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The historical trial is coming of Hai Phong authorities for family Doan Van Vuon can achieve the fairness of the justice sector in Vietnam or not is completely dependent on how to think and How like to act from the communist government of Vietnam



Not coming yet of date for trial but probably there's never had the case that the people's opinion both at home and abroad and the International Community interested in a particular way as for the case of his family Doan Van Garden District Tien Lang, Hai Phong City, Vietnam today. Perhaps due to the rather special nature from the above case has put the Vietnamese communist authorities in dilemma posture. If acquitted treatment for himself Mr. Vuon and the same ones in the family, the communist state government does not feel unsafe because fear it will become a bad precedent which in no small influence on the coercive land, and appropriate property of the citizens in the future. Not only that, but accidentally indirectly confirm the wrongful act of the government in front of the public, something that has not happened for governments at all levels in the past. However, if the trial Doan Van Vuon with his family in the right direction guilty and accused of "Murder" and "combat duty" is how to answer to people and International friends while himself Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has also announced that in the coercive, Tien Lang district authorities and Hai Phong city is not only unlawful but also wrong both for human moral conscience.

As identified by the Commission for Justice and Peace, as well as comments from the leaders of the Catholic Church in Vietnam, along with the media people at home and abroad and the International Community, including the sharing from many senior leaders of Vietnam that right from the beginning, the decision to withdraw the land of Tien Lang district government, Hai Phong city was not in accordance with the provisions of the law on land, so subsequent coercive acts of government at all levels is also completely contrary to law, such as the crime of "Murder and combat duty," according to allegations of government at all levels for Doan Van Vuon and family and loved ones is completely unfounded. Because of an unlawful act can not be considered a "Mission", and if it;s not "Mission" is can not condemn his family Doan Van Vuon "Anti duty" as following the prosecuted by the government. About himself Doan Van Vuon also can not be tried on charges of "murder" because in this case himself Mr. Vuon is only a victim of unlawful coercion from the government. Tien Lang district authorities have used violence in a wrong way, threatening the lives and property of his family led to him and his family to acts of self-defense. And forced to defend themselves in any way when people's lives and property are threatened acts of legitimate self-defense, and is a fundamental right of every human being in accordance with the provisions of law and conscience direct human virtue.

Deliberately prosecuted and convicted of governments at all levels for himself and his family Doan Van Vuon now and in the coming trial of the Vietnamese communist authorities after a series of moves is said to be illegal and contrary to the moral conscience of man is not only stain in the history of the Judiciary and the Executive of Vietnam but also indirectly encourage increased acts of disregard for justice and unlawful, direct to push honest people into the confrontation with the state government. And just as the way of saying on the blog of Hong Ngoc author, a former journalist of VietnamNet Sports and Culture of Vietnam, if his family Doan Van Vuon trial in nearly future, were used as the way for government to revenge on those who's protesters, is the few remaining faith in justice in Vietnam will be trampled, and violence in this place or elsewhere will continue the trend of more and more serious. The majority of Vietnamese people both inside and outside the country are increasing their support for his family Doan Van Vuon and spoke strongly urge the administration of justice in the trial of his family, this is natural phenomena. Increased resistance of the people, or the desire to improve confidence from the government for them, quite depends on the attitudes, opinions and actions of the Vietnamese communist authorities in the historic trial about to take place here in the city of Hai Phong, Vietnam.


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    3/30/13 7:44 AM

    Văn thư của Đức cha Chủ tịch Ủy ban Công lý và Hòa bình và Đức Giám mục Giáo phận Hải Phòng về vụ Đoàn Văn Vươn

    On 29.03.2013, Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Bishop of the Diocese of Vinh, chairman of the Justice and Peace Committee under the Council of Vietnamese Bishops and Bishop Joseph Vu Van Thien, bishop Hai Phong, has co-signed a letter sent to the People's Court of the city of Hai Phong, asking "do spiritual objective as amended Constitution which Vietnam is trying to do. In all cases, only the name of justice to protect the legal rights of the people. "

    The letter states: "" The coercion of Tien Lang district authorities are violations of the law, so by nature it is not a "duty" ... The preparation of  Doan Van Vuon in the simple set explosives around the garden and used the flower guns is a legitimate act of self-defense .... Therefore, they must be freed and adequate compensation. "

    We share communion with his family in this tragic event and pray for justice soon reign in native Vietnam.

    Queen of Justice

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