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Add a VN dissidents jailed for "propaganda against the state '


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Imprisonment, is adding a dissident was Vietnam's communist government sentenced for expressing freedom of speech and peaceful. In recent years, Hanoi authorities are citing reasons of national security and the terms of use vague, unreasonable in the criminal law to punish speech and imprisonment of not along the point to the government as in Articles 79 (conspiracy to overthrow the government) Article 258 (Taking advantage of Freedom and Democracy have infringements of State interests) or that about 88 were used most commonly present with allegations (propaganda against the party, against the regime) .... especially after the revolt of the people to overthrow dictators in countries of the Middle East and North Africa was named "Revolution Arab spring, "Hanoi's leaders have expressed fear about fiction a similar revolution called" Jasmine Revolution "can be explosive in Vietnam.

Although suffering intense criticism from international human rights organizations and many countries around the world, but Vietnam's communist government has not only ignored the criticism from domestic and foreign public opinion but also contrary increase the campaign of harassment, arrest and imprison anyone who does not have the same opinion with the government and have an attitude or act against whether their expression peacefully. Besides, the official Vietnam's communist leaders while also implemented several measures to tighten and restrict freedom of speech of the people through the control and limitation especially in the media sector Internet and composition of Blogger, who is now in the eyes of the authorities is the dangerous element that can cause adverse effects or may be detrimental to the direct and serious mode, to the interests of party leaders and governments at all levels. Therefore, a new regulation recently issued by the government about the use and management of Internet services that require the user to the service under his own name and the representatives of Internet service providers under the Foreign companies such as Google, facebook to put the server and representative offices in Vietnam.

Above measures to help the government controlled all activities of the components Blogger and people who use Internet services to punish those who are dissatisfied with the government and opposition behavior expressed through political opinions online. Above actions of Vietnam's communist government is not only unstoppable wave of anti-patriotic person but contrary they brought contradictory results and the typical reaction is the number of disaffected government and not the same opinion with growing government. Besides, political, social and economic instability are especially developed in the country have encountered economic problems and serious degradation by pressure of the International Community of love the need to improve human rights situation in Vietnam. In parallel, because there is no freedom of speech, corruption have had a chance to break-out and dramatically increase has really put country and people of Vietnam to the verge of the abyss.

Freedom and Democracy is the measures and is the only way to stabilize Social, political and economic development. The leaders of the Party and the Communist government of Vietnam is no longer any choice out of to accept the process of democratization of the country to promptly stop the recession the country in all aspects. Continued use of totalitarian power to rule the country is a choice unwise, before the trend of Democratization and Globalization today and can lead to internal conflicts as well as increased resistance from people and lead to collapse regime in nearly day is difficult to avoid. Next step to Burma, to improve Human Rights and  access to Freedom and Democracy is the only option, most appropriate to help Vietnam Social stability, political stability and economic development. At the same time significantly increase the position of Vietnam in regional and international arena. The only chance is really wide opening and welcoming ..... Goodwill from Party leadership and the communist government of Vietnam.


Prison for the character 'anti-government'

Update: 03:58 GMT - Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Tòa án tỉnh Ninh Thuận

The hearing took place on
Wednesday morning 6/6

Ninh Thuan Court closed the case five years in prison for the crime of Phan Ngoc Tuan propaganda against the socialist state, under Article 88 of the Penal Code. Reported in the national treatment session Instance Tuan, 53, took place Wednesday morning 6/6 in the town of Phan Rang Thap Cham.

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He also suffered another three years' probation, local jail after implementation.The indictment said the court from 4/2010 until 8/2011, Mr. Phan Ngoc Tuan "connect, receive money from a number of organizations and individuals in foreign reactionaries ... to store and distribute documents contain slander, libel, slander Party, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. "

Mr. Tuan also has been repeatedly accused of leaflets and pamphlets to spread defamatory content regime and the Communist Party leadership in Phan Rang, Ben Thanh Market (HCMC) and Hanoi.

Kien Thuc newspaper said in court, he pleaded not guilty.

'Being instigated'

His son, Phan Nguyen Ngoc Tu, being told has released to the network internet six video clips "with contents against breaking" under the direction of father.
Anh Tu is not a criminal prosecution by the act as 'incitement'.

French news agency AFP said Mr Phan Ngoc Tuan was arrested in August / 2011.
Recently, Vietnam court has jailed some dissident characters under Article 88.

Last week, the appellate court in Nghe An and confirm the penalty with two persons who were executed according to his propaganda against the state that human rights activists Ho Thi Bich Khuong and Nguyen Trung Ton Pastor.
Three bloggers journalists Club Freedom is about to be put on trial for charges.

The human rights groups abroad have repeatedly criticized the State of Vietnam using 88 of the Penal Code to imprison those who has no the same opinion with the authorities in the country.

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