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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 149 (15-06-2012)


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 Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine Freedom of Speech 149 issued on 15-06-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the water for dear compatriots.
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There are freedom, the press is honest !
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 149 (15-06-2012)

            On 21-06 the Communists here called "Revolutionary Press Day VN". It comes from the Ho Chi Minh City (then masquerade as Nguyen Ai Quoc) founder says "Youth" dated 21-6-1925. In the history of journalism through Vietnam, from the '60s of the 19th century had "Gia Dinh Newspaper" and some other newspapers in turn was born in Saigon, Hanoi and several other localities. But the report "Youth" has opened a new press line advocated by the Communist and called a "revolutionary", said to fight "for independence, freedom and socialism". Because of this sense in 1985, the Communist Party has issued Decision No. 52 take 21-6 every year as "On the press VN" and in 2000 it changed to "Revolutionary Press Day VN", said to "improve the role and social responsibility of the press, tightened the relationship between the public press, "is" to strengthen the newspaper of the Party leadership. "

            Before 1975, this Communist-press by sole- market was "success" in the push of the Northern people into an bloody land reform, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent farmers, through the articles of Ho Chi Minh, Truong Chinh, Tran Huy Lieu ... slander landlords and promote it as a slaughter chain revolution "landslide" and followed it into battle to destroy Humanities Age movement products, intellectuals destroy the North, through articles of To Huu Pham Huy Thong ... slandered innumerable terrorist elite of the country. Rest a while, proprietary media tools continue to mobilize the party's Northern people rushed into the war to "liberate" South by South Vietnam lies presented as a hell, where the people are hungry interminably, USA and puppet regime oppressed people, and the government is Empire's minions only; through bristle up " artificial heroes " as Le Van Tam, Nguyen Van Be ... to stimulate young people (nearly 3 million) brush themselves to death (born in the North- dead in the South) and then by drawing out (immediate foreign) place the image as full bliss Democratic Republic ("Paradise of my children" under "Songs Spring 1961" by To Huu ). The kinds of these propaganda deception newspapers, misery instead, are the support of many "leftist intellectuals" innocent abroad of the antiwar movement and "communist intellectuals" naive in the countries of the NLF. People remember stories Casalis Pastor Roger, one of the senior leaders of Protestantism in France once said, "good society that Jesus seeks to build on earth today began implementation in North Vietnam" . State Priests Truong Ba Can, in 1974 from Saigon, also wrote the book brazenly with titled "20 years of socialist construction of the North". Until the people in the Norht had crossed the Ben Hai river to the South after 1975, he just his head broken because he had been got fraud brazenly by the Party's newspaper.

            So from the "sighted" people, the media revolution seems to move in that direction to sleep and hide. Southerners know that most religious, traditional party organizations or churches launched the newspaper "combined religion with socialism" to lull believers. Typically the sheet "National Catholic" CG's Solidarity Committee, The "Enlightenment" of the Buddhist Church of VN ... The tools disguised as religion is sugar-coated poison, used to fill teaching warrant for the son pollen capital regime considered belief in the divine entity is the number one enemy, and to entice believers believe in the "Holy Ho Chi Minh" than in "God" and "Buddha", most of them targeting eyes to the mistakes and crimes of the government and blindly trust the wicked ways of the party policy. The cover is now made particularly to the events of international stature. For example, when VN-day 24-9-1982 - participated in two International Human Rights Convention, shall not published any newspaper in the country intact two important documents for the entire people is known, and so far so . On the morning of 14-3-1988, to protect national sovereignty in the territorial waters of a war odyssey, 64 People's Army soldiers who died on the beach VN Ma Antlers of the Spratly Islands, so that no one stream news or the media of communist praised later and at that moment. To date nearly year of event , much of the press trying to recall memories, but most are prohibited. Vietnam-China Border Agreement was signed on 30-12-1999, but so far, there has been no public notice or the party newspaper published the full text with graphic of this Agreement to be knowledgeable national?

