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Australia promotes Vietnam to improve human rights


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After success with receiving about 150 thousand signatures of Vietnamese-American community from the campaign to sign the petition on Human Rights petition directly to the U.S. government through the program "We the people "is posted on the official website of the White House, the Human Rights campaign for Vietnam was really influential to the Vietnamese community currently living in other countries such as Australia, Canada Norway......... the latest typical is the campaign Human Rights for Vietnam continues to achieve success in Australia with the participation of signatures by more than 55 thousands of Vietnamese here.

The campaign for the Vietnam Human Rights in the countries mentioned above has really attracted the attention and deep concern not only for the Vietnamese community, but also from the leaders of those countries . Worst human rights situation in Vietnam in recent years have really made foreign and domestic public opinion extremely urgent and must be received harsh criticism from international human rights organizations and many countries world including the United States, Australia, Canada, Norway .... and many other countries. Particularly serious in recent years, Human Rights in Vietnam was Vietnam's communist government trampling rudely to suppress use of force and beating people related to enforcement of land.

In addition, corruption, religious persecution and prejudice the right of freedom of speech of the people is the focus of attention and concern of the international human rights organizations and countries like the United States , the European Community .... Status serious violations of human rights in Vietnam were actually interfere with and cause adverse impact on relations and cooperation between the Hanoi government and the U.S. government also as for many other countries. Now, Vietnam's communist government must truly wise and choose for themselves a path properly and in accordance with the current situation in the country. If the country continues to develop in all aspects and further on, the International School of Vietnam must do first is strict and swift access to the Democratic way and strictly respect the basic rights of the people.


Australia promotes Vietnam to improve human rights

Thượng nghị sĩ Australia Ron Boswell

Senator Ron Boswell Federation of Australia on 21/6 presented to parliament a petition with 55,000 signatures on the Vietnamese community in Australia Australian government requirements promote Vietnam to improve its human rights record.

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News 9News on 21/6 quoted by Senator Mark Furner said the Australian government would support an action coalition in parliament backed calls for Vietnam to improve human rights.

Petition by the Vietnamese community in Australia launched in April this year with the sponsorship of Senator Boswell.

In an anouncement on his website, Mr. Boswell said he was pleased to submit this petition to the Senate to demand stronger measures to improve the human rights situation in Vietnam.

The petition also asked the Australian Senate questioning as to improve human rights conditions to Hanoi can get the source of Australia's development assistance to Vietnam.

A similar petition signed by over 130,000 Vietnamese community in the U.S. in March has led to meetings at the White House between U.S. officials with the Vietnamese delegation on human rights issues in Vietnam.

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