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New crackdown by the Communist government of Vietnam targeted Blogger and character component Combating Corruption in Vietnam


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During past days, the official newspapers in the country are focusing published articles attacking fiercely Ms Le Hien Duc 80, a prominent character to fight hard to protect petitioners in the coercive land appropriating property illegally of the  Communist government of Vietnam and was a person who has been mentioned and praised by the local newspapers several times previously for Her positive anti-corruption achievements most of since she was Organization Transparency International (Transparency International) awarded Integrity (Integrity Award) in early 2008. The fate of Ms. Le Hien Duc is like the fate of many those who fighting for Democracy, Human Rights and the purity required of the society in Vietnam today.

In addition, stop of the blog of Dr Nguyen Xuan Dien and he himself is also becoming target for attack from the communist government of Vietnam again prove to the people of Vietnam and the National Community about Human Rights, especially freedom of speech is being Vietnam's communist government trampling rudely and blatantly despite the law, the Constitution and public international law. Above actions of the communist government of Vietnam is a move started a campaign aimed at suppressing components Blogger and the people who fight against corruption. They are really brave hero to the people but is thorn in the eyes of authorities that need to be removed in any way.

The communist government of Vietnam has always exhorted to fight corruption and find every reason to defend the human rights violations committed his first serious foreign and domestic public opinion as well as for the International Community. In fact, words and their actions contradict each other. And despite the best excuse, Vietnam's communist government can not forever hide the evil nature and his cunning. The leaders of the party and government, please wake up and stop all acts of unscrupulous repression targeting to people but use that power, that violence aimed at the enemy communist China, a country nominally allies, are brothers of Vietnam's neighbors, but there is direct provocation and conspiracy to invade the territory, our territorial waters.

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Press of Vietnam repeatedly attacked Ms. Le Hien Duc
Bà Lê Hiền Đức, giải thưởng Liêm chính (Integrity Award) năm 2008, thường xuyên có các hoạt động chống tham nhũng và bảo vệ người dân bị tước đoạt đất đai (Theo
Ms. Le Hien Duc, Award Integrity (Integrity Award) in 2008, regularly involved in activities against corruption and protection of people deprived of land (According

Thanh Phương

In past days, the official press in Vietnam has consistently published many articles attacking Le Hien Duc, who not long ago still be honored on government anti-corruption achievements. The above article offensive began was published, since the blogger Nguyen Xuan Dien are invited to work at the Department of Information and Communications, day 01/06 recently, about the information related to the page his blog.

Although not invited in this meeting, but lawyer Ha Huy Son and Ms Le Hien Duc followed Nguyen Xuan Dien. Lawyer Ha Huy Son then went out, but Ms. Le Hien Duc stayed until night.

Vietnam VTV Television at 05/06 has a report that Le Hien Duc has the action «obstruct the inspection», «disturbing public order» in the Department of Information and Communication Ha Noi, and said she had "herself smashed an office window" of the municipal office and "herself causing injury».Newspaper of the Communist Party of Vietnam in two days 05 and 06/06 also published two articles attacking Le Hien Duc and said police are gathering evidence to handle the "object of disturbing." Today's turn to enter the New Hanoi newspaper with articles condemning Le Hien Duc «disturb public order and damaging property of the State». The article also criticized the blogger Nguyen Xuan Dien, asks the question, why he is a PhD, qualified, educated to «pull» Le Hien Duc, to lead to service «troublemakers order »so?

About Ms.Le Hien Duc, she has denied the newspaper's information official, said she was the security guards of the Department of Information and Communications controled by force.

Le Hien Duc, has over 80 years, has repeatedly been the official media in Vietnam praised the achievements against corruption, especially since she was held Transparency International Integrity Awards (Integrity Award) in early 2008. In recent years, Le Hien Duc has actively participated in the struggle for the rights of landless farmers, especially in cases of land recovery enforcement.

In addition to Le Hien Duc, Vietnam press also began assaulting the blogger Nguyen Xuan Dien, namely through a post on Petrotimes newspaper yesterday. Titled: » What Blogger Nguyen Xuan area want? », The author of a paper describing Mr. Dien who has a lot of behavior« abnormal », with many pages« detrimental to the existing information and communication ». This paper is also required to consider «responsible solidarity» Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien during the «cause disorder» Her Le Hien Duc.

The blog of Dr Nguyen Xuan Dien is one of the blogs have a lot of visitors, because this site has had many reports of the protests against Chinese aggression and violated Vietnam's sovereignty in East Sea and many of the land as enforcement cases in Tien Lang, Hai Phong, or in Van Giang, Hung Yen past.

On 18/05 recently, a group calling itself the wounded soldiers have arbitrarily broke into Han-Nom Research Institute, where Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien ​​work, to threaten, demanding removal of all on his blog. 


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