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Please act more strongly and more often to no scenes of people being tortured brutally as well as to sacrifice their own lives in a miscarriage of justice



Vietnamese people in the past few days has proved extremely urgent and wrath before violent acts as thugs of the police in Vietnam for Mr. Nghiem Duy Hoang 23-year-old native of Thanh Hoa in Vietnam who acts committed while in traffic led to his broken jaw and serious injury elsewhere on the body. Public opinion in the country is still not out of urgent yet, the tragic death of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh was born in 1986 living in the Ca city, ward Hoi Hop, Vinh Phuc Vinh Yen city, along with conclusions and interpretations of the authorities police power unreasonably, and injustice as water overflow glass making hundreds, thousands of people were furious leading to a collective protest with coffins of victims today .

Living in a socialist environment under the communist dictatorship of Vietnam together with the Communist Party and the ruling for himself the right to sit on the state law, the Constitution and all the provisions of such law another more senseless sheet of paper and the lives of more and more people become extremely small just like the life of an ant, want to torment, want to trample, want to abuse in one way or another and even necessary to kill off as they like. In recent years, more and more cases of police and government officials abuse of power to use violence overly not necessarily lead to more tragic death for people that are largely derived from their tortured, brutally assaulting by police, authorities with purposes to show off power, to extort deposition .... even while a number of very little or normal thing happening, but people have to pay by right their lives.

The main reason leading to the authorities, the police and other government officials more and more extravagant show, despite the law, regardless of the Constitution and the human moral conscience and disregard people's lives is by mutual cover within local authorities when criminal cases goes wrong from the State authorities, including the police, the types and levels Court, Procuratorate .... and many other agencies of government, local and central .... therefore irregularities officials have not dealt with, punishment or sanctions by law. Sometimes, before pressing in public opinion and outrage from the people, the authorities sought to ease the problems, on the other hand, to use every trickery including slander, staging and fabricated evidence is not true, not true black to white change instead of events with the aim of sophistry and cover up his crime. It is time for people in the country have gathered together in unison to protest and denounce when happening violations from the government and other authorities. Promote the spirit of the protests in Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam today and increase in intensity even stronger, more numerous and more frequent, like that just hope to stop the behavior disregard the laws of the government agencies and no sight of the people must pay, or sacrifice their lives an unfair and unjust way


People carry the coffin of protests in Vinh Yen

Update: 15:59 GMT, Sunday, March 17, 2013

At least hundreds of people carried the coffin to protest on the streets in the city of Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc province to protest what they see as "unfair".

Protests took place following the death of the young Nguyen Tuan Anh, born in 1986, lived in The Ca City, ward Hoi Hop, Vinh Yen city of Vinh Phuc province.

Alert BamPhap Law and Social Affairs, said families of the victims do not accept the interpretation of the police that Tuan Anh drunk, fell down the drain and drowning.

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Video image shows a large number of people, many wearing mourning, have several times used the coffin crashed through the fence of dozens of police in the city of Vinh Yen.

Video also shows an old police jumped to hug a person wearing mourning heading head protesters and wrestled down.

Meanwhile a woman rushed up to challenge police.

'SETTLEMENT harmony'

Talking to BBC, the chairman of Vinh Yen City Tran Ngoc Oanh and chairman of Vinh Phuc province Phung Quang Hung, they both did not deny the protest but said not to the "thousands" as some sources say.

Mr. Oanh said the protest was dismissed at 18:00 while the image Bamhinh on the social network show that there are still many people on the street at 21:00.

Mr. Hung meanwhile dismissed the information on social networking sites that his son-in-law in relation to his Nguyen Tuan Anh death.

He said: "Here we are handling that thing.

"We are ordering the police investigation clarified the see how detail, follow the provisions of the law, who made a mistake, severely punished by law.

"I have been pushing people agree with the government on how to resolve to feel good.

"As ill-fated victims to be buried."


Hình ảnh từ video biểu tình ở Vĩnh Yên

Image from video shows police jumped up to 
wrestled down person who  wearing white mourning

With respect to the allegations that his son-in-law is related to the death of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh Hung said:

"I heard the news, I asked [it says] nothing.

"That night, he and his wife slept at home nothing to connect.

"And what is its youth group drinking, fighting ... at 11, 12 midnight, the couple does not know where to sleep at home know that.

"House it in a few dozen meters away, there is no nearby.

"There is a nearby room, it is also sometimes fight stampeding into the [people] such doubt, have nothing at all.

"Then the police will do [well] all alone, so it legal to do, do not cover anyone."

Mr. Hung added:

"I and children is pressing it. It was quick to make clear, not reputation.

"No one can cover that one."

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