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Corruption land push the country and people of Vietnam to the edge of abyss ....


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Disputes and land claims between the government and Religions, between government and people over the years has been the focal point to attract attention and interest from foreign and domestic public opinion as well as International. The situation above was really hot and is becoming more serious when Vietnam's communist government used indiscriminate force to coercive appropriation of land and property of people regardless of balance Comments and abroad, despite moral and despite violations of the law, the Constitution and international law. The wave of outrage increased when the government at all levels to mobilize the powerful force including police and military armament guns, truncheons electric batons and dogs attack people as conducted in Tien Lang, Van Giang and Vu Ban made the press and many senior officials of the government into action.

The key issues and also the main cause of dissatisfaction in people are the existence of "corruption" from government officials, from government at all levels related to huge benefits land leads to manipulation, colluding with each other and cover up deliberately in principle, contrary to the provisions in the area of ​​land including clearing land planning, land compensation plan and displaced people have resettled land withdrawn to carry out public projects. Support life and help change their occupations to ensure a stable life for people after resettlement in the new place. The corruption so long was actually obscured the conscience of the government officials led to a series of misconduct and violations of law and was really pushing people to the brink.

The problem mentioned above also contributed to creating social unrest, political instability and not careful can cause serious conflict between the government and the people. Once fallen into distress, without shelter, without shelter, without a stable job, no land for subsistence farms was when the people beyond their own fears as they nothing left to lose, no one can be sure what will happen, and those who fall into the dead end that will think nothing and do nothing to change their fate? Unpredictable consequences and it is exactly what the leaders of government and to consider whether. Our grandparent in the past often say "strong State, rich people" when referring to the national situation and this is also true that already exists in everyone regardless of nationality. Action to push people to where extreme poverty will take the country to where? when there's only part of government officials is rich and prosperous?


The government's land tensions with Thu Thiem, people make fence to keep land

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   VRNs (06/18/2012) - Saigon - An intellectual man said to VRNs reporter: "The project in Thu Thiem new urban area under Decision 367 / TTG 04/06/1996 the Prime Minister of the Party's mind popular. But when doing the project turned into poor people's land confiscation. Losing the confidence of the people. To discredit the party and state. This is the cause of political instability, a plot of peaceful evolution of capitalism red! They are serious violations of fundamental human rights. " According to this man: "If not promptly restructured, certainly there will be rebellion!"

The tension in the Thu Thiem has increased few today, when the house number  B8 / 9 Luong Dinh, Quarter 1, Binh Khanh Ward, District 2, Saigon, be forced to release, because the owner of this house is Le Thi Thu Huong and her husband, Mr. Paul Kevin Losey, U.S. citizens, the United Nations staff.

According to Le Thi Thu Huong said that she remains as owner by the certificate of ownership of houses and land at No.: 3479/2000, the HCM City People's Committee issued on 7/04/2000.

As people witnessed the enforcement, said Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong and Mr. Do Huy Thuy, president and vice president Binh Khanh challenged Ms. Huong: "Tell your husband to complain at the United Nations to see who will die?, you think your husband is American, is well? eh, I see who could do something to me! "

The nickname is Dan Thu Thiem said: "The reality shows that people with positions and responsibilities. Took advantage of their positions and powers, deprived of the legitimate rights of the people. Seize land of the poor, sharing to rich people. Get people's land, divided to those who holding positions and powers. HCM City and District 2 of the people, insensitive and misleading superiors, phishing people, going against the policy of the Party and State, planning to blatantly break the Thu Thiem New Urban! Self-land grant for the family company. People seize land in use, then divide each other. According to city inspection conclusions: Take 169 hectare divided by 64 subdivision project sales background. Corruption is so large, but is shielded, protection and gloss. "

Now there are some phenomenal people were forced to go elsewhere is coming back, fencing, protection of their land.


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