            Early 21st century, when the modern media such as mobile phones, global network, information superhighway, are popular in Vietnamese soil, almost too many people no longer believe in the kind of journalism (very strong) of the party. People can buy the state newspaper (pretty cheap), it is mostly used for packaging or in the toilet. Besides the party newspaper People reported this appearance. Confronting right margin newspapers (live on taxpayer money) is press the left margin increasingly crowded capital, own capital (money, effort) but not to find profit, in addition to the benefits that dominate public forum and mind readers. So revolutionary press switch to "talk get to speak" or "silent ignore" brazenly, knowing most people still lack access to background information freely and the party is still possible administrative use of violence (force to read the state newspapers, banned as "reactionary newspaper") to further conceal the eyes and ears poisoned mind students and employees in public administration. People still remember in the nunciature and Thai Ha parish (2008), despite the apparent complete information from the victims are put online every day, CS media (especially the New Hanoi and An Ninh Thu Do) is distorting the shameless way. Undercut any statements of Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet, which staged the video clip slandering priests and parishioners of Thai Ha. When Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu was the hand of state repression to silence (2010), the party newspaper "surface board" he immediately. A series of papers from VietnamNet to Youth, Dan Tri ... simultaneously fabricated news to the same ("Mr. and Mrs. HLNQ CHHV up in the very" private "with" two condoms used "). Upon the occurrence of the street protests of the people in Saigon and Hanoi against communist China aggression (started from 05-06-2011), not the article, the news of right margin newspapers mention of this proud event. In two major newspapers in VN is Thanh Nien and Tuoi Tre, the most important items on TN 100th anniversary HCM first day abroad, the TT is all about the most important student high school graduation exam. The other papers Vietnamnet VNExpress or just full of entertainment news. To 21 and 22-8-2011, Hanoi television to play the slander and misrepresentation to call the protesters as "reactionaries." More recently, in the land robbery in Tien Lang, Van Giang, Vu Ban, Can Tho ... in the assault citizens in the U.S. Chapter philanthropist, Han Nom Library, Information and Communication of Hanoi ... despite numerous images and words of the witnesses / victims, the press still con revolutionary way swaggering opinion, still calmly go to the end the shameful and despicable. The Van Giang with crackdown brutal people have been recording over the video clip to blow up the computer screen, but the report still excited Vietnamnet days 26-04 reprinted spoofish words of Bui Huy Thanh, district office of Hung Yen People's Committee: "The process of construction and support enforcement clearance handing over the land in Xuan Quan has complied with the direction of the Government, to ensure absolute safety people and vehicles; are numerous officials, Party members and people in general, Van Giang district, Xuan Quan particular sympathy and support .. ». About the incident at the library on Han Nom 18-05, the "One must shudder chills before the newspapers carrying such beautiful names Quan Doi Nhan Dan, Veterans VN but to do the specialized raiding to People, lie to people despite all the truth and conscience "(Nguyen Huu Vinh)

            Recently, the morning of 11-6, the full text of "draft decree management, provision and use of internet services and content online information" have been published on the website of the Ministry of 4T. 30-page text, 5 chapters with many prohibitions that tens of millions of Vietnamese people will face. In the name and pretext of "national security, social order and safety and crime prevention on the network, prevent, detect, prevent and combat acts of using or abusing the Internet and provide information on the network to violate national security, violate public order and social safety and interests of citizens, to prevent to lose or to let out state secrets over the network ... ", the result is declared Decree Article 88 Development of Criminal Law in the Internet field, and only a single goal: shut your eyes, ears, mouth and just let party to be the Spirit of Truth and Spirit of Justice. To not appear on the network from the float test video clip thrown at Doi Ngo school, Bac Giang on ... 04-06, the news secret history of providing intensive form as "pouring 60,000 billion for agriculture and rural past is over 10,000 billion has poured into the project in raising 1000 cows of Ms. Thai Huong, North Asian bankers, friend of prime minister ... "comments" insulting "about the government constructed the Temple of brothers and parents of Ho Chi Minh in Kim Lien Commune, Nam Dan district date from 10-06 ... To have the website presents accurate, correct reasoning and judgment on the true events and issues affecting religion, national and nations as Dan Lam Bao, Nu Vuong Cong Ly., Anh Ba Sam ...

            Looking back at the revolutionary press, everyone can see it was never true, because it has never been free, whereas manipulated and used by people who live only for one purpose: captures in hand all power to freely enjoy all rights, regardless of ethnicity, country. So that journalism never "improve [the] role and social responsibility of the press, tightened [is] the relationship between public journalism" at all; on the contrary it has been contribute to the journalists in  writing follow the orders, the terrified of citizens before power or indifference to fate of the country, a country increasingly backwards, chaos and risk of elimination by foreign. These dishonest newspapers that only loyalty, but loyalty to defend of lies is the betrayal has been a major that cause harm to its host community and the people in which it is maneuver.


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