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Urgent request for help from a 85-year-old mother to ask justice for her children, for her grand child before the conspired and attempted to harm from the communist government of Vietnam



Urgent cry for help from a 85-year-old mother to her children in an inadequately case that the gaps will be held on 04 to 10 months here in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city in Vietnam led many Vietnamese people Nam and abroad feel extremely urgent. People we're still not able to forget for wrong coercive government of  Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city for his family Doan Van Vuon, and some of house-holds in the aquaculture ponds that has ever shocked in the country. The case then went on to cause outrage not only for his family Mr. Vuon, people in Tien Lang district in particular and the people in the country in general following remarks and irresponsible and immoral actions of some officials of Hai Phong city.

Although the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has identified that the land coercive above of Tien Lang district authorities and Haiphong city government is illegal, as well as direct government inter- relating to the case must be considered resolved through the meet and report back to the government. However, do not know by the mechanism, by habit or by any precedent in the administration block from the past to the present that comment as well as the direction from the head of the government was later Tien Lang district authorities and Haiphong ignore ...... then the case continues from year to year as challenge the public , challenge the law and challenge the moral conscience of human.

"Authorization of king loss the law of village", the familiar saying that any Vietnamese people also heard and seems more and more appropriate to the case that will be brought to trial next days in Tien Lang district, Haiphong Vietnam. Not know how will the true feelings of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung  when the case that his own statement before the press, before the people of the country, and the government at all levels is contrary to law, is seriously wrong belongs to the government, but up to now, the government of Tien Lang district, and Hai Phong city government still vacuum as jars and none of them dealt with or sanction by law, but only the people , the victim of the unlawful coercion above  who will be brought to trial for serious crimes as "Murder ....and against the person who's on duty ...".

    DOAN VAN VUON CASE:  The 85-year-old mother cry for help
    3/26/13 4:59 PM

    Vụ Đoàn Văn Vươn: Mẹ già 85 tuổi kêu cứu  The mother with age to have one foot in the grave of Doan Van Vuon in Tien Lang, Hai Phong has written a letter to all Vietnamese citizens, lovers of justice - truth-peace, whole laity, the faithful and the dignitaries of the Catholic Church in Vietnam and those who have a conscience in the system of government to call for help for Doan Van Vuon who was about to be put on trial for charges of "Murder" and "Anti-duty".

    The letter states: "The bringing of  my grandchild and my children to Court trial on charges of" Homicide "and" Anti duty "is immoral, unconscionable and completely goes against the Constitution law and current law. This is to make conspiracy to legalize the crimes that the people in the system of government Tien Lang, Hai phong has caused ".

    LETTER asking for help

    To:    - All Vietnamese citizens
             - Those who love justice - truth-peace.
             - The whole of the laity, the faithful and priests in the Catholic Church in Vietnam
             - People with a conscience in the system of government

    Ms. Tran Thi map, the 85-year-old mother of Doan Van Vuon

    I am: Tran Thi MAP - 85 years old.

    Mother of Doan Van Vuon, Doan Van Quy, Doan Van Sinh, Phan Thi Bau, Nguyen Thi Thuong and grandchild Doan Van Ve, is the victim of the case to take over land in Cong Roc, Vinh Quang commune, Tien Lang district , Hai Phong City.

    Dear all of you,

    As the mother was 85 years old, I am writing this pain called everyone to the following matter:

    After decades of my children have sacrificed all the energy, resources and lives to handle the recommended sea under the guidelines of the State, created the shrimp farms in the coastal mudflats than recommended. There has absorbed the blood and the lives of my children and grandchildren.

    Once formed aquaculture area, very close to harvest when suddenly many hidden all actions by government Tien Lang, Hai Phong made contrary to moral law and to appropriate the fruits of the , my nephew. Culminating in the morning of 05/01/2012, a delegation including officials, police, soldiers have arrived siege, arrests, shootings and looting assets of our children. Including property, homes outside coercion.

    Unexpected situations looted property and endangering the lives of children, my grandchildren are forced to self-defense to protect their property and lives. The media system has been widely announced. The Prime Minister has concluded: "This is a action that wrong with both legal and moral".

    Nevertheless, Hai Phong City People's Procuratorate indictment No. 10/CT-P1A 4/1/2013 still prosecute me for "Murder" and "Anti duty". Court session will take place from 2-5/4/2013 and 8-10/4/2013 in Hai Phong City People's Court.

    Before this incident, I, my family and many local people very upset, angry and confirm that:

    - My children, when's young were education accommodation gentle, virtuous. There is no any action and violations of the law as well as the moral of human.

    - During the day 01/05/2012, my child, Doan Van Vuon was not present at the incident area. Even the children, my grandchildren are on the recommended along with her children and was arrested and beaten then.

    - The children and grandchildren did not combat duty because of unlawful coercion can not be called a "duty".

    - The bringing my grand child and children to Court trial on charges of "Homicide" and "Anti duty" is immoral, unconscionable and totally contrary to the Constitution and the laws . This is to make conspiracy to legalize the crimes that the people in the system of government Tien Lang, Haiphong has caused.

    So I ask all people of conscience, responsibility, please by all means save the grand child and children to be out of the plot that put honest people in death.

    Again I said, my children and grand child do not kill people, not against people on duty.

    - Please save my children, my grandchildren.
    - Please save the innocent victims.
    - I beg everyone to speak up and take action.

    Hai Phong, on 03/26/2013

    Tran Thi map

    Tran Thi map, Doan Van Vuon's mother signed the petition in tears to cry for help of her children.

    Queen of Justice

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