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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 148 (01-06-2012)


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Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers- Semi-monthly magazine Freedom of Speech 148 issued on 01-06-2012,- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the water for dear compatriots.  
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                Stubborn in the wrong!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 148 (01-06-2012)

            The 5th Central Conference of Vietnamese Communist Party closes on Tuesday 15-5-2012 in Hanoi after 9 days caucus that the media are not allowed access. State television showed people know: Conference with 200 members, after nearly ten days "promptly, seriously, in the air of democracy, reform-with 750 turns of enthusiastic opinions, deep identity-was a great success "!?!

            Closing remarks by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (with content, words familiar to trite) and Report of the Central Executive Committee meeting was entirely consistent with the opening remarks of the first guys party which had driven to the agenda: careful about amending the Constitution as it is about "sensitive" and must not give up as this Article 4 as "suicide", maintaining the concept of "the rule of law socialist real separation of powers "by the absolute Communist Party leadership and comprehensive, continuing attached tail" socialist orientation "to the market economy and take the economy as the leading state; not restore mode private property on land and no land claims have been handled, seizing. This means that the party is intolerant of the things that hard-headed and practical people find that totally wrong.

            1 - The Constitution Article 4

            That are the foundation for the authority of the Communist Party, the terms of this unruly multitude who have been criticized for anti-democracy and asked how long suppress this. However, Nguyen Phu Trong again re-affirms: "The Communists ... is the force leading the State and society ", then recite back a bunch of empty formulas old scam: Mode in Vietnam is" democratic socialist ", the State is in Vietnam "legitimate state socialism of the people, by the people and for the people. All state power belongs to the people; people to exercise state power through the state organization under the leadership of the Party ... "," The State shall respect and ensure human rights, civil rights ... Citizen's rights are inseparable from civic obligations "Then is" State separation of powers was not ... "," The power of the state is uniform with the assignment, coordination and control among legislature, executive and judiciary. "

            Therefore mentality Party leaders have comprehensive, and 3 the highest power in the state system is a tool in the hands of the Party, so people understand why the majority of cadres and party members, especially those components authorities never strictly adheres to Article 8 of the 1992 Constitution says: "The state agencies, officers and employees must show respect for the people, devotedly serve the people, maintain close contact with people People, listen to and under the supervision of people's resolve to fight against all manifestations of bureaucracy, arrogance, authoritarianism, corruption. "On the contrary many cadres, party members no longer" Servant "of the people but rather the" Lords "," in the local , "" owner "area swaggering behavior, loss of dignity, luxurious living, specialized measuring lie, like violence, regarded as a servant to the people tortured, even as enemies to suppress or looting, worse than any time in history. And thus the party continued detention, trial, strongly condemns those who criticize dictatorial demands of pluralism, democracy cry. The latest preliminary hearing for 4 students patriotic and the appeal court judgment against two defenders in Nghe An, and the upcoming trial will be the punishment of three houses in Saigon newspaper ....

            Of course there are intellectuals who in the name, but is a servitor intellectuals, self-blinded to avoid looking at self-brainwashing to stop judging, calmly said: "There must be a party is missing democracy... Request a party but the party is also then able to clean and stick to the interests of the people ... When that party members are all well and the party has right policy that no harm anything. " Ha ha!

            2 - Regarding economic way.

            As in the speech last month at the high school party in Cuba, Nguyen Phu Trong stressed continued dominant role of the state economy and collective economy - "a solid foundation of national economy", followed Group to consider the state is strongest punch, the backbone of the economy, state enterprises as a tool for macroeconomic regulation and market stability? He asserted shamelessly that the "correctness of the point that" this: "This is the result of the process of thinking, thinking, searching, drawing from successful innovation practices of Vietnam."

            I wonder if a "reality" that Nguyen Phu Trong, "summarized" What is reality? While the immediate practical touch to touch people and foreigners in the country last year was the weakness and violations to become a sinner, become the victims of the modern corporation, the corporation (collectively the State Enterprises) where Nguyen Tan Dung and juniors are holding.

