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Vietnam's communist government to promptly return all legitimate land property of the Catholic Church that the government has borrowed in use for decades


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After 1954, since the Northern government fell to communist as well as after 1975 when communist in the North continues invaded the South of Vietnam, thousands of grassroots organizations under their management and ownership of Catholic Church in Vietnam, including the church, monastery, and other charitable organizations such as nursing homes, kindergartens, homes, hospitals, schools .... v .. v ... has been Vietnam's communist government seized an illegal in many forms such as confiscation, takeover and borrowed throughout the decades that do not return although the Catholic Church has urgent need to use for religious activities and beliefs. The leaders of Vietnam Catholic Church had repeatedly sent petitions to the government authorities to demand to be satisfactorily resolved.

However, until today, Vietnam's communist government continues to ignore the attention of all representatives of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Moreover, governments at all levels are finding every way to remove traces of "ownership" on the property which they had borrowed land previously used by many deceitful tricks, bad as in night has turned the land area under their lawful ownership of the nunciature in Hanoi became the "park". Or borrow land of abbey, parish Thai Ha Ha Noi to make hospital but then turn the hospital became a playboy and then to appropriate by tricks always bad when to conduct building wastewater treatment in hospital nominally serving the interests of the people. In fact, the government is carrying out the method to eliminate all traces of certifying the right to "own" land mass properties that they possess make their own by way of "borrowing."

According to the statistics, the total assets of land owned by the Catholic Church of Vietnam, including South and North has reached thousands. In addition to conducting the ways and tricks to take over bad assets permanent land of Vietnam Catholic Church, the authorities also blatantly use force to suppress the Priests, Religious and lay people when they stand out defended the agency Religion current organization of the Church. Aimed at reconciliation and to show its goodwill in settling disputes and land claims peacefully, in a letter sent to Archdiocese of Kontum on 15-02-2012, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh has proposed a solution requires goodwill on government property returned land to the Church by three methods are classified as follows:

       - Type 1: absolute must pay back the land assets include: Churches, seminaries, monasteries ... to serve for religious activities and beliefs.

       - Type 2: The government will be agreed to continue using the property includes land lemongrass: the charitable institutions of charity such as schools, hospitals and orphanages .... only objection if governments not use as initial goals.

       - Type 3: all other assets such as land, fields and gardens of this property .... 60% of assets of each place. Church will not recover and continue to serve these facilities to the society.

Although the Catholic Church in Vietnam has expressed willingness and desire to settle land disputes by peaceful manner however, Vietnam's communist government continued to have the aggression and lack of goodwill. In recent years, governments at all levels continue to carry out the wicked tricks with the purpose to appropriate the property permanently block of land they seized during the past decade with no intention to return . This is an action not acceptable. Vietnam's communist government is still out as to the sentence: the authorities have always supported the best religion in the good religious life. But in fact the government is always hindered the implementation of Religions nice purposes mentioned above.


Bishop's letter sent Kon Tum Kon Tum provincial government on the basis of religion had been broken
Posted by cheoreo2 at 5:51 the morning of 6/23/12

   VRNs (06/23/2012) - Status captured by and "borrow" the religious establishment has not paid then and is happening in many places in Vietnam.
This is a major handicap makes any dialogue and cooperation between the state religion stalling. In the letter dated 05.28.2012 of 48/VT/12/tgmkt, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh, Bishop of Kon Tum he wrote to Chairman Kon Tum has the: "'lost money, lost property is lost a little! dishonor is lost much! and Disbelief will be lost at all! '. But, here is not just a matter of wealth asset that is equality and justice, as his people and the interests of the people, is the law and of human happiness! When people are not alright, the big still become small? Speaking for the people, by the people, by people but do not live and behave correctly is betrayal. Complicity or silence not to speak out against the wrongdoings of officials is to contribute to the social harm. "

VRNs please post back to this important letter:

                                   Office of the Bishop - Diocese of Kontum
                                   146 Tran Hung Dao - Kontum - Vietnam
                                   Number 48/VT/12/tgmkt

                                                      Kon Tum, 28 May 2012 05.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung,
President of the People's Committee - Kontum Province.

