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Vietnam's communist government serious violations of freedom of speech right by issuing a new decree to tighten control and management of Internet


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The new decree to replace Decree 97 of government on management and internet use will be issued in June has really made public opinion and foreign interest worried. This is a move to tighten the management and supervision of voice dissent with the government. Above actions have seriously violated the right of freedom of speech which so long has been heavily criticized from the International Human Rights Organization and many countries around the world. Democratization in the trend today is the Global internet use and transfer information online is extremely urgent needs for Vietnam as well as other countries around the world. Internet boom not only help countries detect and eliminate corruption in his country but also an effective way to help detect wrongdoing and violating human rights in many countries. Especially in communist countries with rule of totalitarian systems, harsh and inhumane.

Also the explosion of information network and global internet services also contributed to the success of the revolution in the name "Arab Spring" in some countries of the Middle East and North Africa during the time through, especially in Burma, a country that is ruled and run by a junta group, dictatorial and draconian conservative government. A country that has many similarities with Vietnam in the rule and run the country. No one could think also thanks to the global internet information explosion has brought positive change for Burma in the access to democracy today. However, precisely because of this tremendous achievement that Vietnam's communist government has become alarming in front of a scenario similar to the uprising of the people in Vietnam. This is the main cause leading to the new decree issued by the government to tighten control and use of management and internet services in Vietnam.

While many countries around the world are acting together to attempt to detect and eliminate corruption associated with the press, the media and reflected from the people through the website and use the internet service in Vietnam, the dictatorial leader communist party and government have opposed the move, left behind a confusing way, while open to the public claims before domestic and international that the government of Vietnam has been promoting the campaign strongly against and eliminate corruption and promote democracy and human rights fully respected. In fact, authorities are trying to strive to distort the truth and deceive the public through increase the implementation of the crackdown on dissenting voices in the country as well as limited and prevents expression of people through various forms such as control of the press and the media, tightening management and closely monitor the expression of the people, prohibits criticism of the government in any form most of the components Blogger, journalist, writer .... that the new government decree on the management of internet is about to be issued in June to powerful demonstration of this is indisputable.


Saturday, 09/06/2012
RadioNews / Vietnam

U.S. Congressman concerned about the decree of internet controlling that  issued in VN

Congressman Frank Wolf


Tra Mi-VOA


Co-Chair Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the U.S. House, Rep. Frank Wolf, letter to Chairman and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, expressed concern about the status of human rights violations in Vietnam and Decree internet management Recession the government issued Decree 97 replaces.

Newsletter for Facebook that the new Decree on Management, Supply, and Use of Internet services and online information of Vietnam not only affect Internet companies doing business in Vietnam but also the effects serious harm to freedom of expression and access to information of people in the country.

The letter states Decree Vietnam which will be issued in June this year, those who publish content on the Internet criticizing the government is illegal, net users are required to provide their real names and information personal information to the government to roll out clues.

Congressman Frank Wolf said the new decree was extremely worrying because it could turn Internet companies like Facebook become complicit with the actions of repression and human rights violations by the Vietnam government regulations forced companies provide Internet blogs, chat, and forums on social networks such as Facebook to provide information about any activity on the state network is prohibited.

The letter of Congressman Frank Wolf emphasized the United States is the symbol of democracy worldwide and so the U.S. companies enjoy the freedom and resources of the United States should seek to share ownership and human rights derived .

U.S. lawmakers asked the U.S. company said Facebook's response if the new Decree on the management of Vietnam's Internet enforcement official.

In comments sent the government of Vietnam earlier this month, the U.S. government said that the draft Decree on the Management, Provision and Use of Internet services and information on Vietnam's cause of concerns about the impact of trade and broader freedom of expression of citizens. U.S. proposal to VN consider some terms are unclear or not reasonable to avoid this decree can be abused to restrict legitimate trade activities in the field of Internet service providers as well as gender limit access to information and expression of citizens.

Vietnam, one of the country was organized by Reporters Without Borders list to the list 'Enemies of the Internet' in a row in recent years, said the new decree replaces Decree issued in 2008 to consistent with current practice situation.

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