken down after only a few hours have shown what we just said. Queen of Justice would like to send you to read this series.

Part I

Just once a week regularly, at 9 am, at a shrine nestled among the tall buildings of Hanoi's funeral took place for the unborn child is picked up from various places throughout the city.

The fate of being abandoned

Nearly five years have passed but Mrs. Tran Thi Huong, a team leader for the defense of life in Hanoi did not forget the first recognized fetal funeral.

That day near midnight, a phone call from a clinic reported a fetus just finished scraping. The couple left but they do not want it buried the child that they have just gutted to leave, but they do not. They were introduced by the clinic to help people who can do it for them to anther child support.

The abortion facility located on a road close san Liberation, opposite the port of Bach Mai Hospital. Photo: BVSS

Ms. Huong ie the pass rate for help there. The clinic was closed, dark and deserted streets, nobody. The two women looked around and decided looked them up in nylon bags all the garbage thrown on the street. Nearly 20 minutes passed with no results, then suddenly there are two people who walked the bikes approached, holding a bundle. It is the couple has left his blood. They were nestled in a discreet place to wait for her. That day, put the baby on the clock is at 12 midnight.

Right in the night, little baby was took a bath, was named and baptized before St. shrouding and put in cold storage awaiting burial.

Bathing a baby was abandoned. Photo: BVSS

Nearly five years have passed, thousands of babies being denied that the protection groups have been brought to life this resting place. Mrs. Huong said current protection group life in Hanoi has more than 100 members, including nearly a dozen permanent members. Regardless of the night, rain, everyone being informed that the fetus should be demolished burial is recognized immediately they leave. Currently, each group assigned to take the baby in the hospital, clinic regularly 3 times / day.

The coffin joint and the fate of being abandoned nearly 100 field. Photo: BVSS

Vietnam is one of three countries with high abortion rates in the world, with an alarming 20% ​​of abortions in their teens. According to data from a clinic in Hanoi, with people aged 23 abortions up to 4 times a year. Age most abortions are under 25, the average person out 2-3 times before getting married (especially fish 4-5 times).

There are children being removed from the womb until a popular shape, but only a handful of slimy, blush. To the oldest volunteers could not distinguish who with who. They come from many different warm womb but eventually shared a shroud. And, also very many of them only a little more time is being born.

Looking at the photos that were saved from the group I feel trembling. The shape boys, girls, six, seven, eight months, or even close to the date of birth, was cut into several pieces, pain located on the white shroud. Write these words echoed in my ears is far-away sound of a team member told to Ms. Huong : "Grandma, you asked the doctor not to cut their heads become crushed."

There are also fortunate that they were taken from their mother's womb intact shape. There she was still alive and with such cases will be immediately taken to the hospital.

91 baby farewell ceremony

Present at the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Hanoi, Vietnam) a Saturday morning, with me this church today seems colder. Inside ongoing farewell Mass 91 infants. All the children are put together in a beautiful box, covered in white cloth on a table and also the white scarf of the purple ribbon. The people present seemed quieter, sometimes people look forward the bag that put in middle the church.

A farewell ceremony for the children resting place. This week the child is 91.

91 fetus in week, a very little of some clinics to cooperate to bring about the group burial. How many more children will go and. Mrs. Huong said that in recent years, no weekly group buried less than seventy fetus, have several weeks to more than 100 children.

Give them about resting place. Photo: H.Vinh

After the farewell ceremony, the children will be put on the infant cemetery Tu Chau (Lien Chau, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi) for burial. It is a small cemetery located between the vast plains. One can easily recognize the cemetery by the gray slabs of concrete cover and emerged as the cross quiet. Common tomb of the children is a big hole, this hole is divided into twelve small boxes, about 2m deep. Just buried layer loaded onto it until the other side full of boxes. Full this boxs will move into other boxs.

Tu Chau baby Cemetery located between immense field. Photo: BVSS

Because the fields are lying, every year in 12 months is 5 months of this place was flooded. Putting them on arrival, the first work of member is open the concrete lid and bail out water in the tomb to put coffins of the children in to. The  black water, look closely as there are fat and smell terrible stench. So that when the warrant barely finished slapping the wreckage was from the other cells to water, to stop to slap back.

One year 12 months, 5 months of the baby graves were flooded like this. Photo: BVSS

Less than 5 years, more than 8,000 sacred human life were resting here and will be even more when the parents themselves kill innocent children of them, despite health and safety.

Minh Thu

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