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Con Dau parish is facing the risk of the Vietnamese communist authorities to permanently erase



Enforcement campaign to people in the parish Con Dau of the communist government of Vietnam for many years to wiped out completely cemetery and a Catholic parish has a long history and tradition existed for more than 100 years , a campaign filled with false opinion which had been in and out of the country and the International Community criticism. Especially after the tragic death of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, member of Con Dau parish funeral support team, who attended the funeral of Mrs. Dang Thi Tan, but then the government arrests, beatings, torture of all brutal power led to the tragic death and painfully in campaign to take over land in the parish Con Dau of the government in 2010.

Not stopping there, the Vietnamese communist authorities after the tragic death of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam continued campaign to seize their land full of wrong to the people at Con Dau parish with goal quite wiped out the traditional parish history. Besides, the Vietnamese communist authorities also carried out in parallel a very cruel revenge campaign aimed at themselves and their family who had attended the funeral of Mr. Nam and protest, impede or denounce misconduct acts  by the government before the public led to many others were detained, beaten very brutally makes life many, many families was a serious threat so that had to carry each other to flee in asylum countries of Southeast Asia.

The campaign captured the wrong land full of Vietnamese communist authorities for Con Dau parish not only illegal, but also immoral behavior. Moreover, given the depth of the problem above, the wrongdoing of the government to hinder the expansion and influence of a large traditional Catholic parish oldest in the history of Vietnam . This actually violates the religious freedom of the people should be condemned before the International Community and to the opinion of people both inside and outside the country. In addition to always united prayer for our fellow Con Dau parish in particular and the whole country petitioners in general, we have to teamed up to mobilize international pressure forced the government Communist Vietnam to stop all their crimes against the Con Dau parishioners today and for the people of the petitioners in the future.


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Con Dau parishioners continue to be threatened

Thanh Quang, RFA reporter

Thanh Quang, phóng viên RFA

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RFA file

According to Con Dau is in danger of coercion, coercion, command post that will take place on Friday, March 22, instead of Tuesday, March 12 last:
"I see the TV has finished, it announced on 22 March is the deadline required 5 house-hold of Con Dau, they had to abide by the policy displaced. Yesterday, the deadline is March 12."

Live in anxiety, fear

Lay the victim recounted that in the last few days, they came to ward, to district with efforts to beg for to be existed in the native place and close to Church, but the authorities "forced about it, or so that only ". That is, according to the faithful, from today until Friday March 22, they were concerned that if the disapproval will be coerced; parishioners confirmed "for coercive and never agree relocation ". Another parishioners of 5 households to be forced to say:

"If they do, they will do it but we do not know how to cope. Coercive Now they are forced to, not what we can not do that against, deal with government! Now they slander many . they advantage of loopholes words of them are labeled to. they now call enforcement, tomorrow send paper coercion, enforcement forever, so people now very anxious; anxiety did not know what to live how to live out! Then tomorrow will happen here? was forced to leave in the first place? Do not know how! We just anxiety, fear! "

Situation "the people" of the will of Con Dau is one of the petitioners in the description:

"The scene where the authorities do too, just calling to invite down, lay menace, but in fact, those who remained in Con Dau here to stay 100%. Xom Dao from the very beginning until now had a hundred little decades; see depressed! Natural Catholics into the state of disintegration, guys here who go there. because the new mandatory so they go, not where they want to go. "

The actions of the authorities, according to the faithful, not just as propaganda on the media when the legitimate rights of the people forced to:

"While on radio, television, said that the rights of every citizen, but that fact is not true. Land of the people here, if the authorities do the right thing, so why are they not? Now the authorities say they are, but the problem is not true. "

The plight of Catholics - and Xom Con Dau direction - so, the Con Dau Catholics in the United States react, especially with regards to property and the graves of their relatives in the neighborhood of parish Con Dau ? First of all, concerning the property, known among than 100 Con Dau parishioners in the United States, there are about six families of the asset in pain and is a U.S. citizen. Their sovereignty expressed through a will or title from ancient remains. Tran Thanh Tung, a resident of North Carolina and is representative of the Con Dau family in the United States said it plans to reclaim the property of parishioners as follows:

"They sent an application to the congressman or senator in the state where they live, and sent a letter to the Ministry of Commerce of the United States - Mr. Ron Kirk, U.S. officials specialized in the market of Vietnam in the GSB, ie General Preferential Tariff Regulation, that Vietnam wants the United States to reduce or exempt approval. We have raised this issue in the campaign demanding the property of American citizens. And we have received pay said Ron Kirk, said that he was interested; he said is now approved for $ GSB regulations still open. they do not promote this record, and they said when they decided the reopening that they will contact us, the American citizen family assets in Vietnam to that raised concern. Simultaneously, we also received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration, U.S. Senator, answer us that they have put the issue back on U.S Department of State and the bargaining unit in Vietnam in GSB problem. And they will notify us at any time with a response from the Ministry of Trade business in the United States. "

Clear Con Dau cemetery?

Nghĩa trang Cồn Dầu. Photo courtesy of nuvuongcongly

And perhaps more important issue, related to the Con Dau Cemetery, Tran Thanh Tung said:

"More than 100 lay from Con Dau out in scattered in eight U.S. states. We lobbied for their first define their rights patriarch. Because most families this pain is the eldest family. Consequently they did a text sent the VN, determine the right clan, they have the right to decide on the issue of graves of their relatives in the family.

And no one has the right to decide on these graves without their consent. At the same time, they sent a letter to your congressman and senators in the states where they reside, and sent to the U.S. State Department announced that they have the right to decide the issue of cemetery, the problem graves of their ancestors, because it is the spiritual heritage and also the blood of their blood rest of the home which is being Danang authorities want to move away without their consent. They asked the U.S. government to intervene to Danang authorities not remove seal Cemetery. "

Referring to the Con Dau Cemetery, there is an important point to raise here, according to Tran Thanh Tung, the reason that the authorities want to move, like the "payment cleared" of the cemetery, they said urbanized in the program, they do not want a cemetery in the middle of the city because of pollution, affecting the environment. Meanwhile, even in urban areas, they have the cemetery of martyrs who called "the revolution". Thus, the question raised is why martyrs cemetery rulers built, builds nicely in the cemetery while they want cleared up more than 100-year history of Con Dau parish?

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