            SOEs are government investment (funding) to 34% of GDP, using up to 65% of total credit, more preferential land and countless other advantages. But the result is 9-10 business new capital made out to be a closed, private companies would lose business and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment =, direct investment from abroad). Mistakes such as investment spread, lax management, corruption and waste, abuse of power lies, indiscriminate enforcement of land ... has caused many serious consequences. Typically ships Vinashin Group has losses to 86,000 billion debt and left huge loss of ability to repay. Electricity monopoly corporations while not providing enough electricity for the country (25% deficit) that is invested outside the industry, such as investing in telecommunications but has lost more than ten thousand billion. Oil and Gas Group Petrovietnam with advantage  "The land donation and God bless " also be violations 18,000 billion. Corporations such as Coal Mining, Song Da, Viettel ... according to the state inspection, violations are also similar. Most recently, heated parliamentary and public opinion are scandals of corporations maritime Vinalines, "thousands of billions poured into the river into the sea like jokes" (Nguyen Ba Thanh). From 2007, general manager of Duong Chi Dung, automatic approval for construction and ship repair plant with an investment of 3,854 billion, ie U.S. $ 185 million. Next year, this cost increased to 6489 billion, ie U.S. $ 312 million. Similar to the floating docks with lifting capacity 25 thousand tons, but the same old spurious called No83M: May 10-2007 Duong Chi Dung signed investment 14.136 million. 2-2008 to May, which is only 4 months later, this investment money up to 24.3 million. And something strange is blatant acts of corruption were they always opened the new 2012, when the perpetrator is still being promoted to Director of Marine and hide for now.

            3 - Regarding land ownership.

            In his closing ceremony, Nguyen Phu Trong report: "The meeting agreed that, to further prove the land owned by the State, the people representing the owners and unified management." This means the upcoming constitutional amendment would retain the provisions of this section: "The land, forests, rivers and lakes, water, underground resources, resources in the waters, continental shelf and airspace ... owned the entire population is represented by the State owned and unified management. "

            Mr. pull-brained General Secretary also added as a new discovery: land use is also a type of property and goods, but not particularly property rights. It is clear that the intention to turn things right side of this option into a vehicle more in the hands of local government officials. In addition, Nguyen Phu Trong also want to include in the legislation forcing farmers not keep the land, demanding land and soil conservation. That is not right to keep living sources, requires living resources and protection of their livelihood! However, for a bit demagogic, Nguyen Phu Trong promised deadlines agricultural land may be extended term of 20 years and fill area plow can extend over 3 acres as at present. But even the children understand that "ownership of the entire population," said a lie out of space (socialist), is deceitful fraud. People is only a figurehead while land ownership is essentially in the hands of local officials and party members. The landlord has the right to deprive the peasants off the land that is "prescribed by law". While land ownership is the natural rights of man. While white skin government in America, in Australia in recent years had to return several large tracts of land for indigenous Aboriginal people is so.

            To support the thesis of Nguyen Phu Trong, the Quan Doi Nhan Dan Newspaper on 16 May wrote that in VN set to "people's livelihood, property, tremendous resources of the country", that people are entitled to use, but mainly to emphasize the obligations of land users rather than their benefits, from an "obligation to comply with the law on land and land use purposes, compliance planning "obligation to" abide by the decisions of the State land acquisition. "

            Because the principle of "land ownership" is not the same one on this planet (except China) that people have seen tens of thousands of thousands of people from the chase out of the residence or practice (livestock and planted ) by force. The most seriously is Tien Lang Hai Phong in January, Van Giang, Hung Yen in April, and in May for Vu Ban Nam Dinh, Ha Dong Duong Noi for simmering and the case of Cai Rang, Can Tho is causing sore conscience, display of the evil of communism through the mother and daughter had to use nudity to measures to try to keep their land.

            By reaffirming the power of their own economy is their property and land owned by them, the Communist Party is continuing to "walk under the hand in hand only sign of money and power ..." . Do not they know it's real bigotry in stalemate, hard-headed in the wrong. But are not to "all interests turned to the right hand" (the words Internationale) to slip back? However, the problem is that they will retain the long, dark clouds are the attacks signaled hurricanes flood of people appeared on the horizon?


Freedom of speech than 148 (01-06-2012) 

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