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Overseas Vietnamese community to voice comments amend the State Constitution 1992




Clumsy democratic drama of the Vietnamese communist authorities although has been right the hands of those who staged it closed but the implications from wrong attempts it still fin onto the authoritarian leader of the Party and Vietnamese communist government. Vietnamese people both in and outside the country is still trying to take advantage of this rare opportunity thousand years to further fueled the flames democratic desire which was always smoldering in the heart of Vietnamese people from all walks of life so long this. Statement powerful and practical today's Vietnamese community in Australia to support the democracy movement in the country through the comments in the draft amendments to the Constitution of the State 1992 demonstrates the most eloquent, the most powerful not only expressions of solidarity ties between the Vietnamese people in the country with the Vietnamese Community in Australia in particular and Vietnamese people living all over the world in general but through it also forms an invisible power links to help the democratization process of the country come early as the will of the Vietnamese people. 

Hopefully not just the Vietnamese community in Australia interested in and share  with their fellow who's miserable at home that by the way of rare opportunity in the State to amend the Constitution this time of government Communist Vietnam, all Vietnamese people are living all over the world will be in the same direction heart to Vietnam to share the suffering and oppression that our siblings people have been incurred under brutal rule of the Vietnamese communist dictatorship and work together to build a true State Constitution, in which practically all the rights of the people, of the country and its people really are respect, as well as to meet the democratic desire in the hearts of the people, expected to create a civilized society and justice, where all the sufferings of the people and anxiety of lost country will disappear. 



Untitled  VRNs (13/03/2013) - NSW, Australia - January 12, 03, yesterday, nine grandparents president and free the Vietnamese communities around Australia have the same sign and the Notification of the draft common


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  VRNs (13/03/2013) - NSW, Australia - March 12, 2013, yesterday, nine Mr. and Ms. president of free the Vietnamese communities around Australia have the same sign and popular Notification of draft amendments The 1992 Constitution of the communist authorities.

VRNs would like to introduce this notice.

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