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Flag of Vietnam, a prominent noble symbol at the heart of Hanoi capital of Vietnam



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Nguyen Quang Duy

Yellow shirt with three red stripes of the Hanoi Law Students

Hanoi: Many images are circulating on Facebook with the youth wearing a yellow flag with three red stripes. That's sportswear students Lock 37 Hanoi Law School. Three of the bottom of them class 6, class 17 and class 25. Maybe all of them in course use this shirt. There are other pictures of others dressed in red and blue sports.

The figure comes mainly from personal albums and Facebook of Ha Ngoc and My Ha, maybe two law college students of course 37.

The photograph is in Hanoi's My Dinh Stadium, in the Peace park of My Dinh, Hanoi and in front of the University of Law, Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

A Hanoi residents have seen them wear yellow with three red stripes, said: "Actually, there is not news at all, nothing to wear yellow flag movement at all, but the emergence of this suit right in the Hanoi capital that made very heartwarming to me, I realized that the country must be represented by that flag, can not be a communist flag. It's beautiful images of the capital students that are students of law. "

A person in Melbourne, Australia, said: "If this flag shirt, even in the day 30-04-2013, it will be extremely important significance. And everyone wants to change the communist regime which sell country, harm people , shall continue to exercise, wear a flag on days like that, it symbolizes the distrust of the regime, communism was afraid but very difficult excuse to crack down. Thanks for those who have this initiative. "

Nguyen Quang Duy
Melbourne Australia

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