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The communist government of Vietnam continues to trample on religious freedom rights of the people



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Vietnam's communist government has once again continued violations of religious freedom that is hindering the typical religious activities and attacks causing serious injury to the laity in Chau Binh commune, Quy Chau district, Diocese of Vinh on 11 May 2012 06. So long, the parish is located in the Diocese of Vinh always been the focus of attention, a strict monitoring from the government of Nghe An province. In the past years, the authorities of Nghe An has many activities violate freedom of belief of the people through the cases of harassment, repression and hinder all activities of the laity and religious practices of many pastoral Priests. More seriously, Nghe An authorities also made dozens of secret abductions for young Catholics confusion and urgency in the public opinion in recent years.

This is not the first time in Nghe An provincial government acts obstructing implementation and suppressing religion in the province. In the past year, as parish My Loc, parish My Du, Long Ham parish, chapel Con Cuong ......and many other parishes in diocese of Vinh has become the target of repression and attacks Priests, Monks and lay people with great cruelty. Vietnam's communist government has trampled upon freedom of belief of the people by the actions most evil and despicable, cynical, law and human rights violations. In addition, there are government interventions directly in the internal affairs of religion to control and monitor all activities effective Religion which show clear signs when a general of Police Department appointed hold the responsibility, the role of head of Religious Affairs Committee.

Freedom of religion of the people has been Vietnam's communist government violated and trampled a very systematic and sophisticated over the years. Apparently, there was little anyone to see and understand the reality of religious freedom in Vietnam, especially the visitors from around the world when the sightseeing tours in Vietnam in a short period also be mistaken because they see people in the country were allowed to attend Mass at the places of worship such as churches, temples, shrines .... Besides looks magnificent remodeled by expansion, construction distilled from the church and the temple in some areas also contributed to create perfect picture and optimistic about religious freedom in Vietnam. In fact, the government with the help from the government Committee for Religious, Religious Solidarity Committee, the Board of the Vietnam Fatherland Front .... completely control and effective control of Religions in all aspects as well as deceiving the public in domestic and international.


Diocese of Vinh voiced the Quy Chau district government crackdown on the church
Posted by cheoreo 18/06/12 at 10:56 pm

   VRNs (06/18/2012) - Home Vinh diocese published case authorities Chau Binh Quy Chau district, Nghe An province suppress Catholic laity in the Quy Chau, Phu Quy particles occurred on 11/6 / 2012. On 6/16/2012, Father Nguyen Van Huong, director of the Office Social Doai Bishop sent the letter of 28/12 VTTG spoken on the incident. The letter wrote, "Quy Chau District People's Committee shall take full responsibility for the day 06/11/2012, infringement of religious freedom and beating people severely injured, divisive people between the Catholics and non-religious people, and confusing people. We strongly condemn the unlawful behavior and offending religious as well as health and lives of the people. "

This is not the first case occurred in Vietnam, but it is the first serious incident occurred in the diocese of Vinh. Causes not due to "the policy right, but subordinates do wrong", but due to wrong policies on religion. Need suppressing the Decree relating to religion in order to prevent the discrimination, stigma. The people of Vietnam have only one law applies to everyone equally.
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