Dear Mr. President,

Sources said about the provincial education will broke the mercy Centre building of Bishop of Kontum is located at 12 Nguyen Hue St. Unified Dist. Kontum, to build schools to train kindergarten teachers! How is the truth? This establishment, government borrowing after 1975, Bishop has sent requests to the facility several times, but the government propensity to procrastinate. This is not just a matter of property of a group home, but also typical for the policy of a regime. Accept or silence to an agency destroy the evidence a basis "borrowed" without give back is synonymous with crime! Therefore, we would alarm to Mr. President to promptly stop the illegal employment of a didactic departments with legitimate aspirations of our Church.

Life experiences of poet Van goeth worth for those eager to progress towards the same reflection, " lost money, lost property lost little! dishonor lost much! Lost faith, lost at all! "

Well natural law taught: belong to whom, return to that one! how State Law of XHCNVN taught? The Officer still said: "Our regime do not seize from people even a thread!" The use of guns that get's what it is? In fact, local government has "ignored" and behavior contrary to what was asserted, was prescribed. Specifically Monastery of the Daughters of Charity of No. 11 Nguyen Hue, Kontum, had from 1936, the government still knock out the building schools Nguyen Tat Thanh, while the sisters still have to go in which the retirement of the priest at 19 Nguyen Trai, Kontum. And the Sisters of Providence again expelled from his monastery to ask Bishop to the past thirty some years, that is, how? But the Mercy Center administration "borrowed from 1978 to now" there probably would accept this for education authorities to destroy a "counter-education" stars? People have ears and eyes, with a brain to think. The people is for ever, officials is precarious! in the near future finish post, finish power you will be alive to these truth!

The people told that: There is a rich man, the end of year order his manager to shop to buy what's missing. Known that, the manager when arrive market to announce their debt forgiven to them for everyone! The boss asked, "Why do that?" The manager said: "Sir, your home is everything then! Jewelry, silk, rice is abundant! only lack of affection and gratitude! So I forgive for everyone by your name! "After a while, the rich man was down and out, getting anywhere He also has the welcome! This is the long-term plan "announced to sacrifice life, my life also tried"! This is a good example for other government officials contemplate and act for the "useful country's interests" to the "on vacation" "heart is well"!

Add a conversation between Mr. Religion and staff at our agency. On that day, including Representative Priest and General Director of the seminary priests were also present. The question is the driver or the car of death to liability and in prison? the staff said that "driver, the car know what that force it in prison!", While "we", the horizontal kept saying "that car, it hit and crushed people to death, car compensation and in prison , and the driver did not crush people to death; so unable to compensate and the driver is in jail (!) Finally we "for yield" (!) and "modest to admit that he, officials Religion told reasonable "(!). That, we just asked that officers to tell the authorities returned the Hieu Dao Cathedral to the Catholic Church , The Yao Phu Cuenot, Monastery of the Sisters of Charity, Kim Phuoc Abbey and other assets! Poor facilities that "they knew nothing" that must be uninterrupted throughout the years imprisonment! But the laity and the nuns, more than 30 years ", up to now, still have to go to church to illegally staying still there. No retreat, how could be well in career and to settle down?!

Dear Mr. President,

Living in a society is how to do the big issue that comes to every property is a reluctant! Our conviction: "Of fleeting life, people promptly died!;" lost money, lost property is lost little! dishonor lost much! Lost confidence, lost at all. " But, here is not just a matter of wealth asset that is equality and justice, as his people and the interests of the people, is the law and of human happiness! When hearts of people are not alright, the big is still become small? Speaking for the people, by the people, by people that do not live and behave correctly is betrayal.
Complicity or silence not to speak out against the wrongdoings of officials is to contribute to the social harm. 2 story recounted above, to Mr. President understood the suffering of the people there so long, understand that the hearts of those who are placed on civil service, is responsible for protecting the legitimate rights of the people. We do not ask favors, just wanted to be a fair treatment of people "have the right to live a good life" in society are decent law! And also just wanted everything to be resolved in a spirit of respect for truth, justice and love.

Michael Hoang Duc Oanh +
Bishop of Kontum

* A copy of the CC:

Vietnam Fatherland Front in Kontum Province.
Kontum Province Public Security Department.
Department of Home Affairs (The Religion).
Department of Education & Training Kontum Province.
P.Thong People First.
Save VP / TGM.

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