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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 166 release dated 01 -03-2013




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 166 release dated 01 -03-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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 Singing on the corpses! Shouted on the people!!!
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 166 release dated 01 -03-2013

            1 - Singing on the corpses.

            That is the title of one of the songs of composer Trinh Cong Son, one of the witnesses of the massacre Tet 1968 caused by the Viet Cong (VC) in Hue. 45 years, from this monstrous crime of Ho Chi Minh and the Party accomplices, incense memorial of the victims families each spring back burning heart fellow Vietnam, especially dark red terracotta heart of the Butchers cruel and despicable. Bitter revenge for the defeat of the human mind (because there is no local people of South Vietnam revolt run by them) and in terms of military (for damaged enemy soldier 10 times: 100 thousand of lives that did not win anything), the name VC invade from the north and is located in the area called "Liberation Front" has killed more than 6,000 administrative officers and innocent civilians as they also rampant in the Hue and shameful before fleeing to the mountains in the guerrilla base. The form of murder that even the Chinese domination, the French, the Nazis gave up, as the beam column victims together and burned with gasoline, forced to sit on mine then smashed explosion , beheaded, in brine, beating by three guns, pile from under the table is set up to the neck, tied hands and feet in clusters and then pushed into the hole buried alive, all shows that Communist of Vietnam is not Vietnamese, not the person, but only demons of hell!!!

            However, despite the thousands of graves with tombstone to be engraved, tens of thousands of the rudimentary living witnesses, thousands of pictures of the foreign press (especially America's largest Life Weekly), hundreds of articles of how foreign and Vietnamese researchers, this abound on the global information superhighway, Hanoi still trying to break back history, distort the truth, to poison public opinion through the 12th episode of Le Phong Lan capital was shown on TV, YouTube launched, to a hand brazenly proud of that victory and on the other hand blame it all massacre of civilians to the armed forces and U.S. allies. Especially in episode 8, "tragic song," out comments denial of Le Phong Lan based on allegations of misrepresentation brusquely hand of anti-war pro-communist like Noam Chomsky and Gareth Porter, Butchers Nguyen Dac Xuan (People that TT-H knows) also lie to it's counter-attack role psychology lies of "American-Wei", is brutally cruel revenge of the South of Vietnam Republican government side, and he insuranced that need to "revisit the issue" because "Our anti-propaganda (VC) over the years is not enough weight"!?!

            Viet Cong was still singing on the corpses, as they had ever been drinking alcohol mixed with red blood, eating cylindric glutinous rice cake with mixing meat of nearly 10 thousand people in the victim as well as nearly 100 thousand comrades were baked into war and thoroughly unjust invasion 45 years ago.

            On the corpse song, VC also recently sang the day 17-02, the 34th anniversary of the China's aggression war aimed at the northern border provinces (1979). Back then, on the attack, soldiers fired guns and no mercy for anyone, anything they encounter on the road. Received orders from superiors "look no matter" (not accused of murder), Chinese soldiers down on gasoline use, mines, artillery, missiles, flame-throwers to destroy this village to village one person to another on Vietnamese soil. If in Bat Xat, Lao Cai, hundreds of women were raped, brutally killed on the day of the first soldiers to the system, thus in total capture village Hung Dao, Hoa An, Cao Bang, on 9-3-1979, before retreating, Chinese soldiers killed 43 people, including 20 children and 23 women. All were slashed with knives, thrown on the shores of shallow streams or thrown down wells. Then, according to the document of China, more than 42,000 Army soldiers Vietnamese people died, more than 10,000 wounded and 2,000 taken prisoner while fighting against the invaders.

            However, for many years, this harrowing and heroic battle was the Politburo deliberately buried in oblivion, by opaque ordered off the commemorative tombstone, to desolate cold martyrs cemetery, burn ban events in textbooks, such films commemorate the civilians killed and support their families, all were reluctant to mention it does not dare to name "China" ... Are when VN silent as the then Minister Le Van Cuong (Thanh Nien newspaper interview on 17-02), "the opportunity that we have statistics: system radio and television average Chinese press release from 600-800, all with the headline almost the same content of what they call "defensive war fought back before Vietnam. There are reports that China is over 90% of people have the notion that 1979 VN troops had crossed the border to attack China and force China to self-defense fighting back. "

            In the 34th anniversary of this day, as of the end of the day, the newspapers and the official website of the Vietnam People's Army, ND, Voice of Vietnam News Agency Vietnam, VN to Television many other newspapers did not see the memorial to the war, did not believe the party leadership, military or state visits, remember the event. Only one e-Youth interview. And yet, stems from feelings of gratitude dead, a group of artists, intellectuals and people of Hanoi in the presence of a former minister and a former ambassador to China was not able to carry a wreath to black tape to remember the ceremony - because hampered by rough-in the national memorial statue braving death, Ly Thai To monument, Bac Son monumental and ultimately Nguyen Hue monuments. They were not allowed to take photos at the spot with ice inscription "Eternal gratitude to the brave martyrs were sacrificed on the battlefield against the Chinese invaders." In Saigon, another group consists of 30 members including a former deputy and former communist officials to Tran Hung Dao statue to commemorate. But security forces are not harsh to stop them as in Hanoi, but they also have acted to remove some banners mounted on the wreath. That is the whole case clear guidance from the Politburo in Ba Dinh, not an arbitrary act of the local level, because the ruling group of the Hanoi People vile evil enemy with this very afraid upset the Chinese community. While there is a wealth of photos, articles (read online translation Vietnamese) that show the expansion Beijing was blatantly misrepresent facts, and celebrated the anniversary of invasion six border provinces of Vietnam , which we call war counter-attack in self-defense.

            Obviously, the blood and tears of the soldiers who had committed suicide and civilians lost their lives in the 1979 border war are screaming for justice, demanding recognition, are required to be remembered, are worthy of respect honor. But only the song "four good", singing "16 gold" (louder than the sound of soul of the victims of an injustice) of a bunch of those who was ingrate to soldiers, betrayed the nation and willing to selling country with attempt to retain power and interest in the position "Cinese governor" despicable and shameful!

            2 - Shouted on the people.

            Not only singing on corpses, but also CS is screaming on the people, the freedom citizens of Vietnam country, but they were considered as subjects and slaves, forced to listen to whatever they say and do any anything they transmit without controversy.
            Specifically, after the Draft Constitution by the crowd it make sense from Congress are written and released to the public, many intellectuals and ordinary citizens have rejected with Recommendation 7 points and a draft HP nature democratic opposition. They asked the government to publicly propose and draft, but Phan Trung Ly, NA Law Committee Chairman cum Chief Editor Draft amendments HP 1992, had shouted at them in a letter being meeting on 7-2: "Opinion proposal UB draft published draft HP by Mr. [ie former Minister of Justice Nguyen Dinh Loc, a representative group of] is not in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 of Resolution No. 38 / 2012 of the National Assembly ". Phan Trung Ly also threatened: "Please comply with the provisions of the law." As to concord, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung CS 27-2-2013 morning more shouted: "To propagate and mobilize people against the Party and the state, that is in the opposite direction, to resolutely fight and block. The consultation draft of the committee HP announced, on the basis of absorbing discussion of QH. That is the only way. But you held your other opinions, is could not. "

            And yet, in a statement in Vinh Phuc put on TV 25-2, Nguyen Phu Trong was roaring in front of all the people: "Recently there were different viewpoints can also be provided to political degradation , thought, ethics ... See who thoughts wanting to give up Article 4 of the Constitution, deny the party's leadership role? To ask multi-party pluralism? Separation of powers? There politicization of the military? Such perspective is a recession, but what else! ". This speech is very mixed indeed proud and insolent unprecedented confusion stupid boss of a servant before all the people. Consequently it has been responded immediately comment to busy agree to journalist Nguyen Dac Kien in "The announcement of the free citizens": "We not only want to remove the current Article 4 of the Constitution, but also want to organize a Constitutional Convention ... We support a pluralistic, multi-party, party support healthy competition for freedom, democracy, peace, progress of the people of Vietnam ... We not only support the construction of a separation of powers, but also want a decentralized polity vertical ... We support the non- politicization of the military ... We claim to have the right to declare the above and all other Vietnamese people have the right to such claims. We affirm, we are doing basic human rights as freedom of speech, freedom of thought ... "

            The trenchant words on how it led to forced the Communist Party to tearfully confess his crimes and stopped up the mouth screaming shouting as more than 60 years. Oh sinners of National, remember, be prepared for the day before the justice of the entire people!


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