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Stop further developing the bauxite mining project Highlands is a good decision and very necessary in accordance with the aspirations of the Vietnamese people at home and abroad





While many economists and scientists famous with much experiences both inside and outside the country to speak on dissuading should stop immediately the Bauxite mining project in the central Highlands of Vietnam, a project was assessment is not effective economic potential but also environmental damage and serious threat to the lives and property of the people living near the project area developed and the vicinity is the Minister of Industry Trade of Vietnam, Vu Huy Hoang loudly asserted that the continued implementation of the shortcomings project above is an essential!!!. In addition, he further asserts that, said the shortcomings bauxite mining project has been carefully considered by State before giving the relevant units to deploy.

What led to both of the Prime Minister to the Minister ignored the advice compartment of the scientist, the experienced well-known experts and a number of senior officials of the State in which the shell including the objections of General Vo Nguyen Giap, the former Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh ..... and the former head of the State and the other artists of Viet Nam?. In addition, over a long period of time to implement the project and production activities, this project was really not economic efficiency, along with its implications impact environmental destruction, to threatened the lives of the people, threatening national security ........ and also involves several other implications. The public opinion at home and abroad to speak asked the government to immediately stop the project is not feasible and full of shortcomings mentioned above is essential, proper and in accordance with the aspirations of the people.

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If continue to implement a project that not only did not bring economic efficiency but also detrimental in many ways, the consequences and the damage caused to the country, to people will be extremely heavy, who will bear the responsibility? Politburo? Congress or themselves Prime Minister or the Minister will take responsibility for his part ..... or only the people of Vietnam and the Vietnamese country entirely suffer damage and severe consequences due to the project full of inadequacies it caused???. Think it's time the State should have clear laws and regulations specific to each individual and organization who makes the wrong decision causes serious damage to property and lives of the people and for the country, can not say in general terms and then push mutual responsibility a bluff like what has ever happened now and in the past. Let stop everything before it is too late and the acceptance to correct of wrong decisions of the Prime Minister himself or anyone else in the government apparatus is making their responsibility to the people and country.


'Bauxite project deployment is necessary'

Bộ trưởng Công thương Vũ Huy Hoàng

Minister Vu Huy Hoang said to stop the project
Ke Ga Port does not cause major damage

Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang has confirmed the deployment of the Central Highlands bauxite project is' very necessary "while calling for the suspension of the project.

The minister has told the program to be resilient, the Minister's Reply Vietnamese state television on Sunday 10/3.

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According to Hoang, each year Vietnam to spend over 1 billion dollars to import about half a million tonnes of aluminum, so you need to deploy projects bauxite mining and alumina processing, aluminum precursor.

"Vietnam bauxite reserves of 10-11 billion tonnes," he said - "Bauxite is the major resources, is the basis for the formation of the aluminum smelting industry long-term development, is an important resource contributing in the process of industrialization and modernization of the country ".

He said: "The development of the mining and processing industry Bauxite is the right policy, it is necessary and appropriate, the State Party has been carefully considered, given Vinacomin implementing."


Minister Vu Huy Hoang said that because "this is a new industry, we have not experienced," should the government's viewpoints as well as the planning and additional adjustments "arise inadequate ".

Recently, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has decided to stop construction of the port of Ke Ga, is said to be "way out" of the Central Highlands bauxite.
Mr. Hoang said such adjustment is appropriate because "in fact almost no significant investment for this project."

Government officials and investors Ke Ga Vinacomin repeatedly said the project only in the stage of clearance should stop is "reasonable".

On the progress of two projects at the Tan Rai bauxite (Lam Dong) and Nhan Co (Dak Nong), Vu Huy Hoang or Vinacomin completed basic investment in Tan Rai project, the end of the month 12/2012 successful test of the first alumina products.

"For the Nhan Co project, due to withdraw from the project experience Tan Rai, progress has been improved, made more than 50% of the volume of construction and the first half of 2014 is expected to be commissioned out. "

He acknowledged the current alumina price lower than the price calculated at the time of approval of the project is about 10%.

However, Vu Huy Hoang said: "No one is sure that this price will be fixed like in the next five or ten years."

"Let the project run a more time and will be the basis for review and evaluate the effectiveness of the project."

Meanwhile, are more and more voices calling for stop two bauxite project that some experts are economically inefficient and harmful to the environment.

Dr Le Dang Business said: "Accept the removal of the bauxite project from Highlands is needed and as soon as possible."

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son Economics Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper quoted saying: "Economic efficiency of bauxite projects very low resource use efficiency is not high."

"The risk of heavy financial losses in these projects are being and will be a big burden for the national budget in the future